Dungeon Hunter 6 Tier List: Best DH6 Lieutenants (December 2023)

Looking for an updated Dungeon Hunter 6 tier list to check out the best lieutenants in the game? You’ve come to the right place!

Dungeon Hunter 6, the latest entry in Gameloft’s cherished saga, offers a hack-and-slash odyssey like no other. Among the various features, it introduces a range of lieutenants, which are powerful allies that players can summon to aid them in battles.

The effectiveness of these lieutenants can significantly impact the gameplay, hence the need for this tier list.

In Dungeon Hunter 6, lieutenants play a crucial role in aiding players to combat the forces of evil. Their strengths and weaknesses are primarily influenced by their star rarity.

Understanding the tier ranking of these lieutenants can significantly enhance your gameplay, allowing you to strategize better and progress through the game efficiently.

November 7, 2023: We have made changes to our Dungeon Hunter 6 tier list

S Tier: Best Dungeon Hunter 6 Lieutenants

These are the best Dungeon Hunter 6 lieutenants, boasting superior abilities and attributes that can significantly turn the tide of battle in your favor. Utilizing these lieutenants in challenging battles or against formidable foes can be a game-changer.

  • Mahasti
  • Rime Lady
  • Karetta
  • Delphyne
  • Terrorfiend
  • Nora
  • Archmage Herbert
  • Death Knight
  • Ravager
  • Winged Terror
  • Olivia

A Tier

The A-tier DH6 lieutenants are highly effective, with impressive abilities that can contribute immensely to your battle strategy. Upgrade and gear them up to further enhance their combat effectiveness.

  • Karwood
  • Astarak
  • Treant
  • Agony Interrogator
  • Barbek
  • Ruins Guardian
  • Roth
  • Big Mouth Huron
  • Frost Colossus
  • Bridget
  • Demonic Wolf
  • Ritualist of Agony
  • Ser Charlie
  • Red Protoceratop
  • Wilhelm Ironarm

B Tier

The B-tier Dungeon Hunter 6 lieutenants are moderate in terms of effectiveness. They have good abilities but may not be as impactful as A or S tier lieutenants. Keep upgrading them to unlock their full potential.

  • Infernal Cerberus
  • Mountain Giant
  • Necronomicon
  • Haliburt Alemead

C Tier

These are average characters, and not recommended unless you don’t have anything else to play with.

  • No lieutenants in the C tier as of now.

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Dungeon Hunter 6 Tier List: Final Words

The Dungeon Hunter 6 lieutenant tier list sheds light on the varying degrees of effectiveness of each lieutenant, helping players to make informed decisions on which lieutenants to invest in and use in battles.

As more lieutenants get introduced or as the game updates, this tier list may evolve, hence keeping an eye on updated tier lists could be beneficial to stay ahead in the game.

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Dungeon Hunter 6 Lieutenants Tier List: FAQ

How was this Dungeon Hunter 6 lieutenant tier list created?

The creation of this tier list involved a thorough examination of various reputable sources and community feedback from players.

Moreover, we also gleaned insights from YouTube content creators dedicated to Dungeon Hunter 6, such as Kanco Gaming.

A special shoutout to Kanco Gaming for their in-depth explanations and insights into all the lieutenants, which significantly contributed to the formation of this tier list.

When will this tier list be updated?

This tier list will be updated whenever there are significant updates to the game, such as the introduction of new lieutenants or major balance changes.

Our aim is to provide the most accurate and updated information to aid players in making informed decisions in Dungeon Hunter 6.

What does each tier represent?

Each tier from S to D represents a level of effectiveness, with S-tier being the most effective and the C-tier being the least. Lieutenants are ranked based on their abilities, performance in battle, and overall utility to the players.

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