Among Us Impostor Guide: Tips & Strategies To Win (2023)

Want to learn how to win as an Impostor? Well then you’ve come to the right place, check out our Among Us Impostor guide below where we show you 5 different tips and strategies that you can use to win more games as an impostor.

Among Us is a popular online multiplayer game that involves players completing tasks on a spaceship while trying to identify and eliminate the impostors among the crew.

Playing as an impostor can be challenging, but with the right strategies and tactics, you can successfully sabotage the ship and eliminate your targets. In this guide, we’ll provide tips and tricks for playing as an impostor in Among Us.

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1. Blend in with the Crew

One of the most important strategies for playing as an impostor is to blend in with the crew. This means completing tasks, following others around, and acting as if you are a part of the team.

If you act too suspicious, other players will quickly identify you as the impostor and vote you off the ship.

2. Use Sabotage to Your Advantage

As an impostor, you have the ability to sabotage different parts of the ship, such as the oxygen supply or the reactor.

Use these sabotages to your advantage by causing chaos and confusion among the crew. This can distract them from your true intentions and allow you to sneak around and eliminate your targets.

3. Create Alibis

Another important strategy is to create alibis for yourself. For example, if someone finds a dead body and reports it, you can claim to have been in another part of the ship at the time of the murder.

This can make it difficult for other players to identify you as the impostor and vote you off the ship.

4. Know When to Strike

Timing is everything when playing as an impostor. You need to know when to strike and when to lay low.

For example, if you eliminate a crewmate in front of another player, you may be immediately identified as the impostor. Instead, wait for opportunities when you can strike without being seen.

5. Work with Other impostors

If there are multiple impostors in the game, it’s important to work together to eliminate the crewmates.

Coordinate your attacks and create distractions to make it easier for each other to carry out your tasks.

Among Us Impostor Tips: Final Words

Playing as an impostor in Among Us can be challenging, but with the right strategies and tactics, you can successfully sabotage the ship and eliminate your targets.

By blending in with the crew, using sabotage to your advantage, creating alibis, knowing when to strike, and working with other impostors, you can become a master impostor and win the game.

Among Us – FAQ

Can I still complete tasks as an impostor?

Yes, completing tasks can help you blend in with the crew and create alibis for yourself. However, be careful not to act suspiciously while completing tasks.

How can I avoid being voted off the ship?

Blending in with the crew, creating alibis, and avoiding suspicious behavior can help you avoid being voted off. However, sometimes other players may still identify you as the impostor, so be prepared to adapt your strategies if necessary.

Is it better to play as a solo impostor or with other impostors?

It depends on your personal play style and the strategies of the other players. Playing with other impostors can make it easier to eliminate the crewmates, but it also increases the risk of getting caught. Playing as a solo impostor can be more challenging, but also more rewarding if you successfully carry out your tasks.

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