Flag Wars Codes (February 2023) – Get Free Cash & More

Hey there flag hunter, are you looking for some new and valid Flag Wars Codes to claim free cash and other rewards? 

If you do, then that’s exactly what you’re going to find on this page. 

You see, digging across the map to find your team’s flag is all fun and good but in order to improve your chances of success in this Roblox Flag Wars game you will need some good items, and for that, you need resources, in particular cash, good old cash. 

So here’s the thing, if you don’t want to grind and dig until you get bored, why not use some free Flag Wars codes? In this way, you can get free cash and go buy the stuff that you need in order to secure your team’s victory straight away. 

All Working Flag Wars Codes 2023

November 2, 2022 Update: We have searched for new Flag Wars Codes

Here is a list of all the active and working codes for Flag Wars that we could find for this time period:

  • Candy4U – Get 8,500 Candy (NEW)
  • THX4LIKES – Redeem code to claim: $1200 Cash
  • 100MIL – Redeem code to claim: $1200 Cash
  • TyFor100k – Redeem code to claim: $1500 Cash
  • FREETEC9 – Redeem code to claim a Tec-9
  • FREEMP5 – Redeem code to claim a Free MP5
  • SCRIPTLY – Redeem Flag Wars code for $800 Cash

Inactive Redeem Codes (Expired) 

If you plan on using any of the following codes, I have bad news for you son, because here you can find a list of expired codes but a valid one ain’t one (I know… bad pun). But seriously these Flag Wars codes are no longer valid to be used in-game. We just keep them for archive purposes. 

  • XMAS – Redeem code and claim 2k snowflakes
  • TyFor30k – Redeem code and claim $1.25k cash & 19.5k snowflakes
  • THX4LIKES – Redeem code and claim $1.2k cash
  • Snow4U – Redeem code and claim $900 cash & 12.5k snowflakes
  • UPDATESOON – Redeem code and claim $2.5k cash
  • FREESMG – Redeem code and claim free gun
  • FROST – Redeem code and claim $500 and 4.5k snowflakes

How to redeem codes in Flag Wars? 

Image source: Flag Wars, Roblox

It’s very easy to claim your rewards in-game, provided that you have a valid working code. Here’s all that you have to do:

  1. Open Roblox Flag Wars on your device
  2. Click on the “Redeem Codes” button on top right side of the screen
  3. Copy and paste here a code exactly as it is written on this page
  4. Hit the “Redeem” button
  5. And you’re done. 

If the code you have entered is not expired and if you have copied it correctly without additional characters then you will instantly receive your free rewards. 

How to get more Flag Wars codes?

Want to be one of the first players that gets their hands on fresh new redeem codes for Flag Wars? Then all you have to do is follow the game’s developer on Twitter and also check out their Discord server

Usually, new codes will pop up whenever a new milestone is being reached such as 100k likes or a special event going on for example a Halloween or Christmas one. 

But if you don’t want to waste your time joining countless channels and following too many social media profiles… then we have an easier solution for you. 

Simply bookmark this page by adding it to your favorites (click on the star in your browser next to this URL) or better yet just hit CTRL+D on your keyboard. 

By bookmarking our Flag Wars redeem codes page you can have an easier time accessing it whenever you want to check and see if there are new codes available. 

We usually try to keep this page updated as much as possible but with so many Roblox games that we support, sometimes we might miss a code or forget to move the old ones to the expired section.

So do us a favor and let us know in the comments if you know of new redeem codes that we haven’t listed or the ones that are no longer working. We and all the other Flag Wars players will appreciate it. 

That’s it for this article, however, if you’re looking for more codes for Roblox games check out: Shindo Life Codes, AU:Reborn Codes, Vampire Fighters Codes, and Grand Piece Online codes

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