Vampire Fighters Codes (February 2024) – Free Coins & XP Boost

Looking for the latest and working Vampire Fighters Codes? You’ve found just the right page then because below you will find a list of fresh redemption codes that you can use in Vampire Fighters to get free coins and XP boosts.

Do you want to hunt vampires with your friends? What about turning into a bat and flying all over? If that’s your thing, then Roblox Vampire Fighters is the perfect game for you.

But hunting vampires isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have enough coins to gear up with new weapons and items or look flashy while doing it… so you can either grind yourself to sleep or… you can do what most players are doing and use codes.

No, not cheats… but real codes that are created by the developers of the game in order for players to get freebies as a “thank you”.

So with that being said, let’s check out our list of active Vampire Fighters codes.

All Working Vampire Fighters Codes 2024

November 15, 2022: We have last checked for new Vampire Fighters codes

Here is a list of the latest Vampire Fighters promo codes that you can use right now in-game to claim free cash and Vampire Fighters tokens:

  • HEADSHOT – Use this code to receive 1,000 coins (NEW)
  • FEED – Get 2 coin boosts (2 minutes each) with this code
  • PAYDAY15 – Claim 500 Coins and a free 5 minutes coin boost

The next redemption code will be available once the game hits a new milestone on their Roblox page such as 20k likes, 30k likes, etc.

Inactive Vampire Fighters Codes (Expired)

This is a list of inactive and expired codes that aren’t really good to be used anymore but we still keep them here for record purposes.

  • STAKE – Claim 1000 coins and 10 minutes XP boosts with this code.
  • 1000LIKES – Claim 750 Coins in Vampire Fighters
  • BATTY – Use this code and receive 1000 Coins
  • FANGS – Redeem this code to get 1250 Coins

So yeah, don’t use these Vampire Fighters codes as they probably won’t work anymore. (If you have nothing else to do with your time then, sure go right ahead :))

How do I redeem codes in Vampire Fighters?

How to redeem Vampire Fighters codes
Source: Vampire Fighters, Roblox

If this is your first time using redeem codes for Vampire Fighters, then here’s a short tutorial on what you need to do in order to claim your free rewards:

  1. Launch Roblox Vampire Fighters
  2. Go to the left part of the screen and click on the “Codes” button
  3. Copy and paste a code where it says “Enter Code Here”
  4. Click or tap on the “Redeem” button in order to claim your freebies.

Yep, that’s really all you have to do. Now if you have entered a valid Vampire Fighters code, then you will instantly receive your rewards in-game. If you have used an incorrect code (copied it incorrectly or used an expired one), you won’t be able to claim anything, so make sure and double-check that:

  • Your code is not expired
  • You have not made any spelling mistakes or copied them wrong.

Most of the time, you have probably used an expired code, as they are time-limited you won’t be able to use them past a certain date. If there’s an expired code that we have listed on the “Active” list, please let us know in the comments to take them out immediately.

How to get more Redeem codes?

If you want to get more redeem codes for Vampire Fighters all you have to do is follow the social media profiles of the game and also the ones of the developers. You should also check out the game’s Roblox page to see when new milestones are going to be hit such as 20k likes. When that happens, developers usually release new codes.

But the easiest way of staying current with the latest codes for Vampire Fighters is to bookmark this page by hitting CTRL+D on your keyboard (if you’re playing on PC) or click on the star to add it to your favorites (if you’re playing on mobile).

This ensures that you’re always going to be getting the latest codes whenever there are new ones available as we will try to keep this post updated.

But we also rely on you (the players) to let us know in the comments if new codes are released (and we haven’t yet published them) or if some old ones expired. This makes it easier for us to make faster updates. We appreciate it!

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