Valorant Tier List – Best Valorant Agents Ranked Meta (October 2022)

Valorant tier list

Valorant Tier List: Best Agents / Image source:, Riot Games

Are you looking for the latest Valorant tier list for 2022? Guess, what, you’ve come to the right place then because on this page you’re going to find our rankings of the best Valorant agents in this meta. Valorant Tier List Ranking Meaning: S Tier – In our opinion these are the best Valorant agents … Read more

Guilty Gear Strive Tier List (October 2022) – Best Characters

Guilty Gear Strive tier list

Guilty Gear Strive tier list - Best Characters Ranked

Hi there, if you’re reading this it’s probably because you want to know who the best characters in Guilty Gear Strive are. You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a Guilty Gear Strive tier list ranking every character from strongest to weakest below. Guilty Gear Strive – Intro Guilty Gear Strive also known as GGST for short, … Read more

Revived Witch Codes (October 2022) – Redeem Stamina & Cryolite

Revived Witch Codes

Revived Witch Codes: Redeem Soul Cryolite, Stamina Elixirs and more

Pssst…hey, yeah you… come over here, I got the latest Revived Witch codes that you’re looking for. Of course, they are fresh and working, have I steered you wrong before? Now check it, we all know that Revived Witch is a great RPG for fulfilling your fantasy of being a…. well, witch. But the world … Read more

Azur Lane Tier List (October 2022) – Best Ships Ranked

Azur Lane tier list

Azur Lane tier list: Best Ships Ranked

Wanna find out the best ships in Azur Lane? Well then, you’re in luck, below you will find our very own Azur Lane tier list for various types and classifications of ships. Azur Lane – Quick Intro Azur Lane is a free-to-play mobile game for Android and iOS, where you get to collect and customize … Read more

Mech Arena Tier List: Best Mech & Weapons Ranked (October 2022)

Mech Arena Tier List

Mech Arena Tier List

Welcome to our Mech Arena tier list. Below you can find our updated tier list where we’ve ranked all the mech and weapons in the game based on their utility and damage potential. Mech Arena Robot Showdown is a free, fast-paced, multiplayer robot combat game with a variety of tactical options and endless customization options. … Read more

Tower of Fantasy Tier List (2022) – Best Characters & Weapons

Tower of Fantasy tier list

Tower of Fantasy tier list: Best Characters & Weapons in 1.5

Looking for the best characters and weapons in Tower of Fantasy? Guess what player? You’ve come to the right place. As usual, we have created our own Tower of Fantasy tier list where we rank each Simulacra according to their rarity, stats, and abilities, as well as their best weapons. The game was developed by … Read more

Figure Fantasy Tier List (October 2022) – Best Figures + Reroll Guide

Figure Fantasy tier list

Figure Fantasy tier list: Best Figurines In This Meta

Do you enjoy playing with fantasy plastic figurines? We do too. That is why we have put together this Figure Fantasy tier list guide to showcase the best figurines in the game. So with that in mind, on this page, we’re going to rank all the best figurines in Figure Fantasy from the best (S … Read more

Konosuba Fantastic Days Tier List (October 2022) – Best Characters

Konosuba Fantastic Days tier list

Konosuba: Fantastic Days tier list - Best Characters in Global Version

Wondering who are the best characters in Konosuba: Fantastic Days? Well then, continue reading because in this guide we’ve put together our very own Konosuba Fantastic Days tier list for the global version of the game. The following list shows the most powerful Konosuba Fantastic Days characters as of this meta. It’s a ranking based … Read more