Neural Cloud Tier List – Best Characters (December 2023)

Do you play Neural Cloud and want to find out which are the best characters in this new strategy RPG? On this page, you’ll find our very own Neural Cloud tier list where we have ranked all the units (or dolls) from the best to worst in their class.

If you never heard of Neural Cloud or you’re just about to start playing it and have no idea what the game is all about, well here’s a quick intro:

Neural Cloud is a spin-off game that’s based on the Girls Frontline, which is a pretty popular modern gacha RPG. The gameplay is however very different, as Neural Cloud uses a roguelike type of play, where you have to position your units carefully and strategically in order to gain advantage and win your battles with ease.

You can do many things in the game, such as gathering materials to craft new buildings in order to earn resources and gain helpful buffs. There are also over 50+ dolls that you can unlock and collect to use in your team, but not all of them are that great.

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So in this guide, we’ll be going over and ranking all Neural Cloud characters from the very best (S-tier) to the worst (C-tier).

Neural Cloud Tier List: Warrior

Neural Cloud Fighter tier list

Here are all the best warriors in the game ranked. This is also known as the Fighter class in Neural Cloud.

AAki, Betty, Chelsea
BCentaureissi, Fern, Vee

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Neural Cloud Tier List: Specialist

Neural Cloud Tier List: Specialist

Now let’s take a look at all the characters in the Specialist class, ranked from best to worst:

SAngela, Banxsy, Rise
ADushevnaya, Sakuya
BAntonina, Mai, Willow
CAbigail, Groove, Ksenia

Neural Cloud Tier List: Medic

Neural Cloud Tier List: Medic

Can’t have a great team without a medic in it, so here is our Neural Cloud Medic tier list:

SFlorence, Nanaka, Persicaria
AGin, Jessie
BDe Lacey, Imhotep
CChoco, Panakeia

Neural Cloud Tier List: Guard

Best Neural Cloud Guardians

Guards or guardians are important units for any Neural Cloud team, you need them in order to soak up all the big damage and give breathing room for your other more squishy classes to do their job properly at the back of the team.

SCroque, Evelyn, Yanny
ABonee, Zion

Neural Cloud Tier List: Sniper

Best Neural Cloud Snipers

Snipers are great at taking out single targets and inflicting a ton of damage on your enemies. Here are the best Neural Cloud snipers:

AChanzi, Earhart, Fresnel, Hubble, Simo
BLam, Max

How We Created This Tier List?

As with all of our tier lists, we like to play the game ourselves first in order to get a better understanding of what are the best units and strategies, and what works best for us in-game in order to clear content and progress with ease.

After that, we also like to get the opinion and feedback of others so we research the Neural Cloud Discord server and the Reddit page as well in order to broaden our perspective and not be too subjective.

But in the end, any tier list on the internet is an opinion, so take our Neural Cloud tier list with a grain of salt, and don’t expect this to be 100% accurate for every player or encounter in the game.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for our Neural Cloud characters tier list! Whether you agree with our rankings or not, one thing is clear: This game is a great spin-off of Girls Frontline it’s not even that P2W especially compared to the first title, so most players can enjoy it without having to pay real money.

But as the game is still new, we expect it to receive countless updates and improvements over time. We also plan on adjusting our tier list accordingly whenever necessary in order to accommodate any such changes made by the developers.

So go ahead and bookmark this article and come back to it whenever you want to see if the meta has changed and if some of the unit rankings have changed. Oh, and you should also check out our Girls Frontline tier list if you are still playing GF.

Neural Cloud – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Neural Cloud related to Girls Frontline?

Yes, Neural Cloud is based on the Girls Frontline, but the playstyle is totally different, and it’s in fact a strategy RPG that has chess-style gameplay.

How many characters are in Neural Cloud?

There are currently over 50 characters available in Neural Cloud at the moment but this number is likely going to go up as new characters can be added with any update that the game receives.

Do you need a tier list for Neural Cloud?

Though you don’t have to use a tier list to play and enjoy Neural Cloud, using one can make it easier for you to clear content. Choosing the right units can become tricky the more you progress through the game and the content becomes harder. So that’s why many people prefer to use tier lists to understand which are the best-performing units for the current meta that they should use in their team strategy.

Where can you download Neural Cloud From?

You can download and play Neural Cloud freely from your Android device from Google Play or on your iOS device from the App Store.

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