Girl Cafe Gun Tier List (May 2024) – Best Characters & Weapons

Hi there player, are you looking for an updated Girl Cafe Gun tier list? Well go make yourself a nice cup of coffee and let’s check out the best Girl Cafe Gun characters in the game, and also the best weapons with our tier rankings.

Oh, and if you read the article till the end we have also created a Girl Cafe Gun reroll guide for you.

Girl Cafe Gun – Quick Intro

Girl Cafe Gun is an anime-inspired action RPG, in which you run a cafe with girls that you can also use in battle against the bad energy enemies also known as Ionus.

The graphics are beautiful, the music is well-integrated into the game, and the storyline (which can be skipped) weaves perfectly with everything else.

The game mechanics and controls are fairly straightforward, but learning how to use its more complex features requires time and patience.

GCG has wonderful characters and offers a generous amount of rewards for a gacha game. The game progression is also easy enough to be manageable, but challenging enough to make you feel satisfied when you reach new milestones.

The stories are cool and cute, as well as interesting for players who like seeing how different characters interact with each other (seeing those interactions really makes the story come alive!).

The combat may get a little repetitive, but the animations help break up some of that monotony.

There are many characters that you can summon in Girl Cafe Gun, but knowing which ones to use in battle can be a bit tricky. That’s why we have created this Girl Cafe Gun tier list where we have ranked all the units in the game from best (S+ tier) to worst (D tier). Enjoy!

February 4, 2023: Made changes to our tier list for Girl Cafe Gun tier list.

Girl Cafe Gun – Tier S+ (Best Characters)

Best Girl Cafe Gun Characters

These are the best Girl Cafe Gun characters in the global version of the game right now. Using these ones in your team will make it much easier to clear content.

  • Nie Shirou (Hobby)
  • Moon (Azure Wings)
  • Lida (Party Dress)
  • Irene (Party Dress)
  • Juno (Innocent Days)
  • Wuxia (Fast Food)

Girl Cafe Gun – Tier S Characters

Girl Cafe Gun - Tier S Characters

These are also formidable characters that you can use in your Girl Cafe Gun team to go progress easily in the game’s storyline.

  • Yuki (Halloween)
  • Eksistere (Chess)
  • Grainne (Gingko)
  • Eksistere (Girls Star)
  • Cornelia (Moon-Viewing)
  • Kaanal (Crystal Suit)
  • Rococo (Heart Catcher)
  • Cornelia (Party Dress)
  • Moon (Fast Food)
  • Yuki (Misty)
  • Lida (Maid)
  • Yuki (Pary Dress)
  • Wuyou (Holiday)
  • Wuyou (Casual)
  • Wuxia (New Year)
  • Moon (Swimsuit)
  • Nie Shirou (Swimsuit)
  • Yui (City Lights)
  • Moon (Birthday)
  • Rococo (Tactical Equipment)
  • Grainne (Tactical Equipment)
  • Lida (Casual)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Christmas)
  • Wuxia (Halloween)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Birthday)
  • Wuxia (Floral Time)
  • Irene (Swimsuit)

Girl Cafe Gun – Tier A Characters

Girl Cafe Gun - Tier A Characters

These Girl Cafe Gun maids are pretty great, they are good at their roles (Support, Firepower, Defense, or Medic), and they can be a good addition to any team regardless of the content you’re facing.

  • Iren (Maple)
  • Moon (Party Dress)
  • Wuyou (Tactical Equipment)
  • Juno (Maid)
  • Moon (Maid)
  • Rococo (Yukata)
  • Irene (Officer)
  • Lida (Officer)
  • Juno (Catnap)
  • Juno (Fast Food)
  • Grainne (Chess)
  • Irene (Defiler)
  • Grainne (Fairy Tale)
  • Moon (Cheongsam)
  • Eksistere (Fairy Tale)
  • Wuxia (Maid)
  • Juno (Party Dress)
  • Wuxia (Tactical Equipment)
  • Irene (Tactical Equipment)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Maid)
  • Grainne (Maid)
  • Yuki (Tactical Equipment)
  • Rococo (Swimsuit)
  • Wuxia (Azure Wings)
  • Wuyou (Party Dress)
  • Yuki (Swimsuit)
  • Moon (Gown)
  • Eksistere (Valentine)
  • Grainne (Swimsuit)
  • Cornelia (Casual)
  • Moon (Casual)
  • Wuyou (Cheongsam)
  • Yuki (Maid)
  • Aniya (Snowball)
  • Eksistere (Maid)
  • Juno (Swimsuit)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Cleaner)
  • Eksistere (Tactical Equipment)
  • Yuki (Cleaner)

Girl Cafe Gun – Tier B Characters

Girl Cafe Gun - Tier B Characters

These are your average units, who can do well in the early game but will fall behind as you progress through Girl Cafe Gun chapter missions.

  • Eksistere (Christmas)
  • Rococo (Officer)
  • Wuxia (Casual)
  • Wuyou (Fast Food)
  • Rococo (Tale Fairy)
  • Irene (Picnic)
  • Cornelia (Chess)
  • Wuyou (Maid)
  • Wuyou (Chess)
  • Wings Azure Wuyou
  • Lida (Swimsuit)
  • Eksistere (Casual)
  • Aniya (Mobile Suit)
  • Yui (Mobile Crystal)
  • Lida (Pastime)
  • Cornelia (Swimsuit)
  • Aniya (Girls Star)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Girls Star)
  • Lida (One Day Police)
  • Eksistere (Birthday)
  • Wuyou (Swimsuit)
  • Eksistere (Swimsuit)
  • Rococo (Birthday)
  • Wuyou (Chess)
  • Grainne (Defiler)
  • Cornelia (One Day Police)

GCG Tier List – C Characters

Tier C

These characters are not the best, but they’re also not terrible, they can be used if you have no other options. However, don’t invest too heavily into these Girl Cafe Gun units as they probably won’t perform well in later missions.

  • Eksistere (Yukata)
  • Wuyou (Yukata)
  • Wuxia (Birthday)
  • Irene (Yukata)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Winter Outfit)
  • Cornelia (Defiler)
  • Nie Shirou (Defiler)
  • Wuxia (Defiler)
  • Cornelia (Official Dress)
  • Grainne (Casual)
  • Yuki (Casual)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Halloween)
  • Moon (Dusk Racer)
  • Kaanal (Casual)
  • Rococo (Casual)
  • Cornelia (Winter Outfit)
  • Nie Shirou (One Day Police)
  • Yuki (One Day Police)
  • Lida (Cleaner)
  • Moon (Cleaner)

GCG Tier List – D Characters

Tier D Characters

Finally, we have the weakest characters in Girl Cafe Gun global version, and should only be used if you have no other alternatives.

Right now, they’re not that effective. Virtually any other unit would be better than the ones in this tier list both offensively and defensively.

  • Grainne (Party Dress)
  • Eksistere (Winter Outfit)
  • Aniya (Winter Outfit)
  • Juno (Tale Fairy)
  • Yui (Casual)
  • Grainne (Birthday)
  • Lida (Halloween)

Girl Cafe Gun Weapons Tier List

Girl Cafe Gun Weapons

If you’re also wondering which are the best Girl Cafe Gun weapons, don’t worry we got that covered for you as well.

Here is our Girl Cafe Gun tier list for weapons:

TierWeapon Name
SCall of Victory, Corrupt Spider Queen, Directional Cannon, Final Remix, Frontline Warrior, Hallowed Spirit, Laser Pistol, Water Blaster, Water of Destiny
ABlazing Sword, Cruelty Maker, Fall of Demigod, Fiery Thorns, Gravity Compass, Guiding Star, Hell’s Fang, NY Hanetsuki, Precision Rifle, Ruthless Healer, Star Beacon, The Hive, Vacuum Cleaner, Winter Diffuser, Wrait of Jealousy, Xmas Candy Cane
BAbyssal Hammer, Beam Rifle, Deadly Blaster, Double Justice, EM Cannon, Galaxy Star, Luciferin, Novikov Launcher, Pale Dragonbreath, Poseidon’s Spear, Ruthless Rifle, Swan Dance, Tesla Aurora, War Bugle, Wolf of Nomads
CArtemis, Red Ember, Red Lotus, Six-String Guitar

Girl Cafe Gun Reroll Guide (How To)

Girl Cafe Gun Reroll Guide

Didn’t get the start you wanted when you first downloaded the game? No worries, with the following Girl Cafe Gun tutorial you can start all over (as many times as you want) until you get the best head start with the best characters in the game. So let’s check out how to perform a Girl Cafe Gun reroll:

If you’re playing GCG on Android:

  1. Start playing the game as a Guest Account
  2. Go to your Android Settings > Apps
  3. Select Girl Cafe Gun and then the “Clear Data” option
  4. This will automatically reset and restart your journey the next time you launch the game

If you’re playing Girl Cafe Gun on iOS:

  1. Simply uninstall the game and then reinstall it by downloading it again from the App Store.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading our Girl Cafe Gun tier list for all characters in the game. If you have any questions or feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you!

While the game has been out for almost a year now, there are still numerous changes to the global version of the game and more patches incoming in the future that might see a shift in the meta.

So when that happens we will also try to update this tier list to keep it current with the latest changes, so make sure you bookmark this page and come back to check the new rankings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best characters in Girl Cafe Gun?

The best Girl Cafe Gun units are the ones that we have ranked in the S+ tier. But our tier list always changes according to the latest version of the game, so check out our rankings to see which ones are the best right now.

Do you need a tier list for Girl Cafe Gun?

While you don’t need a tier list to play Girl Cafe Gun, it can be helpful for new players.

A tier list can be used to plan your banner summons. By taking into consideration the characters that a certain summon will most likely yield, you can avoid summoning for bad units and improve your chances of getting good ones.

How did we create our Girl Cafe Gun tier list?

We have our own methodology when it comes to creating tier lists for games, and so we used the same process when we created our GCG tier lists. We first played the game ourselves to experience the multiple units available and after that, we checked what the top players are using to clear content with ease but also took some feedback and inspiration from the official Girl Cafe Gun Discord server and the Reddit page.

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