The Most Banned Heroes In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Season 23

With the closing of season 23 of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, we have learned some quite interesting stuff about the way the meta has shifted and what were the most banned heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang this season.

In any game of this type, there are always some characters that are OP in any META. Some are hard to counter while others have very good damage and unique abilities that can turn the game in a team’s favor single-handedly. This also means that they are the first to get banned by the opposite team.

This past season of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang we’ve got a lot of buffs and nerfs to some of the most popular heroes in the game, and naturally this has shifted the play style quite a bit.

Nowadays we live in a meta where tanks are a part of any team. This gave the opportunity for the marksman and assassin heroes to rise to the top.

Can you guess which MLBB heroes were the most banned? For example, Valentina was banned over 61% of the time. That’s an insane rate, but it’s also not a surprise since she deals a lot of damage and her ultimate ability is one of the most OP in the game in this current META.

So let’s see which were the most banned Mobile Legends Bang Bang heroes last season.

Most Banned Heroes In MLBB Season 23

Recently, the official Twitter account of MLBB published a tweet showcasing the top banned heroes for season 23.

You’ve probably had your own guesses already about which heroes were with Valentina (due to her incredible damage and unique ultimate ability), Natan, Aamon, and Edith topping the charts of most banned heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang last season.

Here is the full list:

  • Valentina – was banned 61% of the time
  • Natan – was banned 41% of the time
  • Aamon – got banned 40% of the time
  • Edith – 37% of the time
  • Estes – 34.59% ban rate
  • Lancelot – was banned 30.95% of the time
  • Fanny – was banned 30.69% of the time
  • Selena – was banned 26% of the time
  • Paquito – was banned 20.89% of the time
  • Yin – was banned 19.56% of the time
  • Karina – was banned 18.99% of the time
  • Aulus – was banned 18.12% of the time
  • Cecilion – was banned 17.02% of the time

MLBB Season 23: A great season for Assassin and Marksman

This ban list shows us that this past season Marksman and Assasin heroes were in a pretty good spot.

In this tank heavy meta, assassins and marksman heroes were able to rush and penetrate enemy tanks much easier than before, especially due to some new buffs and adjustments.

In particular, Edith, Nathan, Aamon, and Melissa were pretty good this season, that’s why they’re also ranked at the S tier on our MLBB Tier List.

Who do you think were the best heroes in MLBB this season and also which of the most banned Mobile Legends Bang Bang heroes do you like to play with? Leave a comment down below to share it with the MetaTierList community.

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