METRIA Tier List (December 2023) – Best Characters

Embark on an adventure with METRIA where each character brings unique strengths to your journey. This METRIA tier list will guide you in choosing the best heroes for your quest.

In “METRIA,” characters come alive with distinct abilities and classes. Assemble a team that can adapt to the ever-changing tides of combat with this essential tier list.

November 7, 2023: We released the 1st version of our METRIA character tier list

Tier S – Best METRIA Characters

Best METRIA characters

Characters in this tier are unparalleled in their combat capabilities, offering both powerful attacks and strategic advantages, this is why they are the currently METRIA best characters.

  • Aru: Noted as the strongest in the beta version, Aru boasts ranged attacks with tracking effects and a buff that can double normal damage.
  • Popodero: Great for tanking and melee damage.
  • Lunaria: With her immense inherited magical powers, Lunaria can unleash devastating spells on her foes.

Tier A

Tier A METRIA Characters

These characters are formidable, providing solid support and offense, capable of turning the battle in your favor.

  • Lucas: A level-headed Astra knight, Lucas is a pillar of support with his serious demeanor and strategic prowess.
  • Rio: Ambitious and driven, Rio’s quest to become an Astra Knight is the backbone of the game’s narrative.
  • Begius: His robust demeanor and huge shield symbolize his role as the protector, ready to safeguard his allies.

Tier B

Tier B METRIA Characters

The heroes in this tier are dependable and bring a balanced mix of cheer and combat to the fray.

  • Dino: As the mood booster of the group, Dino’s charisma and combat support keep the team spirited.

Tips For Mastering METRIA

Knowing the top characters is not enough to master METRIA. Here are some general strategies to enhance your gameplay:

  • Pay attention to each character’s class and element, and adapt your team composition based on the enemies you face.
  • Focus on strengthening a well-rounded team, and be prepared to adjust your strategy as new updates and characters are introduced.

METRIA Tier List: Final Thoughts

This tier list for “METRIA” is crafted from the beta version of the game and serves as an initial guide. Keep an eye out for updates as the game evolves, and may your choices lead you to victory!

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METRIA Character Tier List – Frequently Asked Questions

How was this METRIA tier list created?

This tier list was formulated using the initial character details provided by the YouTuber R0ixy Dragony, who offers insights into character abilities and gameplay strategies. We also referenced the official “METRIA” website for the latest information on characters and their backgrounds.

Why is a tier list important for “METRIA” players?

A tier list helps players understand which characters have the potential to perform better based on their abilities and roles within the game. It’s a strategic tool for forming an effective team.

Can I still enjoy “METRIA” without following the tier list?

Absolutely. The tier list is a guide, not a rulebook. Your enjoyment and success in the game can come from experimenting with different characters and finding the playstyle that suits you best.

When will this tier list be updated?

The tier list will be updated regularly as the game evolves, particularly after new content releases, balance changes, or when significant insights from the player community become available.

Where can I find more information about METRIA characters?

Well, you can play the game to discover more about each character’s story or additionally the most up-to-date information on METRIA characters, visit the official game site at

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