Chivalry 2 Weapon Tier List (2023) – Best Weapons Ranked

If you are playing Chivalry 2 for the first time and don’t know what weapons to use, this guide will help you. We have analyzed all the weapons and divided them into tiers based on their effectiveness in battle. This Chivalry 2 weapon tier list will help you choose which weapon is best suited for your playstyle so that you can start winning battles right away!

All weapons found in the game have their advantages and disadvantages, whether it’s high damage or lack of reach, we have ranked them all accordingly in our easy-to-read Chivalry 2 tier list.

But first, let’s take a quick look at what each tier ranking represents.

Chivalry 2 Tier List Ranking Meaning

  • Tier S Chivalry 2 (BEST) — These are the best weapons in Chivalry 2. If you want to have an easy time on the battlefield, pick these.
  • Tier A Chivalry 2 (Great) — These are also very powerful Chivalry 2 weapons that can be used to successfully defeat your enemies.
  • Tier B Chivalry 2 (Decent) — These are decent weapons that aren’t all that great but also aren’t the worst. Middle-of-the-road items that can do good.
  • Tier C Chivalry 2 (Poor) — These aren’t that good, to be honest, but if you like playing with them, go ahead. Just know that you might struggle.
  • Tier D Chivalry 2 (Weak) — Very bad, please avoid, them unless you like them for some weird reason if that’s the case well have fun, otherwise, you shouldn’t use these as they are terrible.

Let’s now look at our Chivalry 2 weapon tier list and see which weapons fall into each category.

We have updated our Chivalry 2 Weapons tier list on April 22, 2023

S-Tier – Chivalry 2 Weapons

Best Chivalry 2 Weapons

Although you can play Chivalry 2 with any type of weapon and still have fun, some weapons are simply better than others. These tier S rank weapons are the most powerful ones:

  • Spear (Two-Handed)
  • Greatsword
  • Halberd
  • Longsword
  • Messer

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A-Tier – Chivalry 2 Weapons

A-Tier - Chivalry 2 Weapons

The following Chivalry 2 weapons are also excellent choices for any player of the game, but they’re not quite as powerful as the S-tier ones:

  • Dane Axe
  • Polehammer
  • Executioner’s Axe
  • Highland Sword
  • Warhammer
  • One Handed spear
  • Sword
  • Maul
  • War Axe

Note: While S-tier weapons can have advantages over A- or B-ranked ones, your personal playstyle might make a lower-ranked weapon more effective.

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B-Tier – Chivalry 2 Weapons

B-Tier - Chivalry 2 Weapons

Although these may not be the most powerful, these Chivalry 2 weapons should not be underestimated when wielded by skilled players.

  • Axe
  • Battle Axe
  • Heavy Mace
  • Throwing Axe
  • Mace
  • Morning Star
  • Pole Axe
  • Rapier
  • Mallet
  • Two-Handed Hammer

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C-Tier Chivalry 2 Weapons

C-Tier Chivalry 2 Weapons

While we think these weapons are inferior to many of the others if you enjoy their play style then by all means keep using them!

  • Dagger
  • War Club
  • Falchion
  • Glaive
  • Hatchet
  • Pick Axe
  • Short Sword
  • Shovel
  • Sledge Hammer

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D-Tier Chivalry 2 Weapons

Tier D Weapons

Here is a list of some of our least favorite weapons in Chivalry 2. Use them if you dare!

  • Cudgel
  • Katars
  • Knife

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Final Words

We hope you liked our Chivalry 2 tier list! If there are any other weapons that you think we should add, please let us know in the comments section below.

The purpose of this guide is to give you an overview of the best weapons in Chivalry 2 currently, based on our extensive experience with the game and research.

We’ve tried to create a balanced list that will help you choose your weapon wisely, but feel free to follow our advice or ignore it completely: it’s entirely up to you!

In the end, tier lists are subjective and so you should ultimately play with what weapon you enjoy the most and you’re good with.

Remember though: just because one weapon might be more effective than another doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better suited for your playstyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chivalry 2?

Chivalry 2 is the sequel to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. It’s a medieval first-person slasher built for PC, Xbox, and PS4 & PS5.

Do you need a tier list for Chivalry 2?

No, you don’t need a tier list to play and enjoy the game, however knowing which are the best weapons in Chivalry 2 can become an advantage, and so many players are interested in these types of weapon rankings.

How was our Chivalry 2 tier list for weapons created?

Our tier list is based on many factors including damage, speed, range, and ease of use. We have ranked all the weapons in Chivalry 2 based on these criteria so that you can choose which one is best suited for your playstyle.

What is the best weapon in Chivalry 2?

Even though this is a highly subjective matter, in our opinion the greatsword is the most powerful weapon in Chivalry 2, having the perfect balance of damage, speed, and reach.

You’ll need to use this weapon at close range because of how slow it is when you’re swinging it around, but once you get used to its mechanics, this will become one of your main go-to weapons for taking down multiple enemies at once. Still, if you prefer another playstyle then go ahead and check our Chiv 2 tier list for weapons above.

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