AU Reborn Codes (December 2023) – Get Free Cash & Tokens

Looking for the latest AU Reborn codes to receive free cash and tokens and help your avatar become the best battler that the game has ever seen? Well then, continue reading this page and find out what to do.

Anime Unlimited: Reborn also known as AU Reborn or AU:R is a Roblox anime fighting game featuring popular characters, similar to old-school classics such as Street Fighter, Injustice 2, or Killer Instinct, where you can fight against other players online.

AU Reborn has many different game modes that you can enjoy such as Deathmatch, Squads, Duos and Trios, 1v1, and more.

But what’s more interesting is the fact that you can customize your AU Reborn avatar to look exactly as you want with tons of customization options such as Roblox hair IDs and awesome clothing.

In AU Reborn you can get some freebies as well and unlock some nice rewards, such as free cash and tokens that can help you become the best battler in the arena. Or at least… the most stylish one, if your skills are lacking and you can’t win any battles.

So let’s check out our AU Reborn Codes list below and see what you can get:

All Working AU Reborn Codes 2023

Last updated: We have last checked for more AU Reborn codes on November 15, 2022.

Here is a list of the latest Anime Unlimited Reborn promo codes that you can use right now in-game to claim free cash and AU Reborn tokens:

  • !code 40klikes – Redeem code to claim free AU Reborn cash & tokens
  • !code 30klikes – Redeem code to claim free AU Reborn cash & tokens
  • !code 20klikes – Redeem AU Reborn code to claim free rewards

The next code will be available once the game hits 60k likes on its official Roblox page.

Inactive AU:R Codes (Expired)

The following AU Reborn promo codes have expired and so it’s pointless to try and redeem them as they won’t work. We just keep them here for the record to track the codes as they are released:

  • !code 5klikes – Claim free AU Reborn Tokens & Cash
  • !code 10klikes – Claim free AU Reborn Tokens & Cash

Keep in mind though that codes expire so make sure you use them as soon as they become available if you don’t want to lose those sweet and precious rewards.

How do I redeem codes in AU Reborn?

If you haven’t redeemed codes before, it’s very simple to do so. All you need to do in order to redeem codes in Roblox AU Reborn is to follow this simple guide:

  • Launch Roblox AU Reborn
  • Open the chat and copy and paste in the chat window a code from the list
  • Hit enter to send the message and receive your reward

That’s it really… as you can see it’s very easy, and if the codes have not expired you will receive your rewards instantly.

If an AU Reborn code is not working or you didn’t receive any rewards, make sure that you copy and paste the code exactly as it’s written on this page, if that doesn’t work, try restarting the game, update the game if necessary, or check and see if the code has not simply expired.

How to get more Redeem codes?

If you want to get more Roblox AU Reborn to redeem codes all you have to do is follow the game on the Roblox page, and the developer xenostrology on Twitter as they usually publish codes there when the game hits a new milestone such ask 60k likes, 80k likes, etc.

You can also check out AU Reborn Discord Server and AU Reborn Trello channel as players will usually give out codes there as well as soon as they become available.

Ultimately the easiest way is to just bookmark this page and come back to it regularly and refresh it and see if we have posted new AU Reborn Codes as we will try and maintain this page regularly with new codes as they come up.

Oh and if you know of new promo codes or some that have expired and are no longer working, please leave us a comment and notify us down below to make changes accordingly. We appreciate it.

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