For Honor Year 7 Season 4 to be Released on 7 December

Ubisoft’s For Honor is gearing up for a transformative experience with the Year 7 Season 4 update, set to launch on December 7th.

This new season, detailed in Ubisoft’s recent press release (source: Ubisoft News & Updates), promises significant updates to three key characters: Medjay, Peacekeeper, and Highlander.

From December 14th to 21st, players will have the opportunity to test these changes in the Testing Grounds, marking a period of strategic and combat refinement in the game.

Medjay’s Mode Transformation and Balance Tweaks

Medjay, known for his dual-mode combat style, is receiving a noteworthy enhancement.

A new move, the Mid Chain Zone Attack, will allow for a seamless mode switch between Staff and Axe mid-chain, elevating Medjay’s versatility and reducing vulnerability during transitions.

The Staff Mode will see a reduction in its safety net with the removal of Uninterruptible Stance from Chained and Finisher lights.

In Axe Mode, Light Finishers are being upgraded to Undodgeable status with increased movement, offering Medjay a more robust mix-up potential.

Peacekeeper’s New Arsenal and Quality of Life Updates

Peacekeeper, a character often utilized in Dominion mode, has been underperforming due to her reliance on opponents bleeding for effective combat.

To address this, a new move, Iron Mountain, is being introduced.

Tailored for group fights, this move can be activated by pressing Guardbreak while dodging forward, leading into Deep Gouge.

It’s designed to be reactable in 1v1 situations, maintaining Peacekeeper’s identity.

Additionally, Stab & Deep Gouge inputs are being simplified, and her Zone Attack’s stamina cost is being reduced for enhanced utility.

Highlander’s Offensive Form Revisions

Highlander, following feedback from previous Testing Grounds, is set for another iteration of changes focusing on Offensive Form Side Dodge attacks and the ease of entering Offensive Form.

The new Side Dodge Heavy attack replaces the Caber Toss as a side dodge attack, aiming to balance out the combat by offering a standard damage attack that smoothly flows back into Offensive Form.

Other changes include reverting Caber Toss animation and duration changes, and allowing a faster transition into Offensive Form to counter light attacks.

These comprehensive updates signify Ubisoft’s commitment to maintaining a dynamic and balanced combat environment in For Honor.

Players will have the opportunity to experience these changes firsthand in the Testing Grounds, providing valuable feedback before these updates are fully integrated into the game.

For Honor continues to evolve, offering its players new challenges and strategies with each season.

With these latest updates added to For Honor Y7S4, the game not only keeps its gameplay fresh but also ensures that each character offers a unique and viable path to victory in the heat of battle.

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