Avatar Generations Tier List (April 2023) – Best Characters

Hi! Want to know who the strongest characters are in Avatar Generations? We’ve got you covered! We made a special Avatar Generations tier list that shows how strong each character is, so you can pick the best ones right from the start. Have fun playing!

Avatar Generations is a new gacha RPG game published by CDE Entertainment and released on mobile devices (iOS and Android). In it, we find familiar heroes from the Avatar: The Last Airbender anime that you can use and assemble a team with to go and explore the Adventure Map. Fans of the anime will find plenty to do in the game, from solving puzzles and fighting exciting battles to exploring new worlds – you won’t be bored for a second!

Because gameplay relies on your Avatar Generations team, you should carefully select only the best characters if you want to go far into the content.

But with so many characters to choose from, you may find it difficult to know which ones are the best. We’ve created this tier list of Avatar Generations heroes as a guide for selecting your squad’s units.

So here’s our Avatar Generations tier list, where we rank every character in the game from best (S-tier) to worst (D-tier). Enjoy!

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March 1st, 2023: Updated our Avatar Generations tier list.

Avatar Generations Tier S Characters

Best Avatar Generations Heroes

In our opinion these are the best Avatar Generations characters in the game right now, they are overpowered, have great skills and stats and they do good in every team:

  • Aang
  • Katara
  • Toph
  • Zuko

Avatar Generations Tier A Characters

Avatar Generations Tier A Characters

The following Avatar Generations heroes are also good and come right after the S-tier characters mentioned above. So if you didn’t get lucky with your gacha pulls, then you can use these without any problem:

  • Appa
  • Azula
  • Iroh
  • Sokka

Avatar Generations Tier B Characters

Avatar Generations Tier B Characters

While these characters have their uses, they are not the most effective fighters. They can still clear certain stages, but don’t expect them to carry you through all the game’s content with ease:

  • Momo
  • Suki
  • Ty Lee

Tier C Characters

Tier C Characters

The following Avatar Generations characters aren’t great, but they’re better than nothing. If you don’t have any other options to use, consider them as a last resort:

  • King Bumi
  • Mai

Tier D Heroes

Tier D Heroes

Last but not least, we have the game’s weakest heroes (in our opinion at least):

  • Admiral Zhao

Avatar Generations Reroll Guide

Avatar Generations reroll guide

For a successful start and an effortless early-game experience, it’s crucial to acquire the best characters from the outset.

Unfortunately, after completing the tutorial, players often end up with characters they don’t want and must stick with them until they can obtain better ones later.

But this can be prevented by performing an Avatar Generations reroll. This guide will show you how to restart the game and get your desired characters:

  1. When playing the game use a guest account
  2. Go through and finish the tutorial
  3. Unlock your first gacha summon
  4. Do your first gacha pull and see what characters you get
  5. If you didn’t get the character you wanted start again by uninstalling the game
  6. Reinstall Avatar Generations and go through the same process until you get a good character

As you can see, doing an Avatar Generations reroll is not too hard. It might take some time, but it’s worth it because you will have a chance to get good characters that are hard to find after finishing the tutorial.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, our tier list for Avatar Generations ranked all the heroes from the best to the worst. Hopefully, this was helpful to you. But please keep in mind that the game is still pretty new (just been released) and so a lot of changes are expected to the game in the future and to this tier list.

With every new big update or hero added to Avatar Generations, we will also make changes to this tier list, we might take a while to do, this in order to have time to test them out.

So don’t forget to bookmark our Avatar Generations heroes tier list, and come back and refresh it every time you want to see if we have made changes to our rankings.

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Avatar Generations – FAQ

How did we create our Avatar Generations character tier list?

We looked at the game and saw what the best players are using to beat and clear the toughest content. We also played the game and tested some characters we got. Plus, we got information from players on the Avatar Generations Discord Server and Reddit. We put all this information together into a simple Avatar Generations tier list for characters so you know which ones to try for at the beginning of the game.

Keep in mind, tier lists are mostly opinions and everyone might not agree with our rankings. Everyone has their own favorite characters and ways to play.

Which are the best Avatar Generations characters?

The top characters in Avatar Generations right now are Aang, Katara, Toph, and Zuko. This might change if the game gets updated, but for now, these are the best, especially for the early parts of the game.

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