Kingdom Guard Tier List (December 2023) – Best Heroes Ranked

Looking for the best heroes to use in Kingdom Guard? Check out our comprehensive Kingdom Guard tier list ranking the top heroes in the game based on their abilities and effectiveness in battle.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, our tier list can help you build a powerful team and conquer the enemy hordes.

Tower defense games are all about making the right choices, and one of the most important choices is which heroes to use to defend your kingdom.

Kingdom Guard is an exciting and engaging tower defense game that challenges players to use their strategic skills to defend their kingdom against waves of enemies. The game features a vast array of heroes, each with their own unique abilities and strengths, making it difficult to choose which heroes to use to defend your kingdom.

Our Kingdom Guard tier list will help you choose the best heroes for each situation, making it easier for you to succeed in the game.

March 14, 2023: We have updated the Kingdom Guard Hero tier list.

Kingdom Guard S-Tier Heroes

Best Kingdom Guard Heroes

In S Tier, we rank the units that are considered to be the best Kingdom Guard heroes. They are incredibly powerful and can carry your kingdom to victory even in the toughest situations. They have abilities that can quickly eliminate large groups of enemies or slow down enemy progress, making them an invaluable asset to your defense.

  • Padme
  • Sahar
  • Tracy
  • Clarance
  • Filius
  • Erika
  • Gruhn
  • Tumnus

Kingdom Guard A-Tier Heroes

Kingdom Guard A-Tier Heroes

In A Tier, we rank the strong Kingdom Guard heroes. They have a combination of abilities that make them effective in many different situations, allowing them to adapt to changing enemy threats. These heroes are not as powerful as those in S Tier, but they are still very effective and can be essential to your defense.

  • Cosette
  • Paul
  • Benjamin
  • Rosamund
  • Chiyoko
  • Jessica
  • Miku
  • Arwin

Kingdom Guard B-Tier Heroes

Kingdom Guard B-Tier Heroes

These heroes of Kingdom Guard are decent but not as powerful as those in the higher tiers. They can be useful in some situations, but they lack the versatility and power of the heroes in S and A Tier. These heroes can still be effective in the right hands, but they require more strategic thinking and planning to use effectively.

  • Richard
  • Torvi
  • Christie
  • Kenshiro
  • Vera
  • Leilani
  • Livia
  • Petra
  • Dean
  • Meniere

Kingdom Guard C-Tier Heroes

Kingdom Guard C-Tier Heroes

The Kingdom Guard heroes in this tier are not very effective in most situations. They have limited abilities and weaknesses that make them easy to defeat by enemy waves. These heroes can still be used in some situations, but they require a lot of planning and strategy to make them effective.

  • Anko
  • Ariza
  • Suad
  • Giselle
  • O’Neil
  • Paula
  • Penny
  • Allen
  • Nathaniel
  • Gro
  • Parr
  • Rudolph
  • Catherine
  • Maud
  • Wendy
  • Gabriel
  • Dain
  • Dolvar
  • Wallis

Kingdom Guard D-Tier Heroes

Kingdom Guard D-Tier Heroes

In D Tier, we rank the Kingdom Guard heroes that are considered to be the weakest in the game. These units have limited abilities and strengths, and are often defeated easily by enemy waves. These heroes are not recommended for use in most situations, but they can still be useful in some situations if used strategically.

  • Arthur
  • Isaac
  • Apollo
  • Merlin
  • Alucard
  • Ralph
  • Claudia
  • Nicole
  • Jennifer
  • Samar
  • Hadi
  • Harold
  • Ophelia
  • Arwyn
  • Kris

Kingdom Guard Tips For Playing Better

To succeed in Kingdom Guard, you need to have a good strategy and be able to make the right choices when it comes to hero selection. Here are some tips to help you succeed in the game:

  • Try different hero combinations: Experiment with different hero combinations to see which ones work best in different situations.
  • Use your resources wisely: Make sure you are spending your resources wisely and investing in heroes that will help you the most.
  • Pay attention to enemy strengths and weaknesses: Keep an eye on enemy types and their strengths and weaknesses, and adjust your hero selection accordingly.
  • Upgrade your heroes: As you progress through the game, make sure you are upgrading your heroes to increase their power and effectiveness.

Final Words

Congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming a Kingdom Guard master! Our Kingdom Guard tier list is not just any ordinary tool – it’s your ticket to success in this challenging tower defense game. By strategically selecting the best heroes for each situation, you can defend your kingdom against any threat and emerge victorious.

But remember, the world of Kingdom Guard is constantly evolving, and the tier list can change over time with balance updates and new content. That’s why it’s important to stay up-to-date and adjust your gameplay accordingly.

Although the heroes on this tier list are considered strong, winning in Kingdom Guard is never a guarantee. However, with practice and experimentation, you can become a pro at forming the best hero combinations and leading your kingdom to victory.

We sincerely hope that our tier list and tips have helped you achieve your goals in Kingdom Guard. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and check back for updates as the game continues to evolve.

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Kingdom Guard – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kingdom Guard Hero Tier List?

The tier list for Kingdom Guard ranks the best heroes in the game based on their overall power, usefulness, and versatility. It is a valuable tool for players looking to build a strong team and succeed in this tower defense game.

How often is the tier list updated?

The tier list can change over time with balance updates and new content, so we aim to update it regularly. Be sure to check back for updates as the game evolves.

Is the tier list a guarantee of victory?

No, there is no guarantee of victory in Kingdom Guard, even with the heroes on the tier list. The game involves strategy, planning, and adapting to different situations.

Can I use heroes outside of the tier list?

Of course! This Kingdom Guard tier list is just a guideline for the best heroes in the game, but it doesn’t mean that other heroes can’t be useful in different situations. Experiment with different hero combinations and find what works best for you.

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