Starfield Traits Tier List (February 2024) – Best Traits Ranked

Embark on your galactic journey with confidence. Dive deep into our Starfield traits tier list to master the nuances of your character’s abilities.

Traits in Starfield offer a captivating layer of customization to the player’s character, known as the Spacefarer. With the possibility to select up to three at a time, or even none, these modifiers bring both advantages and challenges.

While some traits empower the player’s interactivity or combat prowess, others present hurdles.

And for those second-guessing their decisions, there’s an escape hatch: accomplishing certain missions can remove a previously chosen trait, allowing players to reshape their journey without starting from scratch.

September 27, 2023: We have updated our Starfield tier list for traits.

S Tier – Starfield Best Traits

Best Starfield Traits

These are the best Starfield traits. They offer unparalleled advantages, versatile gameplay options, and can drastically enhance your Starfield experience, that’s why they sit at the top of our Starfield traits tier list.

  • Empath – Attuned to others’ emotions, your actions can either boost or dampen your combat efficiency, depending on your companions’ reactions.
  • Spaced – Your body thrives in the vacuum of space, bolstering health and oxygen. However, planetary surfaces prove detrimental to these stats.
  • Kid Stuff – Family ties mean your parents are safe and sound, and you can visit their homestead. However, a 2% cut of your earnings is automatically sent to them weekly.
  • Wanted – With a bounty on your head, you’re a marked target for armed mercenaries. Yet, dire situations fuel your adrenaline—when health plummets, your damage output soars.
  • Alien DNA – An outcome of a daring experiment blending alien and human genetics, this trait gifts you with enhanced health and oxygen levels. The trade-off? Both healing and food resources are less potent.

A Tier

Tier A Starfield Traits

Not quite reaching the stars but still exceptional. These Starfield traits provide good advantages and can be game-changers when combined cleverly with other traits and backgrounds.

  • Raised Enlightened – Your upbringing within the Enlightened sect grants access to a treasure trove within the House of the Enlightened in New Atlantis. However, the Sanctum Universum chest remains out of reach.
  • Raised Universal – Childhood spent among the Sanctum Universum offers a special item stash in their New Atlantis abode. But, the House of the Enlightened’s cache stays locked for you.
  • Freestar Collective Settler – Allegiance to the Freestar Collective grants specialized dialogue options and enhanced mission rewards. On the flip side, criminal bounties from other factions escalate.
  • Neon Street Rat – Hailing from the gritty alleys of Neon, you’re privy to exclusive dialogue and superior mission rewards within Neon. Yet, your criminal bounty spikes in the eyes of other factions.
  • United Colonies Native – Your roots in the United Colonies open doors to exclusive dialogues and lucrative mission returns. However, your criminal record sees a sharp rise with other factions.
  • Terra Firma – Space remains an uncharted territory for you. While planetary surfaces boost your health and oxygen, space depletes them.

B Tier

Starfield Traits - Tier B

These Starfield traits are well-rounded choices that offer both advantages and drawbacks. They’re solid options for those looking to craft a unique character build.

  • Extrovert – Being sociable has its perks. You’ll conserve more oxygen when teaming up with human allies, though solitary exploration is more taxing. This trait clashes with its opposite, Introvert.
  • Introvert – Valuing solitude, your resourcefulness shines when adventuring solo, conserving oxygen. However, journeying with human comrades proves more draining. Be cautious, as this trait cannot coexist with the Extrovert trait.
  • Dream Home – Ownership of a deluxe, modifiable residence on a serene planet isn’t without strings attached – a 125,000 credit GalBank mortgage awaits weekly payments.
  • Hero Worshipped – Celeb status isn’t all rosy. A persistent and chatty “Adoring Fan” might test your patience, yet he compensates by joining your crew and bestowing gifts.

C Tier

Tier C

While not inherently bad, these traits for Starfield require a more strategic approach to truly shine. They’re best suited for players looking for a challenge or a niche gameplay style.

  • Taskmaster – Crew trained in specific ship systems might miraculously mend said systems when critically damaged. However, recruiting crew members will empty your pockets, costing twice the standard rate.
  • Serpent’s Embrace – Devotion to the Great Serpent bequeaths temporary health and oxygen boosts with grav jumps. Yet, refraining from regular jumps diminishes health and oxygen, akin to withdrawal symptoms.

Starfield Traits Tier List – Final Words

Starfield invites you to forge a personalized narrative, and the trait system underpins this experience.

While our Starfield traits tier list serves as a guide, it’s crucial to recognize that the journey’s true essence lies in exploration and discovery. Bookmark this page and delve into our other Starfield guides to enrich your cosmic voyage.

Don’t forget to also check out our Starfield Backgrounds Tier List if you’re having trouble picking a background as well as our Starfield Skill Tier List to see the best skills for early-game.

Best Traits Starfield – FAQ

How many Starfield traits can I pick during character creation?

You can opt for up to three traits or choose to have none at all.

Can I remove a Starfield trait later in the game?

Yes, each trait is linked to a specific mission or task. Completing this will permanently erase the associated trait.

How did you determine the rankings for this Starfield tier list?

Our ranking system is formulated through a blend of detailed trait evaluation and insights from the Starfield community on Reddit. Our goal is to offer a well-rounded viewpoint that resonates with diverse players and for you to have a nice experience of playing the game.

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