MTG Arena Starter Guide: Popular Meta Decks (2024)

New to MTG Arena? This comprehensive MTG Arena starter guide will get you set up with strategies, resource management, and everything you need to dive into the exciting world of digital Magic!

Starting your journey in MTG Arena can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. With countless cards, strategies, and game modes to explore, it’s easy to feel lost at first.

This starter guide aims to provide the essential tools and knowledge to help you navigate the early stages of MTG Arena, set you up for success, and get the most out of your experience.

Building Your Collection Wisely

Gold vs. Gems

MTG Arena operates on a dual currency system. Gold is the primary currency earned by completing quests and winning matches. It is used to purchase packs, enter events, and buy cosmetics.

Gems are the premium currency purchased with real money. They are used for the same purposes as gold, but also have the added option to buy the Mastery Pass (seasonal rewards track).

Beginners should prioritize spending gold on packs and consider using gems for Draft events if interested in that format.

Don’t forget also to redeem MTG Arena codes to get booster packs, Mastery XP, and card styles.

Quests and Daily/Weekly Wins

Your key to a healthy collection! Quests are daily challenges that reward gold and individual cards.

Completing your daily quests is crucial for steady progress. On top of this, your first 15 wins each day offer additional gold rewards. Getting a few wins per day will snowball over time.

MTGA Starter Progression Path

Begin by completing the Color Challenges, which unlock five dual-color starter decks.

Then, use those to win matches and complete quests, earning you ten more preconstructed decks!

Experiment to find which ones you enjoy, and then focus on earning rewards to buy more packs to improve your preferred decks.

Understanding Your Starter Decks

Starter decks are designed to introduce core Magic concepts and playstyles. Here’s a quick overview of common Magic archetypes you might find in your starter decks:

  • Aggro: Prioritizes fast creatures and direct damage spells. Aim to overwhelm the opponent before they establish defenses. Starter decks featuring cheap creatures and burn spells might fall into this category.
  • Control: Focuses on removal spells, board wipes, and powerful late-game cards. Stabilize in the early turns and take over once your big threats hit the field
  • Midrange: Blends elements of both. Plays a mix of creatures, removal, and value cards for a balanced strategy. Starter decks with life gain and mid-sized creatures might lean towards this.

Navigating the Early Meta

Popular MTG Arena Decks

What top decks are popular?

The current MTG Arena meta features a good mix of strategies. Popular decks include:

  • Domain Ramp: Leverages cards that care about the number of basic land types to play powerful threats early.
  • Esper Midrange: Value-oriented deck with removal, card draw, and resilient creatures.
  • Mono-Red Aggro: Fast and aggressive burn deck focused on direct damage.
  • Other decks: Dimir Midrange, Azorius Soldiers, Golgari Midrange, Esper Control, Mono-White Aggro, and Azorius Control also have a presence.

Budget-friendly deck variations

  • Mono-Red Aggro and Mono-White Aggro: Naturally more affordable with smaller creatures and fewer rare lands.
  • Midrange Start: Focus on common and uncommon creatures/removal from your Starter decks, leading into these value-oriented strategies.
  • Wildcards: Don’t blow your wildcards (card crafting resources) until you’re absolutely sure what deck you want to refine.

New Player Spending Mistakes

  • Avoid overspending on cosmetics early in your journey.
  • Don’t go all-in crafting cards for a single deck before exploring options.
  • Avoid crafting cards for specific meta decks until you have a sense of whether that deck will be a long-term contender.

New Account Bonuses

Investigate if MTG Arena offers any welcome bundles or bonuses for brand new players. These often offer great value to jumpstart your collection.

MTG Arena Starter Guide: Final Words

MTG Arena is constantly evolving, so staying informed is key. Check out websites and content creators that specialize in MTG Arena to keep learning.

The most important thing is to have fun, experiment with different decks, and find what playstyle suits you best!

MTG Arena Beginner’s Guide: FAQ

Is MTG Arena free-to-play?

es! MTG Arena has a robust free-to-play model. You can earn plenty of cards and rewards simply by playing.

What are the starter decks?

Starter decks change over time. Research the current offerings to learn what the starter decks are when you begin!

Can I play with friends?

 Absolutely! MTG Arena offers the “Direct Challenge” feature to create matches against your friends list.

Is the MTG Arena Meta constant?

No, the meta in MTG Arena is always shifting. Remember to keep tabs on sites like: to see what’s hot and what’s falling out of favor. Adapt your strategy accordingly!

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