Lord Of Heroes Tier List: Best Characters in LoH (February 2024)

Are you looking for a Lord of Heroes tier list? We’ve got just the thing for you, with our rankings of the best heroes in LoH for the current meta.

Lord of Heroes is a fantastic anime RPG for mobile devices, in which you can make unique teams of heroes and challenge evil forces through many missions and stages.

But with over 80 characters available in LoH, how do you know which ones to choose to form the best team to go through the stages? Well, with our Lord of Heroes tier list, you’re going to find out the best heroes in the game currently.

But before we reveal to you which are the best characters in LoH, let’s take a look at what each tier rank means.

Understanding Our Lord of Heroes Tier List

Lord of Heroes Tier List Explanation
Image source: Lord of Heroes, Clover Games.
  • Tier S Lord of Heroes (BEST characters) – These are the most powerful heroes you can get in Lord of Heroes. They’re a very good investment if you can afford them, and it’s worth upgrading them to their highest level as soon as possible.
  • Tier A Lord of Heroes (Strong characters) – If you want to clear content with ease, get these LoH characters. They’re not as OP as the S-tier ones, but they are still pretty strong for every game mode.
  • Tier B Lord of Heroes (Decent characters) – Here are some heroes that you can use if you don’t have access to those that rank higher. They will do the trick, although it won’t be a cakewalk.
  • Tier C Lord of Heroes (Average characters) – These are basic Lord of Heroes characters. They’re not super-powerful, but you can still win some battles if you play strategically and take your time. Don’t expect to clear every stage though.
  • Tier D Lord of Heroes (Weak characters) –These are some of the worst characters in the game. They can be useful for beginners, but it’s tough to clear content with them once you progress further. They’re best left to beginners who are still trying to learn the ropes.

Now that you’ve got a good understanding of what each tier means, let’s get to the good stuff: our Lord of Heroes tier list.

We have updated our Lord of Heroes tier list on December 7th, 2022.

Lord of Heroes Tier List – Best Characters Right Now

Alright so let’s now take a look at all the characters in Lord of Heroes ranked for this current game meta.

Lord of Heroes Tier List: S-Tier Heroes

Lord of Heroes: Best Characters In Game
Image source: Lord of Heroes, Clover Games.

Starting off with the S-tier heroes, these are the best characters in our LoH tier list, use them in all your battles and add them to your teams as they will help you win numerous battles with ease.

Lord of Heroes CharacterElementClass
Mei LingEarthStriker
Mei LingLightSniper

Lord of Heroes Tier List: A-Tier Heroes

Lord of Heroes: A-Tier
Image source: Lord of Heroes, Clover Games.
Lord of Heroes CharacterElementClass

Also pretty strong Lord of Heroes units that you can add to your team to win battles in PvE and in PvP. They’re not as powerful as the S-tier ones but they will get the job done as well.

Lord of Heroes Tier List: B-Tier Heroes

Lord of Heroes: B-Tier
Image source: Lord of Heroes, Clover Games.

Relatively decent heroes, while you can still win battles with these Lord of Heroes characters, victory is not always guaranteed and you might have to work a bit more to clear the content or secure that PvP game, compared to other heroes.

Lord of Heroes CharacterElementClass

Lord of Heroes Tier List: C-Tier Heroes

Good LoH Heroes
Image source: Lord of Heroes, Clover Games.

Slightly below average, Lord of Heroes characters should not normally be a part of your main team, unless you have a specific use for them and know what you’re doing.

Lord of Heroes CharacterElementClass

Lord of Heroes Tier List: D-Tier Heroes

LoH Heroes Ranked
Image source: Lord of Heroes, Clover Games.

It’s probably best that you avoid playing with these LoH characters. Sure, they might get you a win here and there but overall they are not great heroes and they are only viable at the start of the game when you’re a beginner.

In end-game content, you will struggle against harder opponents by playing with these, so that’s why we don’t recommend you to use them too much.

Lord of Heroes CharacterElementClass
Mei LingFireSniper

How We Created This Lord of Heroes Tier List?

When we create tier lists, we like to do some in-depth research, to learn more about the game. This way we can create a pretty accurate tier list.

Most of the time we gather feedback from our own experience playing the games but also from other Lord of Heroes players and communities such as the official Discord server, the Facebook page, or Reddit.

Lord of Heroes has over 80 characters, and if you’re a beginner, it might be difficult to decide which heroes are good to use in your team. That’s why we hope our Lord of Heroes tier list gives you some insight and helps you make an informed choice about which heroes to bring along while clearing stages.

Feel free to leave a comment or rating below with your opinion of this Lord of Heroes tier list. We think we’ve got it pretty accurate, but no list can possibly be perfect due to the endless variety of playstyles and opinions. But also, with every new update, the game will get, some heroes will either go up or down on our rankings.

We’ll try to keep this LoH tier list updated regularly so make sure to check back here whenever you need.

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What is Lord of Heroes?

Lord of Heroes is a mobile anime turn-based RPG game that was developed and published by Clover Games. It was released first in South Korea on March 26, 2020, and later on September 6, 2020, the game was released globally on Android and iOS.

Lord of Heroes Gameplay & Features

Lord of Heroes is a gacha game in which you can collect over 80 different anime heroes, battle in the PvP arena against other players, explore unique stages, and have fun with friends. The game is set in a fantasy world that is now in the midst of chaos, and only you can save the world from doom.

Since the game is based on gacha, you may have to do a bit of grinding in order to get the items and heroes that you want. But compared to other gacha games such as AFK Arena, Dislyte, and Echoes of Mana, this game is not that bad.

Since we know that there are a lot of characters available to use in Lord of Heroes, we thought that it would be helpful to new players (and even veterans of the game) to create a Lord of Heroes tier list where we rank heroes based on their stats and effectiveness in the current meta.

For a similar game to Lord of Heroes, check out our Rage of Destiny tier list.

Lord of Heroes Reviews

The game has very high review scores on Google Play where the game gets a 4.6 out of 5 ratings and also on the App Store where it has a whopping 4.8/5 score.

High scores like these from players only mean one thing: Lord of Heroes is a pretty and well-balanced game and the overall community is happy with the way the game is being developed and how it progresses forward.

There are still a few small issues though, a couple of players reported that the rewards are not really up to par with the battles and stage levels that they are clearing.

Also, some players hate the auto-play and how long it takes for the skill animations to finish.

Still, Lord of Heroes is an awesome anime gacha RPG that can give you a lot of quality hours of gameplay, especially if you love turn-based strategy games.

What do you think about our Lord of Heroes tier list? Rate it or comment below!

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