Soul Tide Tier List – Best Characters Ranked (December 2023)

Are you looking for an updated Soul Tide tier list? You’re on the right page then, because below we’re going to show you our rankings of the best characters in Soul Tide for this current game meta.

Soul Tide is a fantastic anime RPG dungeon crawler, where you can choose to play with your favorite manga characters (also known as dolls) to explore and go deeper into the content.

But with so many characters available, how do you know which ones to choose to play through the stages? Well, with our Soul Tide tier list, that’s exactly what you’re going to find out.

Before we show you Soul Tide best characters in the game, let’s quickly take a look behind the meaning of every tier rank.

Soul Tide Tier List Ranking Meaning

Soul Tide Tier List Ranking Explanation
Image source: Soul Tide, LemcnSun Entertainment.
  • Tier S Soul Tide (BEST characters) – These are the most powerful characters you can get in Soul Tide. Get them as soon as possible and upgrade them to their highest level.
  • Tier A Soul Tide (Strong characters) – Get these Soul Tide dolls if you want to clear your dungeons with ease. While not as OP as the S-tier ones, they are still pretty strong and good in all the game’s content.
  • Tier B Soul Tide (Decent characters) – These are also pretty good characters that you can use if you don’t have access to some that are ranked higher. They will do just fine, although it won’t be that easy.
  • Tier C Soul Tide (Average characters) – These are your average Soul Tide characters. They are not great but they are not completely useless also. If you work a bit harder on your strategy and how you approach certain dungeons and stages you might do okay.
  • Tier D Soul Tide (Weak characters) – In our opinion, these have to be the worst characters in the game right now. If you’re just starting out they are ok to be used up until a certain point where you see that clearing content becomes harder and harder. When that happens it’s time to switch to better ones.

All right, with the explanations out of the way let’s get to the good stuff: The Soul Tide tier list.

January 8, 2023: We have changed some rankings on our Soul Tide tier list

Soul Tide Tier List – Best Characters Right Now

Soul Tide tier list: best characters
Image source: Soul Tide, LemcnSun Entertainment.

Here are our rankings of the best characters in Soul Tide in this meta:

Tier Soul Tide Character
AAkaset, Lilyiro, Mako Sakuya, Nicolette
BAsa Hoshimi, Asuna, Aurora, Ennis, Freesia, Minerdwen, Netsuki, Ruri Hagakure, Satya, Virginia
CAndrea, Benten Kanagi, Yuki Hazuki
DJuewa, Lavira, Lin

As you can see, at the moment the best character in Soul Tide is Colcher, followed by: Akaset, Lilyiro, Mako Sakuya, and Nicolette.

We’re going to update this tier list as the game progresses forward and receives new updates and patches. So it’s possible that you see these rankings change and some characters move down or up on our Soul Tide tier list.

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How We Created This Soul Tide Tier List?

We seek as much feedback and input as possible when writing our tier lists, from our own experience playing the games and from other players on communities such as the official Soul Tide Discord server and Facebook page.

There are quite a few characters in Soul Tide, and if you’re a beginner, it might be a bit difficult to quickly identify which characters (or Soul Tide dolls) are good in this meta. That’s why we hope our Soul Tide tier list gives you some insight and helps you create the best team to bring along while clearing dungeons.

As always, feel free to leave us a comment or rating down below with your feedback about this Soul Tide tier list. In no way do we think it’s 100% accurate, as no list can possibly be with so many different playstyles and opinions, but we think we’re pretty close though.

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What is Soul Tide?

Soul Tide is a dungeon crawler mobile RPG game that was developed and published by LemcnSun Entertainment. It was released globally on March 29th, 2022, and is available to be downloaded freely on both Android and iOS devices.

Soul Tide Gameplay & Features

Soul Tide is a gacha game in which you can collect many different anime girls, build your own home and go exploring in dangerous dungeons. It’s set in a fantasy world that has been cursed by evil witches, and only you can save the world from doom.

Naturally, since the game is a gacha collector, you will have to work a bit more in order to get the characters that you really want to play with. But overall it’s not that bad.

We know there are a lot of characters available to use in Soul Tide, and that’s why we wanted to help you get started by providing this tier list that ranks the characters from best to worst.

Soul Tide Reviews

Soul Tide reviews from players
Image source: Soul Tide, LemcnSun Entertainment.

The game scored a 4.1 out of 5 rating score on both Google Play and the App Store. This means that in general, the player base is happy with the game, the mechanics of it, the updates, and the look and feel of it.

One of the most common issues that players have in Soul Tide is the quality of the translations. The developers should definitely step it up and provide some patches improving the game text and narration because as it stands it’s not really up to par for 2022 standards.

Another downside of Soul Tide is the fact that the game relies on a gacha system for getting new characters. This isn’t too bad though, especially if you’re already a fan of other mobile gacha games such as Dislyte or Ace Defender. Still, for some people, this is a no-go.

All in all, we think that Soul Tide is a neat little gacha RPG that can give you a couple of hours of action with stunning design and fast-paced action.

Do you agree with our Soul Tide tier list? Leave a rating or a comment below!

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