Rainbow Six Mobile Game is Being Developed By Ubisoft

In a recent tweet, Ubisoft the company behind Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has just announced new plans on developing a mobile version of the game called: Rainbow Six Mobile.

They have also created an epic trailer with amazing in-game footage, to give us a sneak peek into what the game is going to look like. You can see the trailer below:

Similar to other Tom Clancy Rainbow Six games, the mobile version will also be a tactical FPS shooter that has teams of 5 players competing against each other on different maps and with little time to achieve the goals.

The player characters or operators as they are called have unique skills and abilities that are all needed in a team in order to improve the odds of winning such as:

  • Breaching Hammer
  • Breaching Rounds
  • Shock Drones
  • Shock Wire
  • Black Eye Cameras
  • Jammers
  • and more…

Along with all these cool and unique abilities, the Rainbow Six Mobile game will also feature a destructible environment where players can choose to form their own paths and strategies in order to win over the other team.

But even though the Rainbow Six Mobile shares some of the similarities and features of the other Tom Clancy’s games, it is built from the ground up with mobile gameplay in mind, and it’s not just another port that’s built on top of an already existing game.

Live testing of the game will begin in the upcoming weeks so if you want to be a part of those and one of the first players to experience the R6 game style but on mobile, follow the game’s social media profiles to stay updated with the news.

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