Top 10 Best LoL Skins Under 1000 RP

Admit it. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose in League, as long as you’re wearing the best skin on the field.

Knowing that every player who saw you thought “damn” is the real win, even if the game didn’t go your way. But getting your hands on fire skins is not always easy, as plenty aren’t available anymore and more still are far too expensive to justify their purchase.

That’s why this article is going to take a look at ten of the best looking skins that you can buy for under 1000 RP; that’s around 8-9 US dollars. For that price, some of these are a steal.

Why buy LoL Skins?

Skins are some of the most rewarding ways to express your personality in League. Allowing you to totally transform your character of choice from their vanilla state into something completely different, often adding new, unique animations and effects along the way. 

Skins can also give you subtle gameplay advantages.

For example, if you have a rare or particularly transformative skin players may find it more difficult to immediately recognise your hero or their actions. This means that you can get a very subtle advantage by using particular skins.

How to buy LoL Skins

Like a lot of similar games, LoL skins can be obtained through a number of different methods. 

First, they can be obtained through loot boxes. These will give you a small chance of getting rare skins, rates which have been made public by Riot.

Second, they can be bought using the in-game currency of Riot Points, most often referred to as simply RP. These coins can be purchased for real-world money through the riot shop. You can also buy LoL RP through third-parties, often at a better price than the official store.

Third, they can be obtained through a third party such as a website which sells skins.

The Best LoL Skins Under 1000 RP

1. Giant Enemy Crabgot

Giant Enemy Crabgot
Image source: Riot Games

This is one of Urgot’s skins, and is almost universally one of the best value skins in the game.

It transforms the somewhat ugly and grotesque urgot into a huge hulking crab robot, which is surprisingly elegant compared to the standard Urgot.

It also trades his signature green for a much cooler and more techy blue. Making for a very thorough transformation of the character.

Well worth the 520RP.

2. Primetime Draven

Primetime Draven
Image source: Riot Games

Priced at 975 RP, this is a pretty badass skin. Which refashions Draven as a pop star donning an iconic red suit and flaming hair.

This skin is much loved among fans and streamers and has seen plenty of cosplays. Again, as another radical departure from the original character design.

3. Hyena Warwick

Hyena Warwick
Image source: Riot Games

Warwick is a pretty cool character, but Hyena Warwick is straight up badass. Transforming his werewolf-like body into something that should exist in Mad Max.

The hyena skin is super post-apocalyptic featuring bulging goggles and radical red hair. Turning Warwick from seeming like a menace to seeming totally insane.

At 975 RP, it’s a transformation at a steal.

4. Battle Regalia Poppy

Battle Regalia Poppy
Image source: Riot Games

Poppy is a great character, much beloved by League fans who like to see her small frame dominate the arena.

The Battle Regalia skin decks her out in powerful MMO-style armour, giving her a true defender aesthetic. While Poppy has plenty of great skins, this is among a fan favourite, especially since it only costs 520 RP.

5. Warlord Shen

Warlord Shen
Image source: Riot Games

Riot knew if they just stuck a Japanese aesthetic on Shen, fans would love it. And boy they were right.

For 975 RP, this samurai-style outfit totally transforms Shen into a formidable fighter.

The standard on his back and samurai-inspired armour are great for the weebs in the community—and for good reason, they look awesome.

6. Festival Queen Anivia

Festival Queen Anivia
Image source: Riot Games

Ask for people’s favourite skins, and you’ll likely hear festival queen Anivia come up a number of times.

This colourful take on Anivia’s usual icy form is a complete transformation which wows most players the first time they see it.

Not only because of its shining colours but also because it feels like such a big step away from the original design for everyone’s favourite cryophoenix.

It can be yours for… you’ve guessed it: 975 RP yet again.

7. Leprechaun Veigar

Leprechaun Veigar
Image source: Riot Games

Veigar already brings plenty of laughs to the battlefield thanks to his small stature and comical shape.

This 520 RP Leprechaun skin really leans into that side of Veigar’s personality. It replaces his usual dark robes and weapon with a bright green outfit, an oversized orange beard and a ginormous four-leaf clover.

Honestly, whenever I see this in a game it totally catches me off guard.

8. Warring Kingdoms Nidalee

Warring Kingdoms Nidalee
Image source: Riot Games

Ok, stepping away from the comical towards a truly badass skin. Warring Kingdoms Nidalee sends Nidalee eastward, drawing inspiration from Chinese wuxia aesthetics.

Priced at 975 RP, this skin features a revealing red dress and a powerful spear, making it a fit which fans simply die for.

9. Muay Thai Lee Sin

Muay Thai Lee Sin
Image source: Riot Games

This skin is a love-it or hate-it skin. It’s definitely understated compared to some of Lee Sin’s other outfits, but if you’re a lover of the art of Muay Thai this is an absolute winner.

It strips Lee Sin back to a bare-chested Muay Thai costume not dissimilar from what you’d see in the actual martial art. Pulling this skin much closer to reality.

For 975 RP it can be a bit expensive for some, but for lovers of the sport and Lee Sin, it’s an absolute no-brainer.

10. Deep Terror Thresh

Deep Terror Thresh
Image source: Riot Games

Calling lovers of Cthulhu, this deep-sea inspired skin turns Thresh from a classic necromancer into a Lovecraftian ghoul.

Featuring plenty of unique animation variants, this skin totally transforms Thresh and is loved by fans because of it. At under 400 RP, this skin is a total steal.

We have only been able to scratch the surface of the wild amount of incredible skins available in League of Legends. But these ten skins are among the community’s favourite skins which you can get at bargain prices.

Let us know if we have missed out on some of your favourite affordable skins in the comments below.

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