Bleach Immortal Soul Codes (April 2024) – Get Free Rewards

Want some fresh Bleach Immortal Soul Codes? You’re in the right place then,  and below you will find a bunch of working codes that you can use to redeem inside the game.

These Bleach Immortal Soul redemption codes will give you a variety of rewards, from jaded to tokens, gold, gachas, and more. So hurry up and try to redeem them before they expire.

Working Bleach Immortal Soul Codes

Here are the latest working Bleach Immortal Soul Codes:

  • M0MBNOVG : Redeem this code to claim free rewards
  • YRTNLEOL : Redeem this code to claim free rewards

How to Redeem Bleach Immortal Soul Codes

To redeem codes in Bleach: Immortal Soul, simply go to your settings by tapping on the cog icon on the right part of the screen.

Here you will have to scroll to the bottom and you will see a button called “Redeem”.  Tap on the button and copy and paste the codes you got from above, and that’s it.

By the way, you can press the “Copy” button on the top of each code, to automatically copy that code and just go in-game and paste it without needing to manually type it out.

Bleach Immortal Soul Redemption Codes

If the codes worked you will immediately receive your rewards in-game, if the codes did not work you should make sure that you copied them correctly, or maybe they expired in which case, there’s nothing you can do really just try and fight a new working one.

How To Get More Codes

Usually, the place to get new redemption codes for Bleach Immortal Soul is to go and check out the official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages of the game. See all the links to their social media accounts by going to their official website.

Most of the time they will post new codes during holidays and events.

Additionally, you could join the official discord server or check the community on Reddit, or even in-game from the chat or your friends.

Some codes can be created especially for YouTubers and streamers, so if you follow popular channels that put out Blade Immortal Soul content, chances are that they might have a special coupon to give you to redeem in-game.

Expired Codes

This list has codes that are now probably expired, we keep them on the site just to keep track of all the working and non-working codes. You could still try some of them, maybe a few are still working, there’s no hurt in trying.

Lili011930k gold + Komamura
Stark011930k gold + Komamura
Yamamoto012130k gold + Komamura
TESSAI0512Tessai Shards, Gold & Gift Box
marechiyo0505Omaeda Shards, Gold & Gift Box
BLEACH202010 x Summon Tokens
BLEACHTV100 Soul Jades, 10k Gold, Tonic EXP Potions II
9HCO5PTP50 x Soul Jades, 5k Gold, 2 x Gacha Tokens
60ZPG4PKOfficial Discord

Well, there you have it, we hope this list of Bleach Immortal Soul codes was helpful for you and you were able to redeem some amazing rewards inside the game. You should always come back regularly to check for new codes that are coming up.

Also if some codes don’t work for you, please let us know in the comments down below. Check out more codes for popular games: NBA 2K Mobile Codes and Dislyte Codes, and if you’re playing Roblox, here is a list of Reaper 2 Codes which is a game that draws its inspiration from Bleach.

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