LotR Heroes of Middle Earth Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Welcome to the LotR: Heroes of Middle-earth tier list, where we delve into the rankings of the game’s characters. From courageous hobbits to wise wizards and mighty elves, this strategy RPG allows you to assemble your dream team and embark on epic quests across uncharted territories of Middle-earth.

Whether you prefer engaging in fierce PvP battles or immersing yourself in a captivating story, this tier list will aid you in making informed choices to dominate the warfront and forge your legend.

In the realm of Middle-earth, where fantasy and adventure intertwine, a grand strategy RPG game has emerged: LotR: Heroes of Middle-earth. Inspired by the timeless trilogy of books by J.R.R. Tolkien, this game presents a new tale of a discovered Ring that holds the power to shape the course of history.

Will you embrace the forces of good or be tempted by evil? It is within your hands to decide. So let’s check out which are the best LotR Heroes of Middle-earth characters in this current meta.

June 26, 2023: We have updated our LotR Heroes of Middle Earth Tier List. Changes may happen as the game gets more updates.

S Tier LotR Heroes – The Fellowship’s Finest

Best LotR Heroes of Middle Earth characters

At the pinnacle of our LotR Heroes tier list, we have elite warriors whose might and skill are unmatched. These legendary characters from the Lord of the Rings universe possess extraordinary combat abilities and strategic prowess.

With their presence, victory becomes an inevitable outcome, and their names shall be remembered throughout the ages. These are the best LotR Heroes in this meta, so you should prioritize them for your team:

  • Halbarad
  • Elladan
  • Bolg
  • Éothain
  • Gruhúr the Brute
  • Ghâzh Ironhide

A Tier LotR Heroes – Formidable Characters

Tier A LotR Heroes Characters

In the A tier, we find good LotR heroes who stand strong and capable, each contributing their unique talents to the cause. Though slightly below the S tier, these characters excel in their own right, commanding respect on the battlefield and embodying the essence of Middle-earth’s spirit.

  • Strider
  • Lord Elrond
  • Lady Éowyn
  • Shagrat
  • Arwen
  • Dûnhar
  • Mauhúr
  • Uglúk
  • Éomer
  • Núrraz

B Tier LotR Heroes – Good Alternatives

B Tier LotR Heroes - Good Alternatives

While not reaching the upper echelons of power, the heroes in the B tier exhibit commendable skills and qualities. They may possess specific strengths that make them valuable assets, but they also bear some limitations that require careful consideration and support from other heroes in the team in order to make them shine.

Still, if you don’t have enough shards and resources to get your hands on some of the top LotR heroes from above, then you can use these as a good alternative:

  • Pippin Took*
  • Azhak
  • Fíli
  • Kíli
  • Elrohir
  • Herendil
  • Aeldred
  • Mírie
  • Wubete
  • Rókma
  • Tordok
  • The Great Goblin

*Note: Pippin Took is actually a great healer, especially early on, so before you can get a better unit Pippin can be A or even S tier and it’s a must for your team. Sadly it falls off pretty hard after a certain point, and investing in this hero after hitting the plateau is not really recommended.

C Tier LotR Heroes of Middle-earth – Average Units

Tier C

In the C tier, we have reliable companions who, while lacking the extraordinary abilities of their counterparts, can still contribute meaningfully to your squad. They may require additional strategy and coordination to overcome challenges, but their loyalty and determination make them worthy allies.

  • Frodo Baggins
  • Chef Krazhkà
  • Eddric
  • Fró
  • Golburz
  • Alreda the Chieftain
  • Grimlurz
  • Grîmpa
  • Orfurz
  • Morzhà
  • Wilfwyn
  • Úzhan
  • Merry Brandybuck
  • Robel

Frodo is another character that’s good in the beginning chapters but quickly falls off, so because of that he’s only C-tier in this LotR Heroes of the Middle-earth meta.

D Tier LotR Heros – Aspiring Adventurers

Tier D

Finally, in the D tier, we find aspiring adventurers who are still honing their skills and discovering their true potential.

While they may not perform as impressively as others from the top of our LotR Heroes tier list, they can serve as stepping stones in your journey, teaching you valuable lessons and fueling your determination to reach greater heights, especially if you’re just starting out.

  • Sam Gamgee
  • Sergeant Ára
  • Náremiri
  • Leliel
  • Lómion
  • Wexxe
  • Yeftu

LotR Heroes of Middle Earth Tier List: Final Words

In conclusion, our LotR tier list serves as a guide to assist you in assembling a formidable team of heroes within LotR: Heroes of Middle-earth. However, it is important to remember that individual playstyle, preferences, and evolving metagames can influence the effectiveness of characters.

Adaptation, experimentation, and discovering your own strategies are key to overcoming challenges and reshaping the fate of Middle-earth.

Embrace the power of the New Ring, explore the vast realms of Middle-earth, and experience a unique narrative within the Lord of the Rings universe.

Choose your heroes wisely, forge alliances, and let your legend unfold. May your adventures be filled with glory and triumph in this epic fantasy RPG.

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LotR Heroes of Middle Earth Tier List – FAQ

How was the LotR: Heroes of Middle-earth tier list created?

The tier list was created based on our opinion of characters’ abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance in various game modes. It takes into account their impact on team composition and their effectiveness in different scenarios.

Are the rankings in this LotR tier list definitive?

The rankings are subjective and not definitive as changes might occur with time. Our rankings are based on our analysis and experience and they aim to provide a general guideline for players but should not be considered as absolute. Different playstyles and strategies may yield different results, so it’s important to experiment and find what works best for you.

Will the tier list be regularly updated?

Yes, our LotR Heroes tier list will be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the game’s balance and the introduction of new characters. Keep an eye out for future updates to stay informed about the shifting dynamics of LotR: Heroes of Middle-earth.

Can lower-tier characters still be viable in the game?

Absolutely, especially early on! While higher-tier characters may possess more inherent power, lower-tier characters can still be effective when utilized strategically and paired with the right team composition. It’s important to consider synergy, tactics, and personal playstyle when building your squad.

How can the tier list enhance my gameplay?

A tier list offers valuable insights into the relative power and effectiveness of each character in the game. It can aid in team-building decisions, guide your investment of resources, and help you form optimal strategies. However, personal playstyle and preferences should also be considered for a truly immersive experience.

Note: LotR: Heroes of Middle-earth is a trademark of Middle-earth Enterprises, LLC used under license to EA.

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