Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List: Best Cookies & Team (April 2024)

Are you searching for a Cookie Run Kingdom tier list for 2022? Guess, what? You just found it. Below you can find our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list where we have ranked the best cookies in this meta.

But before you check our rankings of the best cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, here’s a short explanation of what each tier means to give you an idea of how good or bad certain cookies in those tiers are.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List Ranking Meaning:

  • Tier S Cookies – These are the best Cookie Run Kingdom cookies. They are way more powerful than the other cookies and they are good to be added to any team to dominate every battle and game mode that you throw at them. Always prioritize these ones with level-ups and upgrades.
  • Tier A Cookies – Very good Cookie Run Kingdom heroes, although not as OP (overpowered) as the S tier ones, these cookies are still very good and can win you battles with ease.
  • Tier B Cookies – These are your average cookies, and you can use these pretty much in all the battles, however, keep in mind that they don’t really excel at anything, and don’t have the power and defenses of the higher tier ones.
  • Tier C Cookies – Slightly below average cookies. These are sometimes good in specific situations and battles. But if you want to get the best out of them, you really need to know what you’re doing and how to play to their abilities.
  • Tier D Cookies – You shouldn’t use these Cookie Run Kingdom cookies in PvP or PvE content, as you probably will lose every battle. However, if you’re just starting out, they are somewhat okay at low levels.
  • Tier E Cookies – These are the worst cookies in the game. You should avoid playing with these Cookie Run Kingdom cookies if possible. Use these only if you literally have nothing else available.

Cookie Run Kingdom – Tier S Cookies

Cookie Run Kingdom - S Tier Cookies
Cotton CookieEpicSupportRear
Hollyberry CookieAncientDefenseFront
Frost Queen CookieLegendaryMagicMiddle
Strawberry crepe CookieEpicDefenseFront
Sea Fairy CookieLegendaryBomberMiddle
Pure Vanilla CookieAncientHealingRear
Sorbet Shark CookieEpicAmbushMiddle
Pumpkin Pie CookieEpicMagicMiddle

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Cookie Run Kingdom – Tier A Cookies

Cookie Run Kingdom - Tier A Cookies
Cocoa CookieEpicDefenseFront
Rye CookieEpicRangedRear
Black Raisin CookieEpicAmbushMiddle
Latte CookieEpicMagicMiddle
Dark Choco CookieEpicChargeFront
Moon Rabbit CookieEpicDefenseFront
Parfait CookieEpicSupportRear
Herb CookieEpicHealingRear
Mango CookieEpicMagicMiddle
Licorice CookieEpicMagicMiddle
Pomegranate CookieEpicSupportRear
Vampire CookieEpicAmbushRear
Milk CookieEpicDefenseFront
Mint Choco CookieEpicSupportRear
Pastry CookieEpicRangedRear
Raspberry CookieEpicChargeFront
Lilac CookieEpicSupportMiddle
Sonic CookieSpecialAmbushMiddle

Tier B Cookies

Tier B Cookies - Cookie Run Kingdom
Twizzly Gummy CookieEpicRangedRear
Mala Sauce CookieEpicChargeFront
Espresso CookieEpicMagicMiddle
Custard Cookie IIIRareHealingRear
Princess CookieRareChargeFront
Poison Mushroom CookieEpicBomberMiddle
Tiger Lily CookieEpicRangedRear
Almond CookieEpicSupportRear
Sparkling CookieEpicHealingRear
Cherry CookieRareBomberRear
Avocado CookieRareDefenseFront
Adventurer CookieRareAmbushMiddle
Squid Ink CookieEpicMagicMiddle
Madeline CookieEpicDefenseFront

Tier C Cookies

Cookie Run Kingdom - Tier C Cookies
Fig CookieEpicSupportMiddle
Red Velvet CookieEpicChargeFront
Snow Sugar CookieEpicMagicMiddle
Tails CookieSpecialAmbushMiddle
Kumiho CookieEpicChargeFront
Cream Puff CookieEpicSupportRear
Carrot CookieRareSupportMiddle
Purple Yam CookieEpicChargeFront
Chili Pepper CookieEpicAmbushMiddle
Onion CookieRareSupportMiddle
Devil CookieRareMagicMiddle

Tier D Cookies

Tier D Cookies
Werewolf CookieEpicChargeFront
Angel CookieCommonHealingRear
Blackberry CookieRareMagicRear
Pancake CookieRareAmbushRear
Alchemist CookieRareBomberMiddle

Cookie Run Kingdom – Tier E Cookies

Tier E Cookies
Gumball CookieRareBomberRear
Knight CookieRareDefenseFront
Beet CookieCommonRangedRear
Strawberry CookieCommonDefenseFront
Wizard CookieCommonMagicMiddle
Muscle CookieCommonChargeFront
Ninja CookieCommonAmbushRear
Clover CookieRaresupportRear
How we created this tier list

How We Created This Tier List?

As with every gaming tier list that we create, we have done a lot of research when creating this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list.

First of all, we played the game ourselves, then we inspected the best players in the game to see what cookies they use in their Cookie Run Kingdom team. After that, we’ve also checked the official Cookie Run Kingdom discord server, their official Facebook page (for the global version of the game), and also the Reddit community.

This tier list was created for the late stages of the game, and it’s a more general list, taking into account both PvE and PvP gameplay.

If you want to check out another battle royale game check out our My Hero Ultra Rumble tier list for our rankings of the best characters in the game.

Still, this is just our opinion on what we think are the best cookies in the game right now. Since the gaming meta always changes with new buffs and nerfs and updates to cookies, these rankings will also change.

We strive to keep this list up to date, but as always, feel free to leave us a comment down below if you think this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list is not right or if you have any tips and suggestions.

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What is Cookie Run Kingdom?

What is Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom is an online gacha action and city-building RPG developed and published by Devsisters. The game is a spin-off and part of the Cookie Run games series. It was released globally on January 19, 2021, and it is available to be played for free both on Android and iOS. Recently Devsisters also launched the game on the Galaxy Store as well.

Since the game is inspired by other Cookie Run titles, it’s no wonder that we’re going to meet familiar faces in this game as well. Some of these heroes or cookies as they are called also feature in their previous titles.

Cookie Run Kingdom: Gameplay

There are two types of gameplay scenarios in the game, you have your city-building simulator which is known as Kingdom Development and then there’s the Adventure part, where you can form a team of cookies and go and battle the evil forces.

There are many game modes that players can enjoy in the Cookie Run Kingdom such as:

  • The Kingdom Arena
  • World Exploration
  • Tropical Soda Islands
  • Tower of Sweet Chaos
  • Guild Battles
  • General and Seasonal Events
  • and more…

Players can form a team with the best Cookie Run Kingdom cookies in order to try and win their battles with ease and without getting defeated by enemy forces.

You can form your team from the many cookies available to you in the game that are split into 8 types: Ambush, Defense, Charge, Ranged, Magic, Bomber, Healing, and Support.

Reviews from players

The game has great reviews from players, with a 4,6 out of 5 on Google Play, and a 4.7/5 on the App Store, the players are in general very satisfied with the gameplay and the way the game is developed and updated.

There are a few negative reviews, but they are nothing too major, and in general, it has to do with a couple of bugs and lagging that can sometimes occur in-game. Overall the game is pretty popular and well-received by both the community and the critics.

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