Hearthstone Crafting Cards & Disenchanting Cards Guide (2024)

Want to learn how to craft cards in Hearthstone and how to disenchant them to gain Arcane Dust? Well then, keep on reading because below we have put together a Hearthstone crafting guide as well as a disenchanting one.

This Hearthstone guide is a general all-purpose guide to crafting cards and disenchanting cards in Hearthstone.  We also have a guide for choosing which legendaries to craft, that you can check out once you have some Arcane Dust stocked up.

If the majority of your time is spent playing in Arena, this might not be as useful to you as you cannot enter Arena with pre-made decks.  

Those who spend a lot of time in Play or Practice mode, and who buy cards with gold or real money will find this more useful.

Overview of our Hearthstone Crafting Guide

The crafting system within Hearthstone allows players to get rid of unwanted cards, and create cards they lack through Disenchanting cards to gain Arcane Dust.  The Arcane Dust can then be spent to craft new cards.

Basic cards earned through winning battles against the AI are not available to be disenchanted, and neither are Reward cards such as golden basic cards gained by leveling heroes.  You can only disenchant expert cards.

The process of disenchanting and crafting new cards provides players with the ability to convert unwanted cards into more desirable choices.

You can access cards to disenchant, as well as cards to craft through the “My Collection” page, and choosing “crafting mode” in the top-right corner

Hearthstone Disenchanting Guide

If you have multiple versions of a single card, the UI makes it easy for you to quickly disenchant these cards by alerting you through an icon on the bottom right panel.  

You will see a bottle of Arcane Dust and an option to “Disenchant Extra Cards”

Whenever you earn or buy new packs of cards, you should check this area to see if you have extra cards to disenchant.

Hearthstone Disenchant Extra Cards

When you click the button, a disenchant window will open up that shows how many common, rare, epic and legendary cards are available to be disenchanted:

Hearthstone Mass Disenchant Guide

If this is your first time disenchanting a card, you will earn an achievement called “Crafting Time”.  

This rewards you with an additional 95 Arcane Dust.  There are several hidden quests and achievements in the game to discover.

Crafting Time

If you do not see this window, but would like to disenchant a Hearthstone card anyway, navigate to the card you would like to disenchant and click on it.  

You will see an option under the card that shows you how much Arcane Dust will be earned by disenchanting the card.

Hearthstone Disenchant UI

Arcane Dust Amount Earned by Card Type Disenchant

Note that disenchanting and crafting do not have an equal return.  In order to craft the cards you want, you will need to disenchant multiple cards.  

The Hearthstone card crafting process can be pretty expensive. For example, Crafting cards can cost between four and eight times more Arcane Dust than you would receive for disenchanting the same card.  

While the Arcane Dust earned vs the Card received is extremely inefficient, this is an effective method of obtaining rare and legendary cards, as well as getting rid of unwanted cards.

The amount of Arcane Dust you earn through Disenchanting depends on the rarity of the card type you disenchant.  

The following two tables provide you with information about the cost of Disenchanting as well as the rewards you get from disenchanting your Hearthstone cards.

Hearthstone Card Disenchanting Rewards:

Card RarityArcane Dust Gained (Normal Card)Arcane Dust Gained (Gold Card)
Common (White) Cards550
Rare (Blue) Cards20100
Epic (Purple) Cards100400
Legendary (Orange) Card4001600

Hearthstone Card Disenchanting Costs:

Card RarityArcane Dust Cost (Normal Card)Arcane Dust Cost (Gold Card)
Common (White) Cards40400
Rare (Blue) Cards100800
Epic (Purple) Card4001600
Legendary (Orange) Card16003200

Hearthstone Crafting Cards Guide

Hearthstone Crafting Choices

While on the crafting page, you will see cards you do not yet own as well as the ones you do.  

The cards you do not yet own or grayed out so you can easily tell the difference.  While the cards are grayed out, you can still click on each card to learn more about the card and read the Flavor Text.

If you choose to craft a card, clicking on the card you want will show the cards detail, as well as a small window at the bottom of the card which will show how much dust you could gain if you disenchanted it, and how much dust it would cost to enchant it.

If you have enough dust to craft the card, you will see a “create” icon above the disenchant option.

Hearthstone Crafting Card

Note: Once you create a card, you can still disenchant this card for the same cost of Dust you spent to enchant it.  

However, once you navigate away from this window – the cost will reset back to the smaller number of dust you would gain from disenchanting the card.

Hearthstone Craft Golden Cards

To craft Gold cards, click on an option in the right-hand menu under “Filters” titled “Show Only Golden Cards”.  You will then see the silhouettes of all possible golden cards you can craft.

Hearthstone Mass Disenchanting Guide

That’s about it for our Hearthstone Crafting & Disenchanting guide. We hope that this was helpful to you, and get you started on crafting your first cards in Hearthstone. Good luck!

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