Thief Simulator Codes (May 2024): Free Cash, Diamonds

Want Thief Simulator codes? We’ve got them! Our team has compiled a list of working Thief Simulator Roblox codes that can be redeemed for free cash and diamonds.

Thief Simulator is a game event made for Roblox. As the main character, you are, well… a thief. The gameplay is basically you going around stealing and looting stuff, particularly cash and diamonds.

You can collect cash by robbing NPCs, or you can use your tools to steal and loot. You can sell your bag for cash that you can then use to buy new blueprints to unlock new houses, stores, banks, and worlds.

But going around stealing isn’t the only way to get free cash in Thief Simulator. You can also use special redemption codes.

You can redeem Thief Simulator codes to receive in-game rewards such as cash and diamonds that you can use to purchase blueprints and other items.

Update: New code added to the list on 2nd August 2022. Enjoy~

Thief Simulator Codes [ACTIVE]

Here are the latest working Thief Simulator promo codes, redeem these to get free cash and in-game items:

FUNWISEFUNRedeem this code to get 7,500 cash (NEW)
GEMWORKSRedeem this code to get 125 Diamonds
SHINYRedeem this code to get 100 Diamonds
10MILLIONRedeem this code to get 10,000 free cash

Thief Simulator Codes [EXPIRED]

Here is the list with all of the expired codes:

  • newworld
  • sostaheist
  • allmightysosta
  • movingup
  • finesse
  • epicitem
  • release

What are Thief Simulator Codes (Wiki)?

There are special words called Thief Simulator codes that you can enter into the game to get free cash, diamonds, and other rewards.

The Roblox Thief Simulator game continues to become more popular as it gains more downloads and likes.

As a result, the game’s developers Funwise create special codes to give away free items to players every time the game reaches a new milestone (such as a record number of downloads or likes).

They are showing their gratitude to the players by giving them these free gifts.

How To Redeem Your Codes

Redeem Thief Simulator Codes
Image source: Funwise, Roblox

To redeem your Thief Simulator codes, follow these steps:

  1. First, launch Thief Simulator in the Roblox game.
  2. On the left side tap on the Twitter icon that says “Codes”
  3. Next, you copy a code in the box that you copied from this page
  4. You will then receive your rewards if the code is valid.

As you can see it’s not that difficult to redeem your promo codes and earn free items such as cash and diamonds in Thief Simulator.

How Do You Get More Promo Codes?

New event codes are released by the game developers on their social media pages (Zyleth, Funwise CEO) or on their official Discord server.

To get the latest you should follow the game’s official social media pages. Or check back on this page regularly as we try to maintain this page updated with every new promo code that gets released.

If a code doesn’t work, try another one. Developers will sometimes set expiration dates for their codes, such as during limited-time events.

Make sure to come back here and let us know in the comments if a code works or if it has expired.

Also, if you know about some more codes that are working and we didn’t list on this page, please share them below with everyone else. We all appreciate it.

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