China to Ban Children From Tipping Streamers & Watching After 10 P.M.

New regulations by the Chinese government going into effect, will restrict children from watching streaming shows after 10 PM, tip other streams, or even streaming themselves without parental consent.

The National Radio and Television Administration requested that live streaming platforms increase their controls for those under the age of 18 and also implement a “youth mode”.

The streaming services will have to make sure that no user with the “youth mode” parental control function activated can access and watch shows after 10 pm or tip streamers without guardian consent, but also to manage their peak viewing hours better.

Apparently, the new regulation is needed in order to crack down on live streaming “mess” in a bid to prevent gaming addiction in kids.

This new rule follows in the steps of last year’s decision to limit children’s gaming time to an hour a day.

Live streaming is a major business in China, with some of the country’s biggest tech companies getting involved in the market.

China’s most prominent live-streaming platforms are Douyin, Kuaishou, Bilibili, Huya, and Douyu. These sites are used by millions of people every day in China and have attracted hundreds of millions of dollars in investment from companies like Tencent.

The streaming platforms have created celebrities who have millions of fans and make millions of dollars each month.

This is something that the Chinese Government is very concerned about and new regulation is needed in order to stop minors from spending money online and to prevent them from developing bad habits.

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