Call of Antia Codes for February 2024 – Get Free Working Codes

Do you want some free Call of Antia codes to redeem epic rewards and heroes? Of course, you do, that’s why you’re on this page, to get fresh and working Call of Antia codes to get that sweet loot.

On this page not only you will find a bunch of functional Call of Antia redemption codes but also a guide on how to redeem the codes in-game.

Working Call of Antia Redemption Codes:

These are working Call of Antia redemption codes that you can use right now to get rewards:

2022antiaGet 300 Gems
GiftOfHonorGet 100 Gems and 5k Honor Tokens

How to Redeem Call Of Antia Codes

To redeem Call of Antia codes, simply launch the game and then go to your settings.

On the settings page, you will see a button for the “Redemption center”.  Tap on the button and copy and paste some (or all) of the codes you got from above, and you’re done.

If the Call of Antia redemption code you got is working, you will instantly get your rewards in-game. But if they didn’t work, and you didn’t get any rewards, the codes probably have expired or you haven’t copied them correctly (if that’s the case then you should verify just to make sure).

Most of the time the codes for Call of Antia are time-limited and they expire, so please keep that in mind.

How To Get More Redemption Codes

There are a couple of places where you can go and check to get new Call of Antia redemption codes. Usually, those are their social media pages such as their Facebook or Twitter but also on the official Call of Antia discord server.

FunPlus (The company that developed and publishes Call of Antia), hold events pretty regularly and post on social media either a contest or some new codes to redeem.

Expired Codes

This list has codes that are now probably expired, we keep them on the site just to keep track of all the working and non-working codes. You could still try some of them, maybe a few are still working, there’s no hurt in trying.

  • March8 – 50 Gems and 20k Gold
  • COA777 – 300 Gems
  • ThanksMom
  • Puzzle777 – Redeem this Call of Antia code for 300 gems
  • FiveSages – Redeem code to get 50 Gems and 20k Gold
  • SemuTechnology – Redeem code to get 50 Gems and 20k Gold
  • 50KFollowers – Redeem code to get 50 Gems and 20k Gold
  • BraveCommander – Redeem code to get 20k Gold and XP
  • SpringFestival– Redeem code to get 100 Energy and 20k Gold
  • BattleCode – Redeem code to get 100 Gems and 50k Gold
  • IriliaDungeon22 – Redeem code to get 100 Energy and 20k Gold
  • AntiaResolutions – Redeem code to get 50k XP and 5k Honor Tokens
  • DecemberSecrets – Redeem code to get 40k Gold and 10k XP
  • TreasureHunters – Redeem code to get 100 Energy
  • BlackFriday2021 – Redeem code to get 200 Gems
  • IntoTheRuins – Redeem code to get 100 Energy
  • AliaForever – Redeem code to get 40k Gold and 10k XP
  • Malfortiscool – Redeem code to get 50k XP Potions and 5K Honor Tokens
  • Darkisthenewcool – Redeem code to get 200 Gems
  • CallofHalloween – Redeem code to get 100 Energy

So there you have it, a nice list of working Call of Antia codes, hopefully, you’re not too late and all the codes haven’t yet expired so that you can get some amazing loot and rewards inside the game. Make sure to come back to this page regularly to check for new codes that might be available.

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