Hero Cantare Codes List – New Working Codes (2024)

With the recent global launch of the game, many players are searching for Hero Cantare Codes to redeem and great rewards.

Hero Cantare is a gacha game where the only way to get new heroes is to do summons and get shards, sometimes you can get these shards from redemption codes, but not only shards you can also get gold coins, diamonds, and other delicious loot.

So without making this article any longer, here are the latest working codes in the game.

Working Hero Cantare Codes:

sarahcoldwellRedeem to get 1 Random SS Hero Ticket
tetraRedeem code to get 25 Essence of Dimension
GLOBALARENAThis Hero Cantare redemption code gives you 45 Essence of Dimension

Expired Hero Cantare Redemption Codes:


This Hero Cantare code gives new players a lot of gold and diamonds.

Hurry up and redeem this code before it expires.

Sadly though, at the moment this is the only working code since the game just launched globally a couple of days ago.

Stay tuned and check our website in the future to see if there are any new codes available for you.

How To Redeem Codes:

Go to your account settings and look for the Redeem button.

Some players report that the button is not available on iOS devices yet, which is a very weird thing to do by the developers. But we are not 100% sure about this, so if you play on iOS devices please let us know in the comments if you can redeem codes in Hero Cantare.

How To Get More Codes

You can get new codes from their official Facebook Page and Group and also Discord server.

Many times when there’s a new event in-game they will post about it on these pages, and sometimes they might even add a special code for you to redeem and earn extra rewards in-game.

Let us know in the comments if the code worked for you, or if you know about any new codes that you would like to share with the Hero Cantare community that would be awesome.

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