Battlerite Tier List 2024 – Best Champions Ranked

Elevate your arena fights with our Battlerite tier list for 2024! Discover the top heroes, master the meta, and climb the competitive ranks.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the arena, this guide will set you on the path to victory.

S-Tier – Best Battlerite Heroes

Best Battlerite Champions

In S-Tier we’ve ranked the absolute best champions in Battlerite right now. These boast exceptional power, versatility, or both, making them dominant choices for most players and strategies.

  • Blossom
  • Freya
  • Alysia
  • Jade


Tier A: Good Battlerite Champions

The A-Tier Battlerite champions offer potent and reliable performance in the arena. They might have minor drawbacks or be slightly less universally powerful than S-Tier picks but are still fantastic choices.

  • Taya
  • Shifu
  • Lucie
  • Shen Rao
  • Croak
  • Pestilus
  • Ulric


Tier B Champions

B-Tier heroes are solid options within the arena, particularly for specific playstyles or niches. They might excel in certain scenarios but possess notable weaknesses that hold them back from higher rankings.

  • Pearl
  • Destiny
  • Varesh
  • Jamila
  • Rook
  • Raigon
  • Ashka


Tier C Battlerite Champions

The champions in the C-Tier are generally outclassed by higher-tier options in Arena battles. They can be viable in the hands of a skilled player but may require mastering specific strategies or be more vulnerable than their alternatives.

  • Ezmo
  • Jumong
  • Oldur
  • Poloma
  • Thorn
  • Sirius
  • Iva
  • Bakko


Tier D

D-Tier heroes struggle to find effectiveness in the current Arena meta. They might be fun to experiment with but suffer from significant drawbacks that make them difficult to recommend.

  • Ruh Kaan
  • Zander

Tips for Success in the Battlerite Arena

Now that we’re done with the tier list for Battlerite, check out some helpful tips that can improve your gameplay and chances of victory in the arena:

  • Team Composition: Emphasize synergy between hero choices specifically for Arena fights.
  • Meta Awareness: Stay informed of balance changes and popular Arena strategies.
  • Practice & Adapt: Mastering hero mechanics and adapting to opponent picks is key to Arena victories.

Battlerite Tier List: Final Words

Remember, tier lists in Battlerite are a snapshot of a dynamic meta and is based on our own personal opinions and different player experiences and feedback from Reddit and other places.

Finding heroes that suit your individual playstyle and mastering their nuances is often the path to greater success in the Arena than relying solely on the “strongest” picks.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, analyze your own matches, and forge your own path to Battlerite greatness!

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Battlerite Heroes Tier List: FAQ

Why isn’t my favorite hero high-tier?

This tier list considers the current Arena meta, but buffs, nerfs, and new strategies can shift viability.

But beyond that, personal preference and playstyle also come into play, so what is good for some players might not be the same for others.

Can I succeed with a low-tier hero in the Arena?

Absolutely! Skill, understanding the hero, and playing to their strengths can compensate for tier list position.

How often does the Battlerite Arena meta change?

Balance patches are significant, but new strategies also emerge organically. Stay tuned to patch notes and community discussions.

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