How to Thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite (May 2024)

Ever jumped off the Battle Bus and wondered, “How do those players thank the bus driver?” Well, it’s not just a sign of good manners in the real world, but a fun gesture in the virtual world of Fortnite too! Let’s dive into the origins, reasons, and ways to do this.

Fortnite, created by Epic Games, is more than just a game. It’s a cultural phenomenon, encompassing dances, skins, and yes, even thanking the bus driver! Recognizing these details can elevate your gameplay experience.

Why You Should Thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite

  • Fun and politeness: Just like holding the door for someone in real life, thanking the bus driver in Fortnite is a fun way of acknowledging the character that gets you to the island.
  • Cultural phenomenon: As you’ll learn, this seemingly small gesture is deeply rooted in meme culture and has become an integral part of the game’s identity.

How to Thank the Bus Driver on Different Platforms

Different devices, different controls. But don’t fret; thanking the bus driver is simple on all platforms:

  • On PC: Simply press the ‘B’ key. Easy, right?
  • On Mobile: Tap on the ’emote’ button present on the right side of the screen.
  • On PlayStation: Press ‘Down’ on the D-pad.
  • On Xbox: It’s the same as PlayStation. Just press ‘Down’ on the D-pad.

History Behind the ‘Thank the Bus Driver’ Meme

Wondering why this became a thing in Fortnite?

  • Origins of the meme: The act of thanking public transport drivers is common, but it gained meme traction on Reddit and other platforms, encouraging people to thank bus drivers in real life for their service.
  • Integration into Fortnite: The meme’s popularity couldn’t be ignored, and soon, Epic Games integrated this gesture into the game, adding a touch of humor and culture.

The Impact of the Gesture in the Gaming Community

The seemingly small act of thanking the bus driver has had a considerable impact:

  • Social influence: Gamers worldwide started to discuss the importance of small gestures and appreciating everyday heroes, like our real-world bus drivers.
  • Meme culture in gaming: This integration solidified how meme culture influences game developers and how they can implement such trends in a fun and engaging manner.

Thank The Party Bus Fortnite – Conclusion

So, the next time you hop onto that Battle Bus, remember to hit that button and give a nod to the driver. It’s more than just a fun gesture; it’s a nod to a meme, a real-world practice, and a community of players who appreciate the little things.

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Is there any reward for thanking the bus driver in Fortnite?

No, it’s just a fun gesture with no in-game rewards.

Can other players see when I thank the bus driver?

Yes, players in the same Battle Bus will see your acknowledgment.

Is the ‘thank the bus driver’ feature available in all game modes?

Yes, as long as there’s a Party Bus in the mode, you can thank the driver!

Do any other games have similar features?

While other games might have emotes and gestures, the ‘thank the bus driver’ is unique to Fortnite due to its meme origins.

How did the community react when this feature was added?

With joy and humor! It became an instant hit and a common practice in the game to thank the party bus.

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