Counterside Tier List May 2024: Best Characters for PvE/PvP

Hi there, CEO! Welcome to our Counterside tier list. In the following list, we’ve ranked all characters (counters) in the game based on their utility, role, and performance. We have also put together 2 Counter:Side tier lists, one for PvE and one for PvP.

The Counterside global version has been out for a while now, and many new players are still downloading the game every day, which is a good thing.

However, if you’re a beginner though, you will quickly realize that there are a ton of characters in Counter Side and you have no idea which ones to choose for your team.

Because of that, we have created a Counter Side tier list where we show you the best characters in the game (for PvE and PvP) according to their role and how effective they are in this meta.

Now, before I introduce you to Counter Side’s best characters, I want to explain how our rankings work.

Counter Side Tier List Ranking Meaning

Tier Rankings Explanation
Image source: CounterSide, Zlong Games, Studiobside.
  • Tier S CounterSide (BEST) — These characters are the strongest in Counter Side. Being so OP (overpowered) they can survive most situations (whether it’s PvE or PvP) with ease, and they dish out a lot of damage. They’re also difficult to kill.
  • Tier A CounterSide (Great) — The counters in the A Tier rank are great choices for your team, and they perform very well in this current game meta. They follow in the footsteps of the S-tier Counter Side characters, can be just as good, and can win battles with relative ease.
  • Tier B CounterSide (Decent) — These units aren’t quite as strong as the ones in the “A” tier, but they’re still pretty decent and will get you through most content without too much difficulty. However, if your enemies get enough chances to damage your ship, it will be destroyed.
  • Tier C CounterSide (Average) — Here are the middle-of-the-road characters that don’t excel at anything in particular but can still clear some stages of the game, though it may not be as easy for them as for characters ranked higher on this Counter Side tier list.
  • Tier D CounterSide (Weak) —The least useful characters in Counter Side. You’re better off using any of the higher-ranked counters. If you’re new to the game, though, don’t worry—these characters will help you get started on a couple of early stages.

Alright now that we went over the explanations, let’s get right to the Counter Side tier list.

We have modified our Counterside tier list on 4th February, 2023.

Counterside Sniper Tier List for PvE

CounterSide Sniper Tier List for PvE
Image source: CounterSide, Zlong Games, Studiobside.

We’re starting off our Counter Side tier list with the Sniper class, let’s take a look at some of these characters and see which ones are the best in the game in this current meta.

TierCounter: Side Sniper Role Character
SKarin Wong, Kestrel Xiao Lin, Replacer Queen, Xiao Lin
ADash, Edel Meitner, Lyudmila
BAmy Firstwing, Arti Lana, Choi Jihoon, Hayami Sanae, Lucid
CAgent Eujin, Lycoris, Miya, Sylvia Lena Cooper
DAdamant Sniper, Jaina Kropel, Kim Chowon, Maya Hunt, Shena, Sniper, Stinger Gunner, Sweeper

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CounterSide Striker Tier List for PvE

Moving on to the striker class tier list for Counter Side, you’re probably already expecting to see some of these units at the top, but some rankings might totally surprise you. Let’s check them out:

TierCounter Side Striker Role Character
SAbyssal Ravage Orca, Awakened Joo Shiyoon, Awakened Yuna Springfield, Nanahara Chifuyu, Near Astraea Esterosa
AEins & Zwei, Esterosa de Chevalier, Lin Xien, Orca, Roy Burnett, Spira, Terminator, Veronica
BAdministration Sword Fighter, Alex, Awakened Yoo Mina, Hilde, Jane Doe, Yen Xing Lanchester
CCindy Looper, Dracasia, Eujin, Ingrid Johanna, Jake Walker, Joo Shiyoung, Lee Sooyeon, Replacer Bishop, Naielle Bluesteel, Jessica Green
DAmy Strickland, Bomi, Frederick Yuma, Hayami Kanade, Liv Allen, Nina Anderson, Oh Saerom, Park Hyunsoo, Suppressor, Zena Bird

Counter Side Ranger Role Tier List for PvE

Counter Side Ranger Role Tier List for PvE
Image source: CounterSide, Zlong Games, Studiobside.

Here are the ranger role characters ranked by their performance and overall power in terms of offensive and defensive capabilities in battle.

TierCounter Side Striker Role Character
SAdministration Rifleman, Awakened Lee Sooyeon, Awakened Seo Yoon, Gaeun, Ministra, Rosaria le Friede
AAssault Trooper, Kyle Wong, Lucrecia, Seo Yoon, Shin Jia, Yamata no Orochi
BBlue Blood Elizabeth, Eddie Fisher, Frederick Doma, John Mason, Joo Shiyoon, Kang Soyoung, Kim Sobin, Lee Yuri, Nayuka Minato
CCathy Wade, Elizabeth Pendragon, Expert Merc Yoo Mina, Han Sorim, Na Yubin, Peacekeeper, Recoiless Gunner, Rivet
DCho Hojin, Recoiless Gunner, Rifleman, Scout, Thaddeus Morgan, UBGL Rifleman, Yang Hansol, Yoo Mina, Yuna Springfield

Counter Side Support Role Tier List for PvE

Support Role PvE
Image source: CounterSide, Zlong Games, Studiobside.

Below you can take a look at the best (and worst) support characters in Counter Side. Support units are always needed in a Counter Side team, so make sure that you choose only the best ones to assist you in battles.

TierCounter Side Support Role Character
SEvelyn Keller, Rita Arsenico, Sky Layfield, Yang Harim
AArius Esquede, Claudia Nelson, Lee Jisoo, Lona Lee, Nanahara Chinatsu
BMachine Collector, Purple Mist Laura, Regina MacCready
CIronside, Lily, Mika Star
DBrownie Moore, Harab, Laura Beatrix, Lee Jin, Lee Minseo, Shim Somi

Counter Side Defender Role Tier List for PvE

Similar to support units, the defender counters are also pretty good to have in your team, they can help you in your battles especially if you’re not using any of the S tier Counter Side characters.

TierCounter Side Support Role Character
SAwakened Jake, Replacer King, Serapel
AAdministration Shieldman, Awakened Hilde, Kaci Bins, Lee Yumi
BAwakened Na Yubin, Carlota, Mone, Overflow, Replacer Knight, Stronghold
CBest Mascot Irie, Dominic King Reginald, Irie Alford, Ogami Masaki, Ryan Ferrier
DBenedict Constantine, Charlie Rockwood, Choi Gangsan, Hirose Aki, Kang Minwoo, Kim Chulsoo, Lee Dafoe, Shieldman, Tommy the Die-Hard

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Counter Side Mech Tier List for PvE

And finally here is our Counter Side tier list for mech, siege, and tower characters.

We’ve put siege and tower units all together with mech ones because they’re not that many to create a separate list. Here they are:

TierCounter Side Mech Name
SAwakened Horizon, Ifrit, Sigma, Tarrasque
AHanus, Horizon, Overflow
BATF-35 Thunderbolt, Evolved One, Titan
CArachne, Buzzard, Hound, Reaper, Sparrow, Woodpecker
DACH-4 Clan, ATAC-130 Gunship, ATB-1B Spear, ATL-1 Lincoln, Ballista, Black Tail, Chariot, Estaque, Glitch, HM MRLS, Lumi, MA1 HMMWV, PZH Mobile Gun, Rhino, Tactical Transporter, ZSU Shilka

Interesting fact about our Coutner Side mech role tier list is that there are quite a lot of useless and weak characters compared to the counter roles.

As you can see that most of them sit on the bottom at D-tier. That’s for a good reason because they’re not really that great in this PvE or PvP meta.

Alright, so you’ve seen the PvE rankings, let’s now take a look at the Counter Side tier list for PvP.

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CounterSide Tier List for PvP (Global)

PvP Tier List
Image source: CounterSide, Zlong Games, Studiobside.

Alright, so for our Counter: Side PvP tier list, we’ve decided to put all characters (counters and mechs) regardless of their role together in one giant list.

Here they are:

CounterSide S-Tier PvP Characters

  • Administration Rifleman
  • Administration Sword Fighter
  • Awakened Hilde
  • Awakened Yoo Mina
  • Awakened Yuna Springfield
  • Claudia Nelson
  • Eins & Zwei
  • Evelyn Keller
  • Gaeun
  • Harab
  • Ingrid Johanna
  • Kang Soyoung
  • Karin Wong
  • Nanahara Chifuyu
  • Rosaria le Friede
  • Serapel
  • Sylvia Lena Cooper
  • Xiao Lin
  • Yang Harim

CounterSide A-Tier PvP Characters

  • Adamant Sniper
  • Administration Shieldman
  • Arius Esquede
  • Assault Trooper
  • ATF-35 Thunderbolt
  • Elizabeth Pendragon
  • Esterosa de Chevalier
  • Hilde
  • Ironside
  • Jane Doe
  • Joo Shiyoung
  • Kyle Wong
  • Lee Jisoo
  • Lee Yumi
  • Maria Antonov
  • Na Yubin
  • Nanahara Chinatsu
  • Rhino
  • Ryan Ferrier
  • Shin Jia
  • Sigma
  • Titan
  • Woodpecker

B-Tier PvP Characters

  • ATL-1 Lincoln
  • Ballista
  • Brownie Moore
  • Buzzard
  • Choi Ina
  • Cindy Looper
  • Dominic King Reginald
  • Eddie Fisher
  • Frederick Doma
  • Han Sorim
  • Hayami Sanae
  • Hound
  • Irie Alford
  • Jake Walker
  • John Mason
  • Joo Shiyoon
  • Lee Sooyeon
  • Lin Xien
  • Liv Allen
  • Lumi
  • Miya
  • Nayuka Minato
  • Orca
  • Regina MacCready
  • Seo Yoon
  • Sparrow
  • Stronghold

C-Tier PvP Characters

  • ACH-4 Clan
  • Arachne
  • Benedict Constantine
  • Cathy Wade
  • Edel Meitner
  • Eujin
  • Fione Lowell
  • Frederick Yuma
  • Gabriel Jun the Vicious Breaker
  • Hirose Aki
  • Kim Chowon
  • Kim Sobin
  • Laura Beatrix
  • Lee Jin
  • Maya Hunt
  • Reaper
  • Recoiless Gunner
  • Rivet
  • Roy Burnett
  • Scout
  • Shieldman
  • Stinger Gunner
  • Sweeper
  • Yoo Mina

D-Tier PvP Characters

  • Amy Strickland
  • ATB-1B Spear
  • Black Tail
  • Bomi
  • Chariot
  • Charlie Rockwood
  • Cho Hojin
  • Choi Gangsan
  • Jessica Green
  • Kim Chulsoo
  • Lee Dafoe
  • Lee Minseo
  • Mortar Team
  • Nina Anderson
  • Ogami Masaki
  • Oh Saerom
  • Park Hyunsoo
  • Peacekeeper
  • PZH Mobile Gun
  • Rifleman
  • Shim Somi
  • Sniper
  • Suppressor
  • Tactical Transporter Deuce-and-a-Half
  • Terminator
  • Thaddeus Morgan
  • Tommy the Die-hard
  • UBGL Rifleman
  • Yang Hansol
  • Yuna Springfield
  • Zena Bird
  • ZSU Shilka

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How We Created This Tier List?

As with every tier list that we create, we have put a lot of effort and research into creating this Counter:Side tier list.

We started off by playing the game ourselves (global version from Nexon), and then after we have concluded what we thought were the best characters in Counter Side for PvE and PvP we took it to the official Discord server and Reddit community to gather more feedback from other CounterSide players.

After compiling all the data, we have put together these lists, that we separated for PvE and PvP.

We think that the rankings of counters, mechs, towers, and siege units, from our CounterSide tier list for PvE and for PvP are pretty accurate, especially for the current global version of the game. Sure, some rankings are a bit different from the SEA version, but not by much.

All in all, we know that players have different playstyles and we are all unique in our own gameplay, so a strategy that works well for some might not be that great for others. Plus, CounterSide is a gacha game so you might not always have access to the best (or desired) units that you want.

Please feel free to share your opinions about this CounterSide tier list by leaving a comment below. Or even better, you can rate it as well.

Also keep in mind that with every update that the global version of the game gets, we will try and update this tier list, so make sure you bookmark the page and come back to check the new and updated CounterSide character rankings.

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What is Counter Side?

Counterside is a mobile side-scroller and gacha collector RPG game. The game was developed by Studiobside, and published by Nexon in Korea, Zlong Games in SEA, and globally by Studiobside.

The global version of the game was released on 27th May 2022 on both Android and iOS devices.

The gameplay in Counterside is fast-paced and exciting. It has a great storyline combined with great combat, distinctive characters, and awesome art.

Besides your units, you will also have a ship that you can use to move your team of counters to and from your missions. You need to keep an eye on this ship during battles because if you don’t destroy your enemies first, they might destroy it.

You can also check out our Eversoul tier list if you want to play a similar game to Counterside.

What’s your opinion of our Counterside tier list? Rate it below.

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