Eternal Evolution Tier List (February 2024) – Best Heroes Ranked

Welcome to our comprehensive Eternal Evolution tier list, a guide designed to help you navigate the vast universe of heroes in this thrilling mobile strategy RPG.

Our tier list aims to serve as your compass, guiding you toward the most powerful and versatile characters in the game. So let’s dive into the cosmic battlefield and discover the heroes that will help you create your own legend in Eternal Evolution.

Eternal Evolution is a popular mobile strategy RPG where players summon and evolve heroes to battle in an endless sci-fi arena. With many characters to choose from, here is a tier list ranking the best heroes in the game based on their power, abilities, and versatility.

Note: Tier lists are highly subjective, so these rankings represent our own opinion and might not be 100% accurate or to everyone’s liking. Also, our Eternal Evolution tier list is for PvE and PvP combined, so it’s more of a general style, rather than individual content rankings.

June 22, 2023: We have updated our Eternal Evolution tier list.

S Tier – Best Eternal Evolution Heroes

Best Eternal Evolution Heroes

The S tier contains the best Eternal Evolution characters. These are the strongest and most versatile heroes in the current meta. They excel in both PvP and PvE combat.

  • Daniel
  • Masrani
  • Dominic
  • Leo
  • Nordthion
  • Miranda
  • Sorvaley
  • Jaina
  • Rez
  • Anpu
  • Pandemonium
  • Crete

A Tier

Tier A Eternal Evolution Heroes

The A-tier ranked Eternal Evolution characters are very strong and useful in most areas of the game. They may be slightly outclassed by S tiers in some content but are still top choices when it comes to building a powerful team.

  • Serena
  • Zaida
  • Bailey Hudson
  • Nadilus
  • Luke
  • Emma
  • Taylor
  • Barrog
  • Botta
  • Skooer & Hatty
  • Aniruddha
  • Womigon

B Tier

Tier B Eternal Evolution Heroes

The B tier contains good, solid heroes that perform well and can be effective in both PvP and PvE. However, they may require more investment or specific team compositions to truly shine.

  • Na Feng
  • Vegnus
  • Prigor
  • Hercules
  • Rickert
  • Ravenna
  • Moriami
  • Guan Yu
  • Oak
  • Poluno

C Tier

Tier C Heroes

The C-tier ranked Eternal Evolution heroes are average. They can perform adequately in some content but are outclassed by higher tiers. They require heavy investment to be useful and often have limited versatility

  • Khalazza
  • Old John
  • Bot Mark II
  • Riserris
  • Senway
  • Bohr
  • Sorietta
  • Liran
  • Rakkana
  • Hyupnos
  • Randall
  • Azena
  • Omar
  • Artas

D Tier

Tier D Heroes

The D tier contains the weakest heroes in Eternal Evolution. They struggle in most areas of the game and are difficult to use effectively even with heavy investment. They have limited versatility and are often outclassed by better-performing champions from the above tiers.

  • Oisa
  • Zander
  • Kain
  • Falvea
  • Nagrama
  • Kuite
  • Murphyro
  • Orn
  • Muka
  • Kar’Maw
  • Langel

Tips for Eternal Evolution Gameplay

In addition to our EE tier list, here are some Eternal Evolution tips to help you along in your adventure:

  • Focus on summoning and evolving S and A-tier heroes first. They will give you the biggest power boosts early on.
  • Build a balanced team with both offensive and defensive heroes as well as a healer. This will allow you to progress further in PvE and PvP.
  • Level up and rank up your heroes as much as possible. Higher ranks and levels mean more powerful skills and stats.
  • Equip your heroes with the best gear you have available. Gear provides huge stat boosts and set bonuses.
  • Complete daily quests and events to earn valuable resources like gold, gems, hero shards, and gear.
  • Join an active guild to earn additional rewards. Guilds provide guild coins, guild boss loot, and community support.
  • Save your gems for important purchases like summoning good heroes or expanding your hero inventory. Don’t waste them on minor things.

Eternal Evolution Tier List: Final Words

We hope our Eternal Evolution tier list for the best heroes in the game was useful to you.

Eternal Evolution offers players an endless sci-fi adventure with hundreds of heroes to collect and evolve. This tier list should help players determine which heroes are worth the investment to summon and build powerful teams.

Focus on the S and A-tier heroes, build a balanced squad, exploit elemental weaknesses, and keep leveling and ranking up your top characters. Follow our Eternal Evolution tips and you’ll be dominating the eternal arena in no time!

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Eternal Evolution Tier List – FAQ

Which summoning banner should I pull on?

Focus on the banners featuring S and A tier heroes, especially when first starting out. These will give you the biggest power boosts early on.

How do I get more summoning currency?

Complete daily quests and missions, participate in events, advance through the campaign and tower levels, and rank highly in PvP. All of these methods will reward you with summoning currency and resources.

What’s the best way to level up my Eternal Evolution heroes?

Focus on the clearing dungeons, use EXP potions gained from events and missions, and feed your heroes EXP. Evolving your heroes also provides a large EXP boost.

How do I rank up my heroes?

To rank up a hero, you need to reach their maximum level cap and have the required rank up materials. These include gems, gold, and hero shards which can be obtained through summoning, events, PvP, and other game modes.

When will this tier list for Eternal Evolution be updated?

We generally strive to update our tier lists every time a game receives some major changes and new content. So for our Eternal Evolution tier list, since the game is pretty new we’re going to wait a bit more until we make changes to our tier list, basically until new heroes drop or there are some critical buffs or nerfs done to existent heroes.

Is this tier list for Eternal Evolution PvP or PvE?

While we would love to say that all heroes perform the same across all types of content, in reality they don’t. Some are better suited to be used in PvE while others shine more in PvP. With that in mind, this is an Eternal Evolution PvE tier list.

How did we create this tier list?

We focused on community feedback from places such as the Eternal Evolution Discord, the Reddit page, and players’ opinions. We will update our Eternal Evolution tier list whenever a major update for the game is released.

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