Mech Arena Tier List: Best Mech & Weapons Ranked (April 2023)

Welcome to our Mech Arena tier list. Below you can find our updated tier list where we’ve ranked all the mech and weapons in the game based on their utility and damage potential.

Mech Arena Robot Showdown is a free, fast-paced, multiplayer robot combat game with a variety of tactical options and endless customization options.

Play against your friends or team up with them in 5v5 and 2v2 live matches. Maps are designed for fast battles that take only 5 minutes to finish!

Now, before I show you Mech Arena’s best characters, let me quickly explain what each tier ranking means.

Mech Arena Tier List Ranking Meaning

Mech Arena Tier List Rankings Meaning
Image source: Mech Arena, Plarium.
  • Tier S Mech Arena — These are the best mech in the game and every team should have one of these.
  • Tier A Mech Arena — Pretty good mech that can do well but lack a little bit behind the S tier ones.
  • Tier B Mech Arena — Decent mech but not that great compared to S and A tier ones.
  • Tier C Mech Arena — Less than average Mech, not really recommended but if you can’t pick anything else, then go for these.
  • Tier D Mech Arena — Weakest mech in the game currently. You should probably avoid playing with these unless your team requires it.

We’ve gone over all the basics, so let’s check out our Mech Arena tier list.

Mech Arena Tier List – Best Mechs In This Meta

Mech Arena Tier List - Best Mech
Image source: Mech Arena, Plarium

Here are all the best Mech Arena mechs ranked in terms of effectiveness from best to worst.

January 3rd, 2023: We have made changes to our Mech Arena tier list.

Tier RatingMech Arena Role

Alright now that we’re done with ranking the best mech in our Mech Arena tier list, let’s go over the best weapons in the game.

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Mech Arena Best Weapons Tier List

Here are all the best weapons in Mech Arena, as some of you probably have guessed, Rocket Mortars seem to occupy the first places. But, what are the other great weapons that you can use to equip your mech?

Let’s find out:

Tier RatingMech Arena Weapon
SRocket Morter 12
SRocket Morter 10
SRocket Morter 8
ARailgun 16
AMissile Rack 12
AMissile Rack 8
AJavelin Rack 8
ALongarm 10
AJavelin Rack 6
ADisk Launcher 12
AShotgun 8
ALongarm 8
BMissile Rack 6
BDisk launcher 12
BCarbine 12
BJavelin rack 4
BCarbine 10
BArc Torrent 10
BDisk launcher 8
BCarbine 8
BShotgun 4
CPlasma Cannon 6
CPulse Cannon 8
CArc Torrent 6
CPulse Cannon 6
CPlasma Cannon 4
CShotgun 2
CAutocannon 4
CStasis beam 16  
CPulse Cannon 4
CStasis beam 12
DAutocannon 2
DStasis beam 8
DThermal lance 6
DThermal lance 4
DThermal lance 2

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How We Created This Mech Arena Tier List?

We take into account many factors when making our tier lists, including feedback from experienced players, discussions on the official Mech Arena Discord server, and posts on the subreddit.

When you start playing Mech Arena it can be hard to figure out which mechs or weapons are good in this meta, especially considering how many options are available.

That’s why we created this tier list, which should help you and your team win more battles.

We hope you find this Mech Arena Robot Showdown tier list helpful. If so, make sure to let us know what you think by leaving a comment below, or better yet why not rate the list and tell us which mech is your favorite.

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What is Mech Arena Robot Showdown?

Mech Arena Robot Showdown is a free 5v5 battle arena competitive game developed by Plarium and released for free on Android and iOS.

The battles are quick and only last 5 minutes, and the action takes place on over 20+ unique maps, easy point-and-shoot controls, endless customizations to your mechs, and more.

There are also a ton of fun battles and game modes that you can enjoy with your friends.

But with 19 different mechs available in the game, some players (especially beginners) don’t really know which mech to choose when they first start out.

So hopefully our Mech Arena Tier List could give you some insight into what we think are the best mech currently in this meta.

Oh and don’t forget to equip one of the weapons in our Mech Arena Weapons tier list.

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Mech Arena Reviews

Image source: Mech Arena, Plarium

Mech Arena has a review rating score of 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play and a near-perfect 4.9/5 on the App Store.

The 5v5 battle arena is pretty awesome it seems, with players rating the title very high, as with other Plarium developed games such as Raid Shadow Legends.

Still, the game can be a little P2W though as reported by a few players that dislike the way you get access to some weapons and mechs (mainly through paying real money).

But then again, millions of players have downloaded Mech Arena and I’m sure most of them are playing for free and enjoy it quite a lot so give it a chance especially if you like mechs.

If you’re a fan of mechs check out Counterside as well.

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