Dislyte Codes September 2023 – New Working Codes & Redeem Guide

Get the latest Dislyte codes from this page and receive cool rewards in-game with them. Below you will find all working Dislyte codes that are valid right now.

Instructions on how to redeem Disliyte codes are also included below.

Update: We have searched the web for new Dislyte codes as of 1st September.

Dislyte Codes (Working)

The following Dislyte codes are active and can be redeemed right now to get rewards in-game. Hurry though, they have an expiry date.

dislyteytb50kRedeem this code to get 50 Nexus Crystals & Gold ~ NEW
AviveHDRedeem this code to get 100k Gold, 50 Crystals
JontronShowRedeem this code to get 100k Gold, 50 Crystals
LingBigYongRedeem this code to get Nexus Crystals & Gold
TgtyoutubeRedeem this code to get Nexus Crystals & Gold
StSkiCrimaxRedeem this code to get Nexus Crystals & Gold
JoinDislyteRedeem this code to get 1x Gold Record and 100x Nexus Crystals

How to Redeem Dislyte Codes

Here are 5 simple steps on how you can redeem Dislyte codes:

1. First you should launch Dislyte
2. Next, click on your avatar in the top left corner
3. Go to Squad Space and click on Settings then go to Services
4. Here you need to tap on the Gift Code button
5. Copy and paste any of the active Dislyte codes found on this page and click “Confirm” to receive your rewards

It’s important to note that not all of these codes will work at all times. If a code doesn’t seem to be working for you, it might be because the code has expired.

The newest codes are at the top of the table so check back often to see if there are any new Dislyte codes for you to try.

List of Expired Dislyte Codes

ZoxlyteRedeem this code to get 10k Gold and 10x Nexus Crystals
Dislyte2022Redeem this code to get x100 Gems
HappyEaster2022Redeem this code to get x1 Stamina Pack
PlayDislyteRedeem this code to get x100 Cube Stones

How To Get More Dislyte Codes

To be the first to get new Dislyte redemption codes, you should start by following the official Dislyte social pages, such as Facebook and Twitter, and joining the official Dislyte Discord server.

Lilith Games, the company that is responsible for developing and publishing the game Dislyte, is very active on all of the social media pages. They regularly host events and post fresh codes and exclusive rewards for their fans, especially when the game hits a new milestone.


You have reached the bottom of this article! Hopefully, some of the Dislyte codes that you have found on this page are still currently working for you.

We do our best to keep this list of Dislyte redemption codes up to date but if you know an extra Dislyte redemption code that isn’t on our list, please tell us about it in the comments so we can add it.

About Dislyte

Dislyte is a free-to-play turn-based action RPG with a cyberpunk theme set in the year 2027. It was developed and published by Lilith Games, the studio behind the ultra-popular AFK Arena hit game. The game was released on 10 May 2022 and it’s available on Android and iOS devices.

Neon lights and crowds of people fill the streets in this futuristic, dystopian world called Dislyte. A gacha system allows you to summon and grow your characters — each one more powerful than the next.

The game features a fast-paced battle system and strategic gameplay that will put your skills to the test.

You’ll need patience, skill, and an open mind to master this game!

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