Star Ocean 2 Tier List: Best Characters (December 2023)

In the vast universe of “Star Ocean 2,” players can recruit various characters, each with unique abilities and combat styles. Our Star Ocean 2 tier list will assist players in understanding which characters stand out based on their overall impact on the game, which is just in time for the launch of the remake.

“Star Ocean 2,” also known as “Star Ocean: The Second Story,” or SO2 for short features a compelling cast of characters that players can recruit and develop. With the new remake of the game “Star Ocean: The Second Story R” already available, we figured it’s just the right time to create a tier list for it.

This SO2 tier list evaluates these characters based on their combat effectiveness, skills, and overall utility throughout the game.

November 09, 2023: We have released the 1st version of our Star Ocean 2 Character tier list.

S Tier – Best Star Ocean 2 Characters

Best Star Ocean 2 Characters
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These are the best SO2 characters. They offer unmatched versatility and power, making them top picks for any party.

  • Claude
  • Opera
  • Rena
  • Chisato

A Tier

Tier A SO2 Characters
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These characters are just a step below the best, with formidable abilities that can significantly influence the tide of battle.

  • Bowman
  • Ashton
  • Precis

B Tier

Tier B Star Ocean 2 Characters
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Solid and reliable, B Tier characters provide a steady hand in battle with good potential when used correctly.

  • Leon
  • Dias

C Tier

Tier C Star Ocean 2 Characters
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C Tier characters may shine in specific situations or require more strategic finesse to unlock their potential.

  • Noel
  • Celine

D Tier

Tier D SO2 Characters
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While not the strongest, these characters have room for growth and can be viable with the right development and strategy.

  • Ernest

Star Ocean 2 Tips

Before diving into the fray with your chosen characters, consider these strategic tips:

  • Evaluate each character’s special abilities and how they can complement your party’s dynamics.
  • Invest in character development to enhance the abilities of lower-tier characters.
  • Experiment with different party compositions to find the most effective synergy for your playstyle.

Star Ocean 2 Tier List: Final Words

Our Star Ocean 2 tier list is a starting point for strategizing your journey through the game. Remember, the true strength of a character can often be revealed through creative strategy and skillful play.

It’s important to note that tier lists are subjective and can vary based on personal experience and playstyle.

The characters have been ranked based on their effectiveness in combat, utility in various game scenarios, and the overall consensus within the player community.

Characters from “Star Ocean 2” are diverse, and while some may excel in raw power or healing capabilities, others might be valued for their unique skills or synergy with other party members.

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SO2 Tier List – FAQ

How was this “Star Ocean 2” tier list created?

This tier list was crafted by synthesizing data from multiple sources, including gaming forums, GameFAQs discussions, and articles from gaming websites, and also insights from YouTubers such as Davidvinc RPGs as well as multiple other SO2 players.

It takes into account the characters’ abilities, their roles in combat, and overall utility.

Why are some characters ranked higher than others?

Characters are ranked based on their combat effectiveness, special skills, and versatility in various gameplay scenarios.

Higher-ranked characters generally offer more to the party in terms of battle prowess or unique abilities.

Can lower-tier characters still be viable in gameplay?

Absolutely. While tier lists suggest general effectiveness, every character can shine with the right strategy and development.

Players are encouraged to experiment with all characters.

How often is this SO2R tier list updated?

This tier list reflects the game as it currently stands, given that “Star Ocean 2” is a classic game, and updates or changes to its gameplay are unlikely. But with the remake Star Ocean: The Second Story R just launched, it is possible we might see improvements to some characters.

Should I only use characters from the higher tiers?

Not necessarily. Tier lists serve as guides, not rules. Your playstyle, preferences, and the game’s narrative may influence which characters you enjoy playing with the most.

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