Naraka Bladepoint Tier List (April 2024) – Best Heroes Ranked

Welcome to our Naraka Bladepoint tier list, where we have ranked the best heroes in this dynamic and fast-paced Battle Royale experience. Set in the mystical world of Morus Isle, where the Mask of Immortality holds legendary power, warriors from across the globe assemble to claim its might.

In this unique Battle Royale game, you’ll engage in intense melee-focused combat, showcasing punishing combos, expert parries, and unyielding grit.

With more than 20 million players already joining the fray, the battle for the Mask of Immortality awaits you. But in order to win your battles you will first have to decide on which Naraka Bladepoint hero to main.

So with our tier list, we have ranked all the Naraka Bladepoint characters to help you discover your signature playstyle by choosing a hero that suits you the best.

Note: This Naraka Bladepoint hero tier list is aimed at solo play and was last updated on July 19, 2023

Tier S: Best Naraka Bladepoint Heroes

Best Naraka Bladepoint Heroes

In tier S, we’ve ranked the best Naraka Bladepoint characters who wield unmatched power and versatility, granting them dominance in every aspect of the battle. These champions will lead you to victory with their exceptional skill sets, unparalleled Ultimate moves, and strategic prowess. When you choose a tier S hero, you’re harnessing the strength of a true legend.

  • Akos Hu
  • Valda Cui
  • Zai

Tier A Heroes

Tier A Naraka Bladepoint Heroes

Tier A heroes showcase exceptional skills and are a force to be reckoned with. They bring deadly precision and excellent adaptability to the battlefield. They are great alternatives to the tier S Naraka BP heroes, especially for players who want to try a more unique playing style:

  • Justina Gu
  • Matari
  • Feria Shen
  • Takeda Nobutada
  • Ziping Yin

Tier B Heroes

Tier B Naraka Bladepoint Heroes

In tier B, we have heroes good Naraka Bladepoint heroes for solo play. Though they may not possess the same overwhelming power as tier S or A, their skills and Ultimate abilities can help them hold their ground in difficult situations.

  • Wuchen
  • Tarka Ji
  • Viper Ning
  • Yoto Hime
  • Temulch
  • Yueshan

Tier C Heroes

Tier C Heroes

In the C tier we have the weakest heroes in the game for the current Naraka Bladepoint meta. While they might not be the first choice for the frontline assault, they might still shine in niche situations, especially if you like playing with them.

  • Tianhai
  • Kurumi

Tips for Mastering Naraka Bladepoint

Check out some tips in addition to our Naraka Bladepoint tier list that will help you along the journey of mastering the game:

  1. Practice Makes Perfect: Hone your combat skills in the Training Grounds to familiarize yourself with each hero’s playstyle and abilities.
  2. Map Awareness: Explore the stunning landscapes of Morus and Holoroth, adapt to the environment, and utilize your grappling hook and parkour skills for a tactical advantage.
  3. Strategic Ultimates: Use Ultimate moves at strategic moments to turn the tide of battle in your favor, catching foes off guard with their devastating effects.

Naraka Bladepoint Tier List: Final Words

With Naraka Bladepoint’s diverse hero roster and exhilarating gameplay, you’re about to embark on an epic journey of legendary proportions.

Choose your heroes wisely, master their skills, and seize victory in the intense battles that await. May the Mask of Immortality grant you the strength to emerge victorious in the Battle Royale arena.

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Naraka Bladepoint Tier List: FAQ

What is the Naraka Bladepoint Tier List?

It’s a ranking of the best Naraka Bladepoint heroes in the game based on their performance and abilities in the current meta. It helps players make informed decisions about which heroes to choose for an edge in battles.

How is the Tier List Created?

The Tier List is crafted through research and analysis of the current meta as well as from feedback from players on the Reddit page and various Naraka BP content creators such as PsyclopsKD on YouTube.

Why are Some Heroes Ranked Higher Than Others?

Heroes are ranked higher based on their combat capabilities, versatility, and impact on the game. Tier S includes the most dominant characters, while Tier A comprises strong heroes, and so on. The rankings reflect their relative power in the game’s current state.

Are Tier Lists Subject to Change?

Yes, the game’s meta evolves over time, and hero-balancing updates may occur. As a result, our tier list for Naraka Bladepoint characters is subject to change in response to new patches and content additions.

Should I Only Play High-Tier Heroes?

While high-tier heroes offer advantages, your preferred playstyle and comfort with certain characters are crucial. Experiment with different heroes to find the ones that suit your strengths and preferences, as player skill can also impact performance.

Can Lower-Tier Heroes Still Be Effective?

Absolutely! Lower-tier heroes can still excel in the right hands and with proper strategy. Understanding their strengths and utilizing them effectively can lead to impressive performances.

Can I Use the Tier List for Different Game Modes?

The Tier List primarily focuses on general hero effectiveness in solo play, the heroes may perform differently in specific game modes such as duos and trios.

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