Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Welcome to the Snowbreak Containment tier list! In this 3D sci-fi RPG shooter, you’ll step into a devastated wasteland and face the challenges of Containment Zone Aleph.

As the Adjutant of Heimdall Force, your mission is to bravely undertake tasks alongside god-like Manifestations, each with its unique powers. Let’s dive into the rankings of the best characters to assist you in bringing an end to this bitter winter!

Snowbreak: Containment Zone delivers a next-gen, cross-platform gaming experience, ensuring you can continue your adventure on any device seamlessly.

As you embark on this dystopian journey, having a Snowbreak tier list is invaluable. It helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the characters, enabling you to strategize and optimize your gameplay.

Note: Please be aware that tier lists are subjective, reflecting our own opinions, and may not align with everyone’s preferences. Our Snowbreak Containment Zone tier list offers a general overview of the characters rather than individual content-specific rankings.

July 22, 2023: We have updated our Snowbreak Containment Zone tier list.

S Tier – Best Snowbreak Containment Characters

Best Snowbreak Characters

The Tier S characters are the best Snowbreak characters in this meta, capable of dominating the battlefield with their godly abilities. They possess exceptional combat skills, and incredible utility, and can turn the tide of any battle single-handedly.

  • Yao (Winter Solstice)
  • Fritia (Hush)
  • Lyfe (Wild Hunt)
  • Marian (Swift)

A Tier

A Tier Snowbreak Characters

Tier A characters are also some great alternatives, bringing a wealth of talents to the table. While not as overwhelming as the Tier S ones, they can still make a significant impact and serve as reliable companions in your missions.

  • Acacia (Kaguya)
  • Fenny (Coronet)
  • Ji Chenxing
  • Cherno (Those Two)
  • Acacia (Redacted)

B Tier

B Tier Snowbreak Characters

Tier B comprises skilled and dependable Snowbreak Containment Zone characters, who excel in various combat scenarios. Though they may lack the raw power of higher tiers, their versatility and adaptability make them a viable option.

  • Fenny (Lionheart)
  • Haru (The Ace)
  • Enya (Big Sis)
  • Yao (Quiet Quitter)
  • Fritia (Little Sunshine)
  • Mauxir (Meow)

C Tier

C Tier Snowbreak Characters

In Tier C, you’ll find Snowbreak Containment operatives with some potential but lacking the same level of prowess as higher tiers. They require more strategic deployment and coordination but can still contribute to the cause.

  • Nita (Hands)
  • Life (Wednesday)

Snowbreak Containment Tips For Gameplay

In addition to our Snowbreak Containment tier list, here are some tips to help you along in your adventure:

  • Focus on getting S-tier characters first. They will help you clear content with ease, especially in the early days.
  • Understand Each Character’s Role: Know the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen characters and build your team accordingly for better synergy.
  • Upgrade and Gear Up: Enhance your characters’ abilities and equip them with advanced gear to increase their effectiveness on the battlefield.
  • Explore Gigalink: Team up with friends in Gigalink co-op mode for thrilling group adventures and rewards.
  • Build Relationships: Spend time with your companions in the Base system, strengthen bonds, and unlock additional benefits.
  • Save your currency: Always try and save some of your currency and not spend it all, try and do full pulls whenever possible or save them for later events.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Reroll Guide

How to reroll in Snowbreak Containment Zone
How to Reroll in Snowbreak Containment Zone

What is Rerolling?

Rerolling is a common practice among players to restart the game in hopes of obtaining a powerful character right from the beginning. By doing so, players aim to gain an advantage and make their journey through the game smoother with a top-tier character in their roster.

Why Reroll?

Rerolling gives players a chance to secure a character from the first free banner pulls, increasing their chances of obtaining an S-tier character. Starting with a strong character can significantly impact gameplay, making it easier to tackle challenges and progress more efficiently.

Steps to Reroll in Snowbreak Containment Zone:

  1. Start the game and proceed with the initial tutorial.
  2. After completing the tutorial, perform a logout to return to the login screen.
  3. Choose a different login account option, such as using a disposable email or a unique variation of your existing email address (e.g., using a plus sign if you’re using Gmail, for example, [email protected] can be used as [email protected] and it will be seen as a new email).
  4. Begin the game again with the new login credentials.
  5. Complete the tutorial once more.
  6. When you reach the first free banner pull, check if you obtained a desirable character.
  7. If you didn’t get a satisfactory character, repeat the process using another dummy email or login method.
  8. Continue rerolling until you secure the desired character.
  9. Once you obtain the best-desired character, proceed with your journey in Snowbreak Containment Zone.

Keep in mind that rerolling may take some time, but for those seeking an advantageous start, it can be a worthwhile endeavor to build a formidable team right from the outset.

Snowbreak Containment Tier List: Final Words

As you venture into the containment zone, you can make use of our Snowbreak tier list to form a formidable team.

Remember, mastering the unique abilities of each character and working together is essential for overcoming the challenges that lie ahead. Best of luck on your journey to bring an end to the bitter winter and reclaim the wasteland!

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Snowbreak Containment Tier List – FAQ

What is Snowbreak Containment Zone?

Snowbreak Containment Zone is a 3D sci-fi RPG-shooter with a next-gen, cross-platform gaming experience set in a devastated wasteland.

How does the tier list for Snowbreak Containment Zone work?

The Tier List ranks characters from S to C based on their strength and impact in the game. S being the strongest and C the weakest.

Can I play Snowbreak Containment with friends in the game?

Yes, you can team up with friends in Gigalink co-op mode to explore the world and battle enemies together.

When will this tier list for Snowbreak Containment be updated?

At present, our Snowbreak Containment Zone tier list remains as is, reflecting the current state of the game. As the game is relatively new, we aim to update the tier list in response to major changes and the introduction of new content. Critical buffs or nerfs to existing characters and the addition of new characters will influence our tier list updates. Rest assured, we are dedicated to providing the most accurate and up-to-date rankings to assist players in navigating the ever-evolving world of Snowbreak Containment Zone. Stay tuned for future updates as the game progresses and more exciting elements come into play!

How did we create this tier list?

The creation of our Snowbreak Containment tier list involved a meticulous approach, incorporating valuable inputs from the gaming community. We carefully considered feedback gathered from sources like the Snowbreak Containment Discord, and Reddit page, as well as content creators and player opinions. As the game continues to evolve, we are committed to providing timely updates to our tier list whenever significant game updates or changes are introduced. Rest assured, our tier list will continue to reflect the collective sentiments of the player base, ensuring it remains relevant and helpful for all players.

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