Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland Returns December 19 [Details]

The holiday season is upon us and with it, a delightful chill sweeps through the world of the popular FPS. The beloved Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland event is making a grand comeback, and it’s not just the snow that’s getting gamers excited.

This year, the Winter Fair is set to offer an array of captivating event modes, enticing new cosmetic rewards, and an innovative way to collect rewards.

The Arcade Turns Winter Wonderland!

Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland Arcade Game Modes
Image Source: Overwatch 2, Blizzard Entertainment

Experience the Joy of Overwatch 2’s Winter Arcade

This holiday season, the Arcade in Overwatch 2 transforms into a winter wonderland, replete with festive game modes. For newcomers, this is the perfect opportunity to dive into these exhilarating modes.

Mei’s Snowball Offensive: A Battle of Wits and Reflexes

Mei’s Snowball Offensive is a tactical and humorous game mode where players are armed with one-hit-elimination snowballs.

To survive, you’ll need to skillfully use Ice Walls and Cryo Freeze. Miss a shot? Quickly gather fresh snow to reload.

Plus, unleash a barrage of snowballs with the Ultimate ability in either a 5v5 Elimination or a solo Deathmatch.

Yeti Hunt: A Thrilling Chase

In Yeti Hunt, play as the formidable Yeti (Winston) searching for meat across the map, or join a team of five Meis aiming to outsmart the Yeti. It’s a unique 5v1 PVP experience that’s both exhilarating and strategic.

Freeze-Flash Elimination: A Frosty Game of Teamwork

Freeze-Flash Elimination offers a chilly twist on freeze-tag. Here, heroes are frozen instead of eliminated.

Teams must unfreeze their allies while trying to freeze the opponents. The first team to freeze the entire opposing team for three rounds wins.

Earn Bonus XP in Season 8 Battle Pass

Participate in these festive games to complete challenges and earn bonus XP for the Season 8 Battle Pass. Your progress also counts towards the Winter Fair.

Unwrap New Rewards at the Winter Fair

Overwatch 2 Winter Fair Event Pass
Image Source: Overwatch 2, Blizzard Entertainment

Introducing the Winter Fair Event Pass

This season, Overwatch 2 introduces the Winter Fair Event Pass. Play games, earn tickets, and spend them to unlock holiday-themed rewards. Every nine games played earns you tickets, with wins counting double.

Free and Premium Tracks for Legendary Skins

On the free track, accumulate tickets to redeem a legendary skin of your choice. Options include the stylish Formalwear skins for Cassidy and Baptiste or the cozy Winter Jammies Illari skin.

For those seeking more, the Premium track at 500 Overwatch Coins offers additional tickets and the chance to unlock up to three extra Legendary skins, including the Wrapping Paper Reinhardt and Kerrigan Widowmaker skins.

Limited Time to Spend Your Tickets

Remember to spend your tickets on these exclusive cosmetics at the Winter Fair. After January 15, unspent tickets will convert into Overwatch Credits for classic cosmetics in the Hero Gallery.

Celebrate in Style with New Skins

Festive Skins to Brighten Your Holidays

While the in-game battles intensify, lighten the mood with delightful new skins available in the in-game shop.

Check weekly for new arrivals, including Formalwear skins for Tracer and Sojourn, festive remixes like Nutcracker Pharah, and the Jingle Belle Mercy skin, a fan favorite inspired by Winter Wonderland key art.

A Special Gift for Logging In

Log in from Tuesday, December 19, to receive an exclusive player icon and join in the holiday festivities.

FAQs: Your Guide to Overwatch 2’s Winter Wonderland

When does the Winter Wonderland event start in Overwatch 2?

The event begins on Tuesday, December 19.

What are the new Overwatch 2 game modes available in the Arcade?

Enjoy Mei’s Snowball Offensive, Yeti Hunt, and Freeze-Flash Elimination.

Can I earn rewards while playing these modes?

Yes, participating in these modes earns you bonus XP for the Season 8 Battle Pass and progress in the Winter Fair.

What is the Winter Fair Event Pass?

It’s a new system where playing games earns you tickets to unlock holiday-themed rewards.

Are there any exclusive skins available during this event?

Yes, there are several new skins, including Formalwear Legendary skins and the Jingle Belle Mercy skin.

How long do I have to spend my tickets at the Winter Fair?

Spend your tickets before January 15, after which they convert to Overwatch Credits.

Conclusion: A Blizzard of Fun Awaits in Overwatch 2

As the snowflakes dance and the battles rage in Overwatch 2, this Winter Wonderland event promises to be a frosty yet heartwarming experience. So, bundle up and join the festivities in this enthralling winter extravaganza!

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