Aetherium Wars Tier List: Best Aether Spirits (May 2024)

Welcome to our extensive Aetherium Wars tier list, a treasure trove where you can discover the best Aether Spirits in the current game meta.

The realm of Aetherium Wars is bustling with myriad spirits, each with unique abilities and contributions to the battles that lay ahead.

This tier list for Aetherium Wars spirits is meticulously crafted to guide you in forming an invincible team to dominate the mystical lands.

October 16, 2023: We have updated our Aetherium Wars tier list.

S Tier – Best Aetherium Wars Spirits

Best Aetherium Wars Spirits

These are considered the best Aetherium Wars spirits in the current Honkai Star Rail meta, boasting exceptional abilities in healing, defense, and attack, making them the top choices for any player.

  • Warp Trotter
  • Frigid Prowler
  • Silvermane Cannoneer
  • Voidrankger: Trampler
  • Illumination Dragonfish

A Tier

A-Tier Aetherium Wars Spirits

The spirits in this tier are highly useful on the battlefield due to their strong abilities, although not as overpowering as those in the S Tier.

  • Incineration Shadewalker
  • Everwinter Shadewalker
  • Silvermane Lieutenant
  • Silvermane Soldier
  • Aurumaton Gatekeeper
  • Obedient Dracolion
  • Blaze Out of Space

B Tier

B-Tier Aetherium Wars Spirits

These are average spirits that can still add value to your team, especially during the early stages of battles.

  • Voidranger: Reaver
  • Voidranger: Eliminator
  • Wooden Lupus

C Tier

C-Tier Aether Spirits

These Aetherium Wars spirits are not highly recommended for challenging content but can be used if no better options are available.

  • Imaginary Weaver
  • Vagrant
  • Silvermane Gunner

D Tier

D-Tier Aether Spirits

The D Tier houses the least favorable spirit in Aetherium Wars, which is not recommended for upgrading or utilization in a team.

  • Automaton Spider

Aetherium Wars Tier List: Final Words

Having traversed through the rankings of Aether Spirits, you are now equipped with the knowledge to curate a formidable team.

Remember, the right spirit can be the beacon in your journey through the enthralling yet perilous world of Aetherium Wars.

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Aetherium Wars Spirits Tier List: FAQ

How was this tier list created?

This tier list is an amalgamation of extensive research, community feedback (from the Reddit page), and gameplay analysis to provide a balanced insight into the strengths of each Aether Spirit.

Special thanks to the Honkai Star Rail Wiki for the Spirit images we used.

Why are some spirits ranked differently across sites and online communities?

Rankings may vary due to different evaluation criteria, updates in the game meta, and individual player experiences.

How often should I refer to this tier list?

It’s advisable to check the tier list periodically, especially post-game updates, to stay abreast of the evolving game meta.

Can I succeed with lower-tier spirits?

Yes, with the right strategy and team synergy, it’s possible to succeed even with lower-tier spirits.

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