How to Get Gold in Hearthstone – 4 Ways to Earn Hearthstone Gold

Are you curious about how to earn gold in Hearthstone?  The goal of many players is to grind as much gold as possible, as efficiently as they can, allowing them to unlock booster packs without spending real-life money in-game.  

This guide provides tips and insights into the best ways to earn gold in Hearthstone.

Completion of Quests

Hearthstone comes with several ways players can use to earn gold coins, which they can then use to buy card packs, or enter the arena.   

One of the first things players should do is complete all hidden quests and achievements.  Completion of these hidden quests will net you 1,000 gold, plus some free booster packs, cards, and Arcane Dust.  

Plus completing these quests will help you learn more about card synergy and how to play the game.

Daily Quests

In addition to the hidden quests available, players can earn gold through the completion of Daily Quests.

Daily quests can only be completed in Play mode, and most will award you with at least 40 gold per quest completed.  Some quests reward more.  

Completing all 40 gold daily quests in a week, for example, will net you 280 gold – which can buy you 2 card packs a week, or 1 entry into the arena with 130 gold left over that you can use to buy a card pack.  

If you are good at Arena, which also rewards you with gold – this may be a great option.  Players can hold up to three daily quests at a time.

Repeatable Achievements

In addition to daily quests, a repeatable achievement includes winning 3 games in play mode on any character.  

These three games do not have to be won in a row, and you can use multiple characters to complete this achievement.  This achievement will grant you 10 gold every 3 wins.   

As you get better at the game and win games more frequently, this can quickly earn you additional gold to buy packs or enter arenas.


Winning games in the arena will also result in gold rewards.  The gold reward received depends on how many games you won, before losing 3 games.

Chances are when you first start arena you will lose three games quite quickly – in fact, your first 3 games may be a loss.  

However, once you get better and can win more and more games, the gold rewards can add up.

Arena mode costs 150 gold, or $1.99 to enter.  Since what you win is determined by your performance, you can easily make up your investment or lose gold/money – but hey, it’s all for fun right?  

The Break-even point tends to be around 5 wins.  At 7 wins or more, you earn back your entry fee.

Each entry into the arena will reward you with at least one pack of cards, however, so if you are considering buying a deck – you may want to consider trying out Arena as that will get you a deck as well as some experience in the way Arena matches work.

Gold Farming Tips for Beginners

New players should focus on the following tips to earn gold quickly and easily.

  • Choose one Hero class and reach level 10.  Mage is the class you will start out with, and we suggest sticking with the Mage at this time.
  • With your level 10, unlock all other heroes, which will earn you 100 gold.  You unlock all heroes by beating them in practice mode.
  • Defeat each Hero in Expert AI mode – earn 100 gold.
  • Complete each of your daily quests – this will allow you to earn 40 gold per day at a minimum.

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A good strategy is to avoid playing any ranked matches until you have unlocked all basic cards by defeating each Hero in practice mode.  

You will move up in rank as you win matches, and will have a difficult time winning without all basic cards first.  

This will allow you to build better custom decks.

Once you have completed the above objectives:

  • Play 1 ranked match – this will earn you 1 booster pack.
  • Play 1 Arena match – this will earn you 1 booster pack plus additional gold and Arcane dust.  Your first arena match is free.

Other tips for earning gold in Hearthstone

  • Avoid playing ranked matches until you have all basic cards unlocked.
  • Always complete your daily quests.
  • When playing against other players for gold wins, use a speed deck.  This allows you to complete each game quicker, so whether you win or lose you can get to those 3 wins at a faster rate.
  • Concede if you know you have lost – while this may seem like poor sportsmanship – this allows you to get out of the game and on to the next game quicker.

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