World Flipper Tier List (December 2023) – Best Characters Ranked

Looking for a World Flipper tier list for 2022? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s our ranking of all the best World Flipper characters so that you can create the perfect team in this current meta.

Even though the game was released back in 2021, World Flipper is still a very popular gacha RPG.

But with so many characters to choose from it’s kinda difficult to build the best team that can beat any content with ease. So that’s why we have created this World Flipper tier list, to showcase the best characters in the game right now.

But before we take a look at the best characters in the game, here’s what each tier means:

World Flipper Tier List Ranking Meaning

  • Tier S World Flipper Characters – Let’s just say that these are currently the best and most overpowered characters in the game.
  • Tier A World Flipper Characters – Also very good units that you can use to win your games with ease.
  • Tier B World Flipper Characters – These are a bit average, but they are still good and can win most of your battles.
  • Tier C World Flipper – Slightly below average characters, should probably avoid playing with these if you can.
  • Tier D World Flipper Characters – Definitely avoid playing with these. Not worth your time or resources at all.

Alright, with that cleared, let’s check out our brand new World Flipper tier list below.

Update: We have made changes to our World Flipper tier list on December 6th, 2022.

S Tier Characters – World Flipper Tier List

World Flipper Best Characters
Image source: Cygames / Citail Inc. / Kakao Games

Here are the best characters for World Flipper. They are overpowered and can be leveled and upgraded to their fullest potential. You should focus on collecting these characters first.

VeronLight5 Star
LazeltThunder5 Star
SiltyThunder5 Star
AliceWind4 Star
PhilliaFire5 Star
RizelleFire4 Star
ClarisseLight5 Star

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A Tier Characters – World Flipper Tier List

Tier A World Flipper Units
Image source: Cygames / Citail Inc. / Kakao Games

These characters are also strong, but not quite as strong as the S-tier ones. You can also invest your resources into upgrading these ones.

MarinaDark5 Star
CagliostroWater5 Star
SoniaWater5 Star
BercetiaDark5 Star
InahoFire5 Star
SuizenFire5 Star
NephtimWind5 Star

B Tier Characters – World Flipper Tier List

World Flipper - Tier B Characters
Image source: Cygames / Citail Inc. / Kakao Games

These are your average World Flipper characters. While they may not be the best, they can still perform decently in your battles. Don’t spend too many resources on these ones though.

LeonDark5 Star
EcreelFire5 Star
AlmDark4 Star
WagnerFire5 Star
MurakumoWind5 Star

Tier C Units in World Flipper

Tier C characters
Image source: Cygames / Citail Inc. / Kakao Games

The World Flipper C-tier units are just slightly below average. They can get through some battles, but they’re not likely to win every time. You should probably only use these heroes if you have no other options.

AlmDark4 Star
LannerLight4 Star
RamsLight4 Star
DearWater4 Star
JayWind4 Star
AsukirimaruDark4 Star
RegisDark4 Star
ArcThunder4 Star
ArisaThunder4 Star
ShiroWater4 Star
BiancaFire4 Star

Tier D Characters

Tier D units
Image source: Cygames / Citail Inc. / Kakao Games

When you’re just starting out, these D-tier World Flipper heroes are fine for a couple of levels and areas. But as you progress further into the story and quests, you’ll need to switch to better characters in order to succeed.

JelalFire4 Star
SharonFire4 Star
EleanorLight4 Star
MarianneLight4 Star
SoushiroLight4 Star
YuelLight4 Star
AzelThunder4 Star
KiraThunder4 Star
MercelThunder4 Star
OrouruThunder4 Star
EliyaWater4 Star
FinnWater4 Star
LiamWater4 Star
MinoWater4 Star
AmeliaWind4 Star
AndyWind4 Star
GlideWind4 Star
HanabiWind4 Star
HelgaWind4 Star
LunaluWind4 Star
MiaWind4 Star

How We Created This World Flipper Tier List?

We always do a great deal of research into creating our tier lists, in the hope that they will be helpful to players around the world.

We used a similar process to create this tier list. First, we played the game for a bit ourselves, then we checked what some of the top players are using to dominate the content, and finally, we browsed the game’s Discord Server and the World Flipper subreddit.

As you can see, 5-star characters dominate this World Flipper tier list. It’s not a wonder then that they are harder to summon with gacha pulls. Still, most 4-star characters are also pretty good.

But with every game update, these tier rankings might change so a great character that’s OP now can turn into a trash one at any given time. So keep that in mind with every new game patch or expansion.

We think this is a fair ranking, but of course, if you have your own opinion about some of the placements in our World Flipper tier list then feel free to leave us a comment below and also rate this page.

What is World Flipper?

World Flipper is a pinball RPG with fast-paced combat and epic boss battles. Travel across fantasy worlds, meet new friends and discover the stories behind each character’s journey.

It was developed by Kakao Games Corp. and it was released globally on 8th September 2021. The game is free and it’s available for iPhone and Android devices only.

Since then the release, World Flipper has become a very popular game that has amassed over 1 million downloads on Google Play and iOS.

You’ll also have the chance to pair up different units and combine their abilities in all your battles! But with so many characters to choose from, it can be hard to pick the right ones. That’s why our World Flipper tier list can come in handy.

Featuring beautiful 2D pixel art animation and an original soundtrack the game provides an epic pinball adventure for fans of this genre.

World Flipper Reviews From Players

World Flipper has a review rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play and 4.6 / 5 on the App Store.

In general, this means that players are pretty happy with the way the game was developed and how it is updated by the developers.

Still, there are some issues reported by a few players. Apparently, there are some graphical glitches and bugs on some versions of Android devices (namely the Pixel 6).

There’s also a serious lack of events happening, and this can make it a bit harder for older players to jump back or enjoy the game for a longer period of time.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, even though this is mainly focused on paintball gameplay, the game still has a gacha system for getting new characters, which is similar to Dislyte and Echoes of Mana. This means that sometimes in order to get the best characters in World Flipper you might have to pay real life money on summons.

But if you’re just having fun and playing casually, you don’t need to spend anything. You’ll still enjoy all the beautiful things that World of Flipper has to offer.

What do you think about our World Flipper tier list? Rate it down below and also leave us a comment. We appreciate it!

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