Revived Witch Codes (October 2022) – Redeem Stamina & Cryolite

Pssst…hey, yeah you… come over here, I got the latest Revived Witch codes that you’re looking for. Of course, they are fresh and working, have I steered you wrong before?

Now check it, we all know that Revived Witch is a great RPG for fulfilling your fantasy of being a…. well, witch. But the world of black magic and witchy stuff is not without dangers.

Not only you need to use the best characters in Revived Witch, but you also need to stock up on some refreshments and items before you adventure too far off.

Luckily for you though, you don’t have to grind too much in order to get some nice rewards such as Avatar Frames, Soul Cryolite, Stamina Elixir and other items.

Instead you can use some of the latest Revived Witch codes to redeem these free items in game. So check out our list of redemption codes below to get started.

Revived Witch Codes [ACTIVE]

Revived Witch Redeem Codes

The following are the latest Revived Witch codes that you can redeem to claim amazing rewards such as avatar frames, stamina potions, cryolite and more:

  • 932897 – Redeem this gift code to claim free item rewards.
  • springfestival – Redeem this code to claim a Cloth Tiger
  • THEBEGINNING – This code gives you a Kitty Cat Avatar Frame, Soul Cryolite and 1x Stamina Potion.
  • adventurebegins – This redemption code gets you 2x Soul Cryolite and Stamina Elixirs

Expired Codes

At the moment we are not aware of any codes that have expired, but we will add them to this list once we get notified of their existence.

If you encounter a code that doesn’t work, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list above.

How To Redeem Revived Witch Codes

Here’s a short guide on how to redeem Revived Witch rewards:

  1. Load up Revived Witch on your device
  2. Go to Other Settings by tapping on your avatar (top-left side)
  3. There’s a Redeem button that you need to tap
  4. Now simply copy/paste your Redemption Code and press Confirm

If the Revived Witch redemption codes you have entered are still active and working, you will receive your rewards instantly.

How Do You Get More Revived Witch Redeem Codes?

If you want to be one of the first players to get your hands on new Revived Witch redeem codes, then you have quite a few options.

The first one is to follow the game’s social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Discord Server, and wait for the developers to publish new codes.

The other option is to bookmark this page and come back to it every now and again to check and see if we have posted new Revived Witch codes.

Ideally, we recommend you do both, as this ensures that you can stay updated with the latest details. You could also give us a hand and post a new code down in the comments for us to add to this list and help more players out.

Also, some codes might expire, so when that happens we’ll move them from the active list to the expired one.

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