Limbus Company Tier List (May 2024) – Best Characters Ranked

Welcome to our Limbus Company tier list! If you’re a fan of stylish action games with an exciting storyline and a deep strategy element, then this game is for you.

Limbus Company is a turn-based RPG and real-time brawl game that offers exhilarating action with each turn. With gacha mechanics similar to Arknights, players can create diverse strategies by forming teams of identities and equipping them with an arsenal of E.G.O. to create powerful synergies.

In this tier list for Limbus Company sinners, we will rank the top characters from S to D tiers based on their performance in battle.

But not so fast, throw away the salt and grab some popcorn, because, in Limbus Company, every character is a star! That’s because the game developers ProjectMoon have done an impressive job balancing the game, so don’t worry about following the herd.

Unlike other gacha games, there’s no need to obsess over a meta, since Limbus Company is all about enjoying the thrilling journey.

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April 24, 2023: We have updated our Limbus Company tier list.

Limbus Company Tier S Characters

Best Limbus Company characters

The S tier features the best Limbus Company characters that can dominate any battle. These identities have outstanding abilities, high damage output, and excellent synergy with other characters.

  • Faust – The One Who Grips
  • Ryoshu – Kurokumo Wakashu
  • Hong Lu – Tingtang Gang Leader
  • Outis – Seven Section 6 Director
  • Ishmael – LCCB Assistant Manager
  • Hong Lu – Kurokumo Wakashu

Limbus Company Tier A Characters

Limbus Company Tier A Characters

The A-tier characters are also powerful Limbus Company identities and can be relied on to deliver excellent performances in battle. They may lack some of the abilities or identity synergy of the S tier, but they are still excellent choices.

  • Heathcliff – R. Corp 4th Rabbit
  • Gregor – G. Corp Head Manager
  • Meursault – N. Corp Großhammer
  • Sinclair – LCB Sinner
  • Ryoshu – Chef de Cuisine
  • Faust – L. Corp Remnant
  • Outis – LCB Sinner
  • Hong Lu – LCB Sinner
  • Yi Sang – Salsu BL
  • Don Quixote – Section 5 Shi

Limbus Company Tier B Characters

Limbus Company Tier B Characters

The B-tier characters are solid choices that can hold their own in battle. They may lack some of the power and versatility of the higher tiers, but they are still good options to have.

  • Ishmael – R. Corp 4th Reindeer
  • Don Quixote – W. Corp Cleanup Agent
  • Rodion – Kurokumo Henchwoman
  • Sinclair – Salsu BL
  • Ryoshu – Seven Section 6
  • Ishmael – Section 5 Shi
  • Ishmael – LCB Sinner
  • Outis – Cutthroat BL
  • Gregor – Section 6 Liu
  • Heathcliff – N. Corp Kleinhammer

Limbus Company Tier C Units

Tier C Identities

The C-tier Limbus Company sinners (identities) are average performers that can be useful in some situations. They may lack the power or versatility of the higher tiers, but they can still be useful in certain team compositions.

  • Rodion – N. Corp Mittelhammer
  • Sinclair – Section 6 Zwei
  • Meursault – Section 6 Liu
  • Sinclair – Jefe de Los Mariachis
  • Outis – G. Corp Head Manager
  • Faust – W. Corp Cleaning Agent
  • Yi Sang – Section 6 Seven
  • Meursault – W. Corp Cleaning Agent
  • Rodion – LCCB A. Manager
  • Faust – LCB sinner
  • Don Quixote – LCB Sinner
  • Ryoshu – LCB Sinner
  • Meursault – LCB Sinner

Limbus Company Tier D Identities

Tier D Units

The D tier features the weakest Limbus Company identities that struggle to perform well in battle. These characters may lack power, versatility, or synergy, making them difficult to use effectively.

  • Heathcliff – LCB Sinner
  • Yi Sang – LCB Sinner
  • Heathcliff – Section 5 Shi
  • Rodion – LCB Sinner
  • Gregor – LCB Sinner

Limbus Company EGO Tier List

While you’re here you’re probably also wondering which are the best E.G.O’s in the game, so here’s our Limbus Company EGO tier list:

SGregor (Legerdemain), Meursalt (Chain of Others), Meursault (You Want To Get Beat?), Meursault (Pursuance)
AIshmael (Roseate Desire), Faust (Representation Emitter), Yi Sang (Crow’s Eye View), Ishmael (Snagharpoon), Rodion (Rime Shank), Faust (Fluid Sac), Ryoshu (4th Match Flame), Outis (Ebony Stem)
BIshmael (Ardor Blossom Star), Hong Lu (Land of Illusion), Outis (To Pathos Mathos), Gregor (Lantern), Heathcliff (Bodysack), Rodion (What is Cast), Ryoshu (Forest for the Flames), Yi Sang (4th Match Flame), Faust (Hex Nail), Sinclair (Impending Day), Hong Lu (Roseate Desire), Yi Sang (Wishing Cairn)
COutis (Ya Sunyata Tad Rupam), Don Quixote (Fluid Sac), Rodion (4th Match Flame), Heathcliff (Telepole), Sinclair (Branch of Knowledge)
DGregor (Suddenly, One Day), Don Quixote (La Sangre de Sancho)

Limbus Company Tips

Now that you have seen the Limbus Company tier list, it’s time to put it into action with our tips section. Here, we will provide you with some useful strategies and techniques to make the most of your team and conquer the enemies in the game. So, let’s dive in and explore some helpful tips!

  1. Experiment with different combinations of Identities and E.G.O to create unique and powerful synergies.
  2. Observe and study the behavior and weaknesses of your enemies to build the perfect team for each encounter.
  3. Winning clashes in the combat phase requires strategic use of your skills. Choose wisely!
  4. Chaining skills of the same color can deal massive damage to your foes. Look for opportunities to use this to your advantage.
  5. Abnormalities can pose a significant challenge. Keep a lookout for their tricky attacks and effects, and be ready to adapt your strategy.

Final Words

We hope that our Limbus Company tier list has been helpful in choosing the best characters for your team. Remember that having a good team is crucial to success in the game.

With the right characters, skills, and strategies, you can become an unstoppable force in the world of Limbus Company.

Don’t forget to check back regularly for updates to our tier list, as new characters may be added in the future. Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Limbus Company for free?

Yes, Limbus Company is a free-to-play game available on iOS, Android and PC devices with in-app purchases.

How many characters are in Limbus Company?

At the time of writing this tier list, Limbus Company features over 45 identities and sinners that you can use in battle.

Are all characters created equal in Limbus Company?

While you can play and enjoy the game with any characters that you want without having to deal with the regular pressure that comes from other gacha games, there are still some characters that are better than others. Use this Limbus Company tier list to help you identify the best characters to use in battle.

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