Warframe Tier List (December 2023): Best Warframes

Warframe tier list

Warframe Tier List / Image source: Warframe, Digital Extremes

Welcome to our Warframe tier list, where we rank the best Warframes in the exhilarating world of Warframe! As a space ninja, your choice of Warframe plays a vital role in your success on the battlefield. Whether you prefer stealth, brute force, or supportive abilities, this tier list will guide you in selecting the most … Read more

Warframe Beginner Guide: 8 Tips for Getting Started (2023)

Warframe beginner guide

Warframe Beginner Tips — Image source: Warframe.com / Digital Extremes

Hey there, are you a new player just getting started with Warframe? Awesome, you will love the game, but only after you get familiarized with it and with the playstyle. To help you speed up that process, we’ve put together this Warframe beginner guide for new players to go through and learn some new tips. … Read more

TennoCon 2022: Warframe Annual Fan Event To Return on 16th July

Tennocon 2022

TennoCon 2022, the free fan event for Warframe’s players, is officially returning this summer, in digital-only format on the 16th of July. Hosted by the developers from Digital Extremes, the event will include some exciting news and updates about the game along with a community art show. TennoCon is a fan convention hosted by Digital … Read more