Omega Tower Defense Codes – Get Free Gold (September 2023)

Hey there player, if you’ve reached this page it only means one thing: You’re probably searching for some fresh and new Omega Tower Defense codes. Right?

Well guess what, that’s exactly what you’re going to find on this page. With our Omega Tower Defense Simulator codes, you’ll be swimming in gold in no time.

Sure, building defenses and walls to try and keep the waves of enemies at bay is fun.

But you know what’s more fun? To have a ton of in-game gold, to buy and get all the items that you want whenever you want, like a boss.

And yeah, you can farm and grind it out, but that’s boring, and pretty much no one likes doing that.

Back in the olden days (10+ years ago), I remember in popular MMOs “poor” players would go to rich towns and spam the chat with: “PLS GOLD”, man those were the days. No idea if you guys still do that to this day, but if you do well kudos to you. Glad to see that you’re keeping the tradition alive.

Anyway, let’s go back to our main point here: Omega Tower Defense codes.

You see, the beauty of these redeem codes is that you don’t need to spam and beg for gold, and you don’t really have to grind and farm too much also.

All you need to do is to redeem these Omega Tower Defense Simulator codes and boom… you get free gold coins in-game.

How cool is that? Very cool if you ask me.

Now, let’s check out the actual codes, shall we?

Omega Tower Defense Codes [ACTIVE]

Omega Tower Defense codes
Image Source: OTDS, Roblox

Here is an updated list of the latest working Omega Tower Defense codes, redeem these to get free gold in-game and other items:

RELEASERedeem this code to get 1,500 Gold (NEW)

Omega Tower Defense Codes [EXPIRED]

All OTDS codes
Source: Omega Tower Defense, Roblox

Of course, there were many more redeem codes in the past but those have all expired now, as reported by other Omega Tower Defense players. So here are the all the codes.

They shouldn’t work anymore, so you shouldn’t waste your time trying them out:

1kLikes Redeem to get 1,000 Gold
1MILVisits Redeem to get 1,000 Gold
2.5kLikes Redeem to get 1,000 Gold
5kLikes Redeem to get 1,500 Gold
5MVisits Redeem to get 300 Gems
10kLikes Redeem to get 2,000 Gold
10Mil Redeem to get 350 Gems
15kLikes Redeem to get 2,000 Gold
20kLikes Redeem to get 2,000 Gold
BRUH Redeem to get Free Gold
Coco Redeem to get 500 Gold
FoxPanda Redeem to get 500 Gold
FreeGems Redeem to get 150 Gems
JOVI Redeem to get 500 Gold
MIZU Redeem to get 2,000 Gold
Pog30k Redeem to get 2,000 Gold
Queenluffy Redeem to get 500 Gold
RELEASE Redeem to get 2,500 Gold
ROBALL Redeem to get 1,000 Gold
SHINZO Redeem to get 2,500 Gold
Sub2AdrianSky Redeem to get 500 Gold
Sub2Arthes Redeem to get 500 Gold
Sub2Existensy Redeem to get 500 Gold
Sub2HygorL Redeem to get 500 Gold
Sub2JakobHD Redeem to get 500 Gold
Sub2Numerous Redeem to get 500 Gold
Sub2OPG Redeem to get 500 Gold
Sub2Sensei Redeem to get 500 Gold
SubBolinho Redeem to get 500 Gold
SubChicoPL Redeem to get 500 Gold
SubHyzer Redeem to get 500 Gold
SubScoobyBr Redeem to get 500 Gold
SubShuarisley Redeem to get 500 Gold
SubTigreTV Redeem to get 500 Gold
SubToInfernxo Redeem to get 500 Gold
SubToNoodleGames Redeem to get 500 Gold
SusMinusMic Redeem to get 500 Gold
SussyRexon Redeem to get 500 Gold
ToadBoi Redeem to get 500 Gold
Yo40k Redeem to get 2,000 Gold

What are Omega Tower Defense Simulator Codes (Wiki)?

Omega Tower Defense players can enter special codes into the game to receive free gold and other items.

The Roblox Omega Tower Defense Simulator game has been gaining popularity since its re-release and continues to do so.

To thank players for their support, the developers of the game mode Bulk Elephant issues free codes for in-game items every time a new milestone is reached (such as a record number of downloads or likes).

Game developers often give out free gifts in order to show their gratitude to the players, and in turn, get more good ratings and downloads for their games. It’s all about making everyone happy.

How To Redeem Your Codes

How to redeem codes in Omega Tower Defense
Image source: Bulk Elephant, Roblox

Here’s an easy guide that you can follow to redeem your Omega Tower Defense codes:

  1. First, launch Omega Tower Defense Simulator through Roblox.
  2. Tap the Twitter icon on the left side of your screen and then tap “Codes” in the menu that appears.
  3. You then copy an active code from this page into the box.
  4. If the code is valid, you will get your rewards.

As you can see, redeeming your promo codes and earning free gold in Omega Tower Defense is a pretty simple task that shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes.

How Do You Get More Promo Codes?

New event codes are released by the game developers on their social media pages like Twitter or on their official Omega Tower Defense Simulator Discord server.

You can stay up-to-date on the latest happenings and new codes being dropped by following the game’s official social media pages. Or keep an eye on this page as we try to keep it updated with every new redeem code that gets released.

If an offer code doesn’t work, try another one. But if they are all expired, then you may need to wait until a special event or promotion is taking place before we can get new Omega Tower Defense codes to add to our list.

Feel free to let us know in the comments if a code works or if it has expired.

If you know of any additional working codes not listed here, kindly share them with us in the comments below. We truly appreciate it!

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