Hearthstone Rewards – Get Gold, Arcane Dust, Card Packs (Guide)

Hearthstone rewards are a great way to get in on the action of Hearthstone without having to commit. You can earn Hearthstone rewards by playing in certain Tavern Brawls, Arena runs, and Ranked play modes.

There are three types of Hearthstone rewards: gold, packs, and arcane dust. Gold is used to buy card backs, which can be unlocked by winning games with certain heroes or completing special missions.

Packs can only be bought with real-world currency, and they’re used to craft new cards or buy more packs of them. Arcane dust is used for crafting cards and buying packs.

New players looking for information on how to earn gold in Hearthstone, or wondering how to get free decks of cards will find the following resource useful.

What are the types of Hearthstone Rewards?

Hearthstone rewards are an important part of the game, and we want to make sure you know how they work.

When you win a game of Hearthstone, you get gold. When you get enough gold, you can spend it on packs that give you random cards. This is called “opening” a pack. The more packs you open at once, the better chance you have of getting rarer cards and more valuable ones.

There are also daily quests that give you gold or other rewards when completed. Some of these quests are easier than others! If a quest seems too hard for you at the moment, don’t worry—you can always come back later when your deck has improved.

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Hearthstone Rewards from Quests

Hearthstone includes several achievements or quests which have gold rewards, card rewards, or Arcane Dust awards.  

Arcane Dust can be used to create new cards.  By completing all of these quests you can end up with over 1,000 gold.

Quests with Gold rewards are colored in Orange

Quests with card rewards are colored in Blue

Quests that award Arcane Dust are colored in Green

  • Complete one game in the Play Mode:  Awards you 1 booster pack of cards.
  • Unlock every hero: Awards you 100 gold
  • Level up any class to 10:  Awards 1 booster pack of cards.
  • Win 100 games in either Play mode, Practice Mode, or Arena: Awards you 300 gold.
  • Win 1,000 games in either Play mode, Practice Mode, or Arena:  Awards you 300 gold.
  • Defeat all expert AI in the Practice Mode:  Awards you with 100 gold.
  • Disenchant a card:  Awards you 95 arcane dust on top of whatever the card disenchanted gave you.
  • Own every type of pirate card: Award:  Golden Captain’s Parrot
  • Own every Murloc card:  Awards you with the card Old Murk-eye
  • Make a real money purchase in the game (beta players only):  Awards you with a golden Gelbin Mekkatorque.
  • Collect every card in the basic set (earned by leveling all classes to 10): 100 gold.
  • Collect every card in the expert set: Which awards you with 100 gold.
  • Play Hearthstone on an iPad, complete the tutorial and an actual battle: Free Card Pack

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More Ways to Get Card Packs in Hearthstone

You can also get free Hearthstone cards (standard card packs) in a lot of other ways.

For example, you can get Hearthstone cards as a reward from playing in the Arena or from your first Tavern Brawl win of the week.

Of course, if you want to get even more cards then you can purchase them from the in-game shop using your hard-earned gold or your even more hard-earned real money.

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Hopefully, this Hearthstone rewards guide was helpful to you. Good luck!

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