Evertale Tier List – Best SSR Characters Ranked

Uncover the top contenders in Evertale! Our latest Evertale Tier List will guide you to the best SSR Characters, freshly updated with the current game meta for Arena PvP. Get ready to elevate your game to new heights!

Evertale is a mobile RPG game that features a diverse cast of characters and creatures to capture and train for battles. The best characters in Evertale vary depending on the player’s playstyle, but you can now check out our opinion on the best Evertale SSR Units!

Get a clear understanding of which characters pack the most punch and which fall short with our Evertale tier list. We’ve used a simple “S+” to “F” ranking system to give you an easy-to-follow rundown of the most powerful and the least effective characters in the game.

The S+ Tier units are the crème de la crème – they’re top-notch and perform exceptionally well when paired with the right team. On the other hand, F-Tier units are the weakest links that fail to deliver, despite their high cost.

Note: This Evertale tier list only ranks units with SSR rarity as their strength surpasses that of all other units.

Evertale – Tier S+ (Best Characters)

Best Evertale characters

If you’re looking to dominate the Arena PvP in Evertale, then you’ll want to have these top-tier units in your collection. These creatures are not only incredibly powerful, but they also have the versatility to adapt to any situation, making them formidable opponents on the battlefield. Let’s take a closer look at the cream of the crop in Evertale:

  • Storm Lancelot
  • Storm Elmina
  • Water Snow White
  • Bride Ludmilla
  • Earth Mysha

Evertale – Tier S Characters

Evertale - Tier S Characters

The S tier characters in Evertale are the next best characters in the game, with the power and versatility to excel in any encounter. Make sure to add these units to your collection to gain the upper hand in your battles:

  • Dark Jeanne
  • Water Callen
  • Storm Antares
  • Light Mizuchi
  • Earth Anya
  • Fire Bride Astrid
  • Storm Sun Wukong
  • Light Mirai
  • Storm Jeanne
  • Fire Elmina
  • Light Ludmilla
  • Fire Freya
  • Water Jeanne
  • Water Gawain
  • Light Hibiki
  • Endless Rizette
  • Light Jeanne d’Arc
  • Fire Fornaxos
  • Storm Norza

Evertale – Tier A Characters

Evertale - Tier A Characters

Although they aren’t as powerful as the above units, the tier A characters in Evertale are top-notch characters that are capable of holding their own in battles. These characters have strong abilities, good stats, and unique playstyles that set them apart from the rest. Some of the standout characters in tier A include:

  • Earth Rei
  • Light Kirin
  • Storm Rolotia
  • Water Momoka
  • Storm Altaieon
  • Dark Merdain
  • Light Callen
  • Light Haku
  • Water Kaidaros
  • Dark Alice
  • Dark Reina
  • Water Rizette
  • Storm Ossia
  • Storm Anywa
  • Earh Shirra

Evertale – Tier B Characters

Evertale - Tier B Characters

These units possess impressive abilities and distinctive playstyles, but a little bit of teamwork can elevate their performance to new heights. With the right supporting team, these tier B characters can be quite good. So don’t underestimate the power of a well-rounded squad, as it could be the key to unlocking the full potential of these Evertale SSR units:

  • Water Astrid
  • Storm Callen
  • Dark Le Fay
  • Ligh Elmina
  • Dark Ossia
  • Dark Snow White
  • Earth Alira
  • Water Tiamat
  • Water Ludmilla
  • Light Sakura
  • Light Lucius
  • Fire Druke
  • Water Rizette
  • Fire Akatsuki
  • Dark Elmina

Evertale – Tier C SSR Characters

Evertale - Tier C Characters

These are below-average characters that shouldn’t really be used in your Evertale Arena PvP team. These units may have some redeeming qualities, but their overall performance falls short when compared to the top-tier characters in the game. It’s best to consider other options before settling on these subpar characters for your Arena PvP team.

  • Fire Maxima
  • Fire Mirai
  • Fire Rashanar
  • Ligh Alice
  • Water Nagi
  • Wae Genzo
  • Earth Vesh
  • Dark Vonn

Tier D Characters

Evertale - Tier D Characters

If you’re looking to assemble a winning team in Evertale, it’s best to steer clear of these characters. Currently considered among the weakest in the game, these units are only suitable as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted.

In the current meta, they’re not performing up to par, and it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to keep pace with the stronger characters in the game. So, if you want to dominate the Arena PvP, it’s best to consider other, more formidable options for your team.

  • Altaireon
  • Artimeia
  • Rizette – Bashful Bunnygirl
  • Merlin
  • Earth Ludmilla
  • Light Clarice
  • Fire Antares
  • Infernal Mysha
  • Gaia
  • Storm Imran
  • Water Rei
  • Earth Oumei

Tier F Characters

Tier F SSR Units

You shouldn’t really be using these (or any other units not listed here) in your team unless you really have nothing else to use:

  • Fire Ludmilla
  • Earth Astrid
  • Finn
  • Water Elmina
  • Storm Rizette
  • Water Alira
  • Water Yuki
  • Orzachron Storm

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it, with our Evertale tier list for the best SSR units, you can now create an unstoppable team to dominate the Arena and any other type of content in the game.

Keep in mind that no tier list is 100% accurate and this ranking is the subjective opinion of the author, so it makes sense that not everyone will agree with this.

You can join the official Evertale Discord server and subscribe to the Reddit community if you want to get more feedback, and tips or to talk with players from around the world.

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EVERTALE – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I capture creatures in Evertale?

Players capture monsters in Evertale by using soul stones obtained from battles or purchased in the in-game store. The chance of capturing a creature increases with the number of Soulstones used.

Can I evolve my monsters in Evertale?

Yes, creatures can be evolved to become stronger and gain new abilities by using evolution stones, which can be obtained from battles or purchased in the in-game store.

How do I battle other players in Evertale?

Players can participate in PvP battles by accessing the Arena mode in the game. In Arena mode, players compete against each other using their captured monsters.

Is a tier list for Evertale necessary?

Whether or not a tier list for Evertale is necessary depends on the individual’s perspective. Some players may find a tier list helpful in determining the relative strengths and weaknesses of different characters or teams in the game, while others may prefer to form their own opinions and strategies through experience and experimentation. Ultimately, the necessity of a tier list is subjective and can vary from person to person.

How did we create our Evertale tier list?

To create our Evertale tier list we have gathered and analyzed data on the performance of different characters or teams in the game under various circumstances. We get this data through various means, such as player surveys, high-level gameplay footage, and statistical analysis. The information gathered is then used to rank the characters or teams based on their overall strength and effectiveness in different game modes and scenarios.

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