Ready or Not Weapon Tier List (February 2024) [Best Weapons]

Master the game with our Ready or Not weapon tier list with our definitive weapon tier list, crafted for tactical dominance.

In the intense tactical realm of “Ready or Not,” your choice of weaponry is crucial. Whether you’re breaching a room or stealthily neutralizing threats, each weapon, from assault rifles to less lethal options, plays a pivotal role.

Our Ready or Not tier list ranks these weapons, categorizing them from the elite S tier to the versatile D tier, helping you choose the best gear for every tactical situation.

Tier S – The Best Ready or Not Weapons

In Tier S we have ranked the best weapons in Ready or Not. These are your go-to choices for unmatched efficiency and reliability in the field.

  • ARN-18
  • GA416
  • MK1 Carbine
  • SLR47
  • MP5
  • MK16
  • SA-58

Tier A

Tier A features robust and versatile weapons, almost matching the S-tier’s superiority. They are excellent choices for a variety of tactical scenarios.

  • 57 USG
  • G36C
  • ARWC
  • SR-16
  • MP9
  • MP5A3
  • P92X
  • UMP-45

Tier B

Weapons in Tier B offer a solid mix of firepower and versatility. Ideal for a range of situations, they provide reliable performance without excelling in any one aspect.

  • GA416
  • MK18
  • B1301
  • USP-45
  • M4 Super 90
  • 870 CQB

Tier C

Tier C includes weapons that shine in particular scenarios. Though they may not be the first pick in every situation, their strategic use can be highly effective.

  • MP5A2
  • MPX
  • M45A1
  • .357 Magnum
  • G19
  • Taser
  • R7 Launcher

Tier D

Tier D features less commonly used weapons, yet they can be effective in the hands of a skilled operator who understands their unique strengths and limitations.

  • PC19
  • TAC-700

Tips for Mastering Weapons in Ready or Not

  • Know Your Weapon: Understand the strengths, weaknesses, and ideal scenarios for each weapon.
  • Adapt to the Mission: Select weapons based on mission requirements and team strategy.
  • Practice Reloads and Aim: Efficient reloading and precise aim are crucial in high-pressure situations.
  • Utilize Attachments: Customize your weapons with attachments that enhance their performance and suit your playstyle.

Final Words: Ready or Not Weapon Tier List

Our Ready or Not weapon tier list is designed to guide you in weapon selection, enhancing your tactical performance in-game. Remember, the right weapon can make a significant difference in your tactical approach.

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Ready or Not Weapon Tier List – FAQ

How was the Ready or Not weapon tier list created?

This tier list was compiled by analyzing various factors and the tactical applicability of each weapon in “Ready or Not.” We also considered player feedback and community discussions from the Ready or Not Reddit page to ensure a well-rounded ranking as well as details from the game’s wiki page.

Can the tier list change with future updates?

Absolutely. As “Ready or Not” evolves with new patches and updates, we will update our tier list to reflect any changes in weapon performance and new additions.

How should players use this tier list?

Use this tier list as a guide to understand which weapons are currently favored in the game’s meta. It’s a helpful tool for both new and experienced players to make informed choices about their arsenal.

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