Top 35 Best Anime MMORPGs in 2024: Check Out The List

Step into the world of the best anime MMORPGs and start an amazing adventure, make new friends, and see incredible places online.

Hey, all you anime and MMORPG lovers! Get ready for exciting characters, huge worlds to explore, and thrilling stories with our pick of the top anime MMOs for 2024.

No matter if you’ve played these games for years or if you’re just thinking about starting to play one, our anime MMORPGs list has some awesome games you’ll love.

1. Aura Kingdom (2013)

Aura Kingdom

First up is Aura Kingdom from 2013. It’s a fun game where you collect and make friends with monsters.

You play as Envoys of Gaia and explore a colorful fantasy world to team up with cute spirits called Eidolons.

You can customize a lot in the game, like your look, your Eidolons, and how you fight thanks to a cool weapon-changing system.

The best part about Aura Kingdom is the close relationship you build with your Eidolons—they help out in fights, make you stronger, and get better as you journey together.

Also, the game has a big story to follow, lots of side tasks to do, and social events that make it easy to meet other players who like collecting monsters and adventuring in an anime world.

2. Dungeon Fighter Online (2005)

Dungeon Fighter Online

Then there’s Dungeon Fighter Online from 2005. It’s an action-packed game set in an anime world where you can play many different classes with unique ways to fight and cool moves.

The main goal is to conquer dungeons either on your own or with friends by pulling off big combo attacks against lots of enemies.

What people like most about Dungeon Fighter Online are its lively battles and wide range of classes, whether you enjoy calling creatures to help out, doing martial arts flips and tricks, or using big weapons for attacks you’ll find something fun here.

And it keeps getting updates so there are always new kinds of fighters to try and adventures to have.

3. Phantasy Star Online 2 (2012)

Phantasy Star Online 2

Another one of the best MMOs is the hit Phantasy Star Online 2 from 2012 for fans of sci-fi action.

Players dream up their own characters then set off on missions across different planets fighting aliens and finding awesome loot.

The fight scenes are exciting—you can chain attacks together smoothly while avoiding harm and use stunning special moves called Photon Arts.

This game is different because it’s set in space rather than a fantasy land; plus, its character customization is really detailed which lets everyone make their own unique hero look.

Constant updates mean this universe keeps expanding for those who love science fiction along with their role-playing games.

4. SoulWorker (2016)


SoulWorker throws players into a post-apocalyptic world where they battle against invading entities from another dimension.

The game emphasizes fast-paced, combo-heavy combat with an anime-infused aesthetic.

Players choose from distinct classes, each with unique personalities and weaponized emotions that power their devastating abilities.

SoulWorker stands out due to its emphasis on dynamic action and a narrative-driven experience.

Instead of a traditional open world, players progress through instanced zones with branching paths and cutscenes, creating a more linear, story-focused flow.

Its combination of high-energy combat and an engaging plot makes it an exciting choice for those eager to be the heroes of an apocalyptic anime world.

5. Flyff (2004)

One of the best Anime MMORPGs to play is Flyff

Flyff (Fly For Fun) is a classic anime MMORPG that was one of the first to introduce free-form flight.

Players explore a whimsical world soaring through the skies, unlocking advanced classes like acrobatic Jesters or magical Elementors along the way.

With its friendly community and accessible gameplay, Flyff Universe remains a beloved MMORPG for both newcomers to the genre and nostalgic veterans.

Flyff’s charm stems from its emphasis on carefree exploration and social interaction.

The ability to fly adds a unique sense of freedom to the gameplay, and the game encourages players to team up, participate in guild events, and simply hang out with friends.

Even with its age, Flyff still has a loyal player base who appreciate its classic elements and friendly atmosphere.

6. Digimon Masters (2009)

Digimon Masters

Digimon Masters brings the beloved Digimon anime franchise to life in an MMORPG setting.

Players become Tamers, partnering with their favorite Digimon and venturing into the Digital World to battle rogue Digimon and unravel mysteries.

The game features a classic MMORPG structure with questing, grinding, and turn-based combat.

Digimon Masters’ appeal lies in its nostalgic factor for Digimon fans. Partnering with iconic creatures like Agumon and Gabumon creates a sense of connection familiar to fans of the show.

The game also offers unique Digimon evolutions, creating a sense of progression and excitement as they discover new forms and abilities for their companions.

7. Closers (2014)

Closers (2014)

Closers transports players into a world where dimensional rifts have unleashed monsters upon New Seoul.

Players step into the role of Closers, elite psychic warriors with special powers and over-the-top personalities.

Combat is fast and flashy, with a side-scrolling perspective reminiscent of classic beat-’em-up games.

Closers stands out with its stylish anime aesthetic and focus on action-packed dungeon runs.

Players chain together combos, dodge enemy attacks, and unleash cinematic special moves to defeat waves of foes.

The character designs are vibrant and unique, adding to the game’s high-energy feel.

8. Elsword (2007)


Elsword delivers side-scrolling action with a deep combat system and a diverse roster of characters.

Players choose from classes specializing in melee combat, magic, or ranged attacks, and progress through a story-driven adventure across the land of Elrios.

With its flashy combos and colorful anime art style, Elsword offers a thrilling and accessible combat experience.

Elsword’s appeal lies in its combination of fast-paced action and customizable skill trees.

Players can tailor their characters with unique combos and abilities, allowing them to express their playstyle.

The diverse cast of characters, each with distinct backstories and fighting styles, offers something for everyone.

9. Mabinogi (2004)

Mabinogi sets itself apart with a focus on sandbox gameplay and life skills.

Players create unique characters and forge their own path, choosing whether to become skilled warriors, talented musicians, or expert merchants.

With an open world to explore, a non-target combat system, and a robust social element, Mabinogi delivers a unique MMORPG experience.

Mabinogi’s charm lies in its freedom and focus on player choice. While there’s a main storyline to follow, players are ultimately encouraged to carve out their own niche in the game world.

Whether you want to hone your blacksmithing skills, master the intricacies of magic, or simply run a cozy tavern, Mabinogi provides the tools for players to roleplay their ideal fantasy life.

10. Ragnarok Online (2002)

Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is a classic anime MMORPG beloved for its charming 2D sprites, vast world inspired by Norse mythology, and diverse class system.

Players embark on a journey across Midgard, battling iconic monsters like Porings, leveling up their characters, and making friends along the way.

Ragnarok Online’s enduring appeal lies in its nostalgic old-school aesthetic, emphasis on community, and the sheer depth of its class progression systems.

11. Tree of Savior (2016)

Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior stands out with its charming art style, inspired by classic fairy tales, and an astonishingly vast array of classes to choose from.

Players progress through a non-linear storyline, uncovering secrets and facing challenging bosses.

With over 80 unique classes and complex advancement paths, Tree of Savior caters to players who enjoy deep character customization and experimentation.

12. MapleStory (2003)

MapleStory is an iconic side-scrolling MMORPG boasting a massive player base and a legacy of continuous updates.

Players embark on adventures in the Maple World, choosing from a seemingly endless array of classes and customization options for their characters.

From fighting unique bosses to forming friendships with fellow players, MapleStory’s enduring popularity is a testament to its vibrant world and social features.

13. Dragon Raja (2019)

Dragon Raja immerses players in a stunning open world based on Chinese mythology, delivered through a cutting-edge mobile platform.

With its beautiful graphics, action-packed combat, and focus on character customization, Dragon Raja offers a thrilling MMORPG experience designed for modern smartphones.

The game’s advanced social systems and diverse gameplay activities create a world that’s equally enjoyable solo or with friends.

14. Blade & Soul (2012)

Blade & Soul is celebrated for its flashy, martial arts-inspired combat system and beautifully crafted world.

Players choose from a variety of classes, each with unique movement abilities and combat styles, and engage in action-packed battles against both monstrous creatures and rival players.

Blade & Soul’s story is also a major draw, featuring intricate plots, cinematic cutscenes, and memorable characters.

15. Tower of Fantasy (2021)

Tower of Fantasy delivers a vast open world exploration experience with an emphasis on jetpack traversal, fast-paced combat, and anime-inspired character designs.

Players can switch between multiple weapons on the fly, creating a dynamic combat flow.

With a gacha system for unlocking new characters and weapons, Tower of Fantasy offers a blend of action-RPG mechanics and MMORPG elements set within a vibrant sci-fi world.

16. Final Fantasy XIV (2010)

Final Fantasy XIV offers a rich and expansive MMORPG experience rooted in the beloved Final Fantasy franchise.

Players embark upon an epic journey as the Warrior of Light, exploring a vast world filled with iconic monsters, challenging dungeons, and a captivating storyline.

With its diverse classes, a focus on crafting and gathering, and a robust social community, Final Fantasy XIV offers a classic MMORPG experience with the polished storytelling and memorable characters synonymous with the Final Fantasy name.

17. Genshin Impact (2020)

Genshin Impact seamlessly blends action-RPG combat, gacha mechanics, and a breathtaking open world exploration experience.

Players assume the role of a mysterious Traveler, journeying across Teyvat to find their lost sibling while forming a party of unique elemental characters.

Genshin Impact stands out with its beautiful anime aesthetic, satisfying combat system, and continuous updates introducing new regions, characters, and story quests.

18. Astral Tale (2017)

Astral Tale immerses players in a charming anime world with a focus on romantic relationships and building your own homestead.

Players choose from classic MMORPG classes and venture forth, defeating monsters and completing quests.

Along the way, they can find love with potential partners, customize their home, and even get married within the game, adding a unique social dimension to the MMORPG experience.

19. Eden Eternal (2010)

Eden Eternal offers a classic anime MMORPG adventure with a unique class-switching system.

Players begin by selecting a base class but have the freedom to switch to other unlocked classes at any time, offering immense versatility in their character builds.

The game also features a vibrant world filled with charming towns, colorful monsters, and challenging dungeons to explore with friends.

20. Blue Protocol (2023)

Blue Protocol is a highly-anticipated anime MMORPG boasting stunning cel-shaded graphics and a vast open world waiting to be explored.

Players customize their characters and embark on an adventure in a world filled with ancient ruins, powerful creatures, and hidden treasures.

With its emphasis on action-packed combat, flexible combo system, and a focus on cooperative play, Blue Protocol aims to deliver an exciting new contender in the anime MMORPG space.

21. Fiesta Online (2006)

Fiesta Online is a charming MMORPG known for its colorful anime aesthetic, diverse class system, and focus on social features.

Players explore the world of Isya, completing quests, slaying vibrant monsters, and forming close-knit guilds with friends.

Fiesta Online also offers a unique player housing system, allowing players to customize their own virtual homes and host parties for other adventurers.

22. Grand Fantasia (2009)

Grand Fantasia immerses players in a whimsical world filled with adorable Sprite companions.

Players choose from a variety of classes and embark on quests, battling monsters and gathering resources.

Grand Fantasia stands out due to its emphasis on Sprite companions, which players can train, evolve, and utilize in both combat and crafting.

The game’s world is rich with lore and secrets to uncover, making it a great choice for players who enjoy exploration and taming companions.

23. Noah’s Heart (2022)

Noah’s Heart offers a unique blend of open-world exploration and classic MMORPG elements, delivered through a mobile platform.

Players create unique characters and embark on journeys across a massive spherical planet, uncovering secrets and engaging in real-time combat.

Noah’s Heart distinguishes itself with its focus on historical figures known as “Phantoms,” which players can summon as companions to aid them in battle and offer unique benefits.

24. Scions of Fate (2006)

Scions of Fate (also known as Yulgang) is a veteran anime MMORPG set in a martial arts-inspired fantasy world.

Players choose their allegiance between factions of good and evil, engaging in large-scale guild wars and challenging dungeons.

Featuring a classic MMORPG structure and a focus on PvP combat, Scions of Fate appeals to players seeking a competitive and faction-driven experience.

25. Dragon Nest (2010)

Dragon Nest puts players in the heart of fast-paced, non-target action combat.

With fluid animations, diverse classes, and instanced dungeons filled with challenging bosses, Dragon Nest emphasizes skill-based gameplay and satisfying combat encounters.

The game also features a vibrant world and a focus on social features, encouraging players to team up, form guilds, and take on challenging content together.

26. Kritika:REBOOT (2017)

Kritika:REBOOT is a fast-paced action MMORPG featuring stylish anime characters and flashy, combo-heavy combat.

Players choose from a variety of classes with unique weapons and playstyles, battling hordes of enemies through instanced dungeons and boss encounters.

The game’s emphasis on flashy animations and over-the-top special moves creates a thrilling combat experience that feels straight out of an anime action series.

27. RPG Toram Online – MMORPG (2015)

RPG Toram Online brings the classic MMORPG experience to smartphones, offering a vast open world to explore and a classless character progression system.

This flexibility allows players to create truly unique character builds, experimenting with various weapon types and skills.

With a focus on cooperative play, RPG Toram Online encourages players to team up to explore dungeons, fight challenging bosses, and socialize within the game’s bustling community.

28. Seal Online (2003)

Seal Online is a beloved classic anime MMORPG with a charming art style and focus on community.

Players choose from traditional MMORPG classes and embark on a lighthearted adventure, completing quests, battling colorful monsters, and leveling up their characters.

The game’s strong social aspect fosters a welcoming community, making it a great choice for players who enjoy making friends and playing together.

29. ROSE Online (2005)

ROSE Online (Rush On Seven Episodes) offers a classic MMORPG experience with a unique planetary system.

Players begin their journey on one of seven planets, each with its own distinct environment and storyline. The game features customizable robot companions called “Junons” that assist players in combat and crafting.

ROSE Online appeals to players nostalgic for the traditions of early MMORPGs and those who enjoy sci-fi worlds and robotic companionships.

30. Rusty Hearts (2011)

Rusty Hearts delivers a side-scrolling action MMORPG experience with a gothic anime aesthetic.

Players choose from a cast of unique characters with distinct playstyles, battling through dungeons filled with hordes of demonic creatures.

Rusty Heart’s combat emphasizes satisfying combos, aerial juggles, and flashy special abilities.

Combined with its unique art style and challenging boss fights, the game stands out amongst other side-scrolling action MMORPGs.

Even though the official game isn’t around anymore there are plenty of private servers such as Rusty Hearts Revolution to play on.

31. Florensia (2008)

Florensia sets itself apart with its blend of both land-based and seafaring adventures.

Players customize their characters with a selection of classic MMORPG classes and then embark on quests across a vast world filled with vibrant towns and challenging dungeons.

However, what makes Florensia unique is the ability to craft ships, take to the seas, engage in naval combat, and even discover hidden islands and treasures.

32. Naruto Online

Naruto Online is an officially licensed MMORPG that brings the beloved world of Naruto to life in a web-based format.

Players create unique shinobi and embark on quests based on the popular anime series, encountering iconic characters and battling fierce ninja rivals.

With turn-based combat, familiar jutsu, and the opportunity to relive iconic moments from the anime, Naruto Online is a must-play for any fan of the franchise.

33. Luna Online (2009)

Luna Online offers a charming anime aesthetic and a focus on social gameplay.

Players create cute characters, explore vibrant towns, complete quests, and level up their characters in a classic MMORPG setting.

What sets Luna Online apart is its emphasis on building relationships and even virtual marriage systems, fostering a dedicated community of players focused on the social aspects of the genre.

34. Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second (2012)

Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second continues the legacy of the beloved Ragnarok Online franchise with updated 3D graphics and a modernized gameplay experience.

Players retain the freedom to choose from classic MMORPG classes but explore a reimagined world filled with familiar monsters and locations.

With an emphasis on guild features, dynamic PvP options, and card-battling minigames, Ragnarok Online 2 expands upon the classic formula while preserving the nostalgic charm of the original.

35. Caravan Stories (2017)

Caravan Stories offers a unique blend of classic MMORPG gameplay and strategic monster taming.

Players assemble a party of diverse heroes and recruit adorable creatures to their cause, exploring a vibrant world filled with challenging dungeons and powerful bosses.

Caravan Stories’ combat system features real-time elements and strategic unit placement, adding depth to the MMORPG experience.

Best Anime MMORPGs: Final Words

The world of anime MMORPGs is ever-evolving. Don’t be afraid to experiment with niche titles, try new releases, and rediscover old classics.

With these 35 best anime MMORPGs to explore, your next grand adventure is just a download away.

Whether you’re seeking intense action, heartwarming stories, or friendships to last a lifetime, there’s a perfect anime MMORPG out there waiting for you.

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