Illusion Connect Codes – Get Free Diamonds & Gold (September 2023)

On this page, you will find the latest working Illusion Connect codes that you can use to redeem in-game to receive epic rewards such as Diamonds, Gold, Partners, Nightmare Bottles, and more.

Latest Illusion Codes Codes

Update: We have searched the web for new codes as of 15 October.

Here’s the full list with the latest Illusion Connect redeem codes:


Expired Illusion Connect Codes

These Illusion Connect codes shouldn’t work anymore since they are expired:

Promo CodesREWARDS:
#ICLOVE2Redeem Code to Receive 2 Tickets & 188 Diamonds
#ICAHORARedeem Code to Receive Summon Tickets, Gold, and Nightmare Bottles
#IC1stGet Summon Tickets, Gold partner stones, and more
#IC92C8D2Redeem this Illusion Connect Code to get 200x Diamonds, Gold, SR Partners
#fanartSummon Tickets
#illusion50x Diamonds, Gold, Nightmare Bottle.
#missmeNecklace, 6x Nightmare Bottle XL
#youaremeNecklace, 6x Nightmare Bottle XL
#letmeout1x Super Sports Car, 200x Diamonds
#ICFAMILYSummon Tickets, 10x Broken Destiny Prism, Gift Box, Gold
#ICU1022Rewards: 10x Summon Tickets
#ICZOMBIE3Rewards: 10x Summon Tickets
#SALASilver Partner Stones, 30k Gold, 20x Nightmare Bottles
#BESTIC1x Trinity SR Partner, Gear Chest, Gold, 30x Nightmare Bottle, Cheese Croissant
#MANDERPartner Stones, 30,000 Gold, 20x Nightmare Bottles
#ICSV02Redeem Code to Claim 100x Diamonds
#ICHERSEYPartner Stones, 20x Nightmare Bottle M, 30k Gold
#illusionRedeem code for: Diamonds, Gold, Nightmare Bottles
#newshowgoClaim: 10x Summon Tickets, 60x Stamina
#ICONNECTGet: Broken Destiny Prism, Nightmare Bottles, Gold
#mustplayRedeem Code for: Silver Partner Stones,Nightmare Bottles M, Gold
#icanimeuRedeem Code for: Silver Partner Stones,Nightmare Bottles M, Gold
#loveic1x Trinity SR Partner, Gear Chest, Gold, 30x Nightmare Bottle, Cheese Croissant
#icsumzClaim: Silver Partner Stones, Crystals, Decoration Coins
#ICVONVIANGold, Nightmare Bottles, Silver Partner Stones
#ICEASYTMReceive: Gift Box, Crystals, SSR Broken Destiny Prism
#ICMUGERedeem for: Decoration Coins, Crystals, Silver Partner Stones
#ICMANGOClaim: Decoration Coins, Crystals, Silver Partner Stones
#ICZBINGZRedeem this Illusion Connect Code for: Decoration Coins, Crystals, Partner Stones
#ICGLADIUZGold, Nightmare Bottles, Silver Partner Stones
#ICVOLKIN120 Decoration Coins, 10,000 Crystals, 10x Partner Stones
#ICKUNNightmare Bottles, Silver Partner Stones, Gold
#ICCDAWGVANightmare Bottles, Silver Partner Stones, Gold
#ICGIGGUK2x Broken Destiny Prism, Crystals, 3x Gift Box
#ICACClaim Rewards: 120 Decoration Coins, 10,000 Crystals, 10x Partner Stones
#ICKHOR120 Decoration Coins, 10,000 Crystals, 10x Partner Stones
#ICFG30002x SSR Broken Destiny Prisms, 10k Crystals, 3x Gift Box XS
#ICYDCB120 Decoration Coins, 10,000 Crystals, 10x Partner Stones
#ICCONG3x Gift Boxes, Nightmare Bottles, 5k Gold
#ICWOOPSSSR Broken Destiny Prism, Crystals, 3x Gift Box
#ICJAMES10,000 Crystals, 120 Decoration Coins, 10x Silver Partner Stones

How to Redeem the Promo Codes

How to redeem Illusion Connect Codes

To redeem Illusion Connect codes simply follow this short and easy step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Launch Illusion Connect
  2. Go to your profile by clicking on your avatar
  3. Tap on the “Game Settings” Button
  4. Then tap on the “Redeem” Button
  5. Copy your redeem code and hit “Confirm” to claim rewards
  6. Enjoy your rewards 🙂

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to claim rewards using Illusion Connect redeem codes. Of course, you should know that most of these codes will expire, so make sure to use them as fast as you can get them before they become ineligible.

How To Get More Illusion Connect Promo Codes

Since we have a ton of tier lists for games that we cover, and also gaming guides, sometimes we might not be totally up to date with all the latest Illusion Connect codes. But don’t worry, as soon as we get hold of some new ones we make sure to update this article.

Still, if you’d prefer to get Illusion Codes redeem codes faster than anyone else, then why not go straight to the source?

In this case, you should start following the Illusion Connect game and developers on all their social media profiles for example the official Facebook page, their Twitter profile, and also the official Illusion Connect discord server.

The developers usually post new events and giveaway codes to their fans on a regular basis, so following them will give you the opportunity to be one of the first to always get the latest and working Illusion Connect codes and claim special rewards.

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What is Illusion Connect?

Illusion Connect is an RTS RPG gacha game developed by Superprism Games available on Android and iOS devices.

The goal of the game is to assemble the best team that you possibly can, preferably with some of the best Illusion Connect characters, in order to defeat the evil forces once and for all.

The game features a ton of content both PvE and PvP that players seem to enjoy, especially with the game’s fast-paced action and cute animation, and graphic style.

One of the best things about Illusion Connect is the character’s voiceovers. Superprism hired some of the best voice-over artists in the business, which makes for more immersive gameplay.

You can also check out our Illusion Connect Tier List


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